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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. A 72-hour emergency survival kit is just that – a kit with a 3-day supply of food (and other useful items). A 72-hour kit is generally designed to help as you evacuate a disaster (bug out) or for any other emergency reason. Use high energy food, high calorie food, dry food, even some canned food and other staples that do not require refrigeration, cooking, water, or special preparation.
The food you choose for your 72-hour kit is for calories and energy – so be conscious of the calorie count as you attempt to add up to 2000 calories per day per person. Consider food that is light-weight versus calories (in other words – calorie dense), compact, minimal preparation, long shelf life, and food that does not require refrigeration, cooking, water, or special preparation.
Who knows what genius initially came up with the idea of using an Altoid tin to hold a survival kit, but survivalists everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude. I'm looking to wedge some gorilla tape into the kit somehow, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
If I was going to spend a bit more on this kit, the first thing--and probably the only thing, really--that I would upgrade would be the knife. If the world were to end tomorrow, wouldn’t it be nice to have an underground lair to retreat to?

You can buy complete meals that include entree, side dish, dessert, drink mix, and utensils all in a pack. If your kit is kept in the vehicle, the heat in the summer will melt your chocolate ?? and it will shorten the shelf life.
For EDC situations, I prefer an easy-to-carry wallet kit, but for a wilderness survival situation, a more full-blown kit is in order.
The Emergency Water Bag and miniature vial of purification tabs is the best water set-up that I've seen in a PSK-size, and the Nano Light is a great piece of kit.
The folding razors are ok and inexpensive, but I'd rather a mini fixed blade like the RSK MK5 or a small lock back like the Spyderco Ladybug. Fun, affordable little survival project to pull together, and I will be sad to see it go at the gift exchange! I got probably an entire drawer full of different Altoids Based kids I've made over the years.
The reasoning for 72-hours (why not just 24 or 48, etc?) is the likelihood that 3 days is generally enough time under the circumstances to get from point-A to point-B. This kit does have some good cordage, though, which will help when fashioning a debris shelter. There's not much space for anything additional, save maybe some small nails, fishhooks and maybe some tin foil folded very flat.

These meals are designed to be heated, but can be eaten cold since they are already fully cooked.
This magnificent Ranch Style home was built with privacy in mind, as there are 2 studio’s plus a Master suite. There is a building on the premises that was once used as a winery and could be used for this again.
Off the basement is a bomb shelter built in the 50’s; it has beds and could be used as anything. Sure, they're bright as junk for such a small light, but it seems the contacts between the batteries and the light itself wear down and effect the output over time. I bought the pink one for my wife and it wigged out whenever it dangled from her key chain.

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