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After Penny experiences a pretty disastrous event at her school, where she herself becomes an unwilling online sensation, she has the opportunity to spend Christmas in America with her family and flees the scene.
Today I’m so happy to have Kate, writer of the blog Another Clean Slate, here to share her 5 all-time favorite books with everyone.
Asking me to choose my all-time favorite books is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child (or so I hear).
I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with reading but I do know that once I did, Little Women was the book I turned to most often. When I move on to books written in more recent times, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak definitely comes to mind. There were a couple of immensely popular books that I read that I did not include on my list.
Isn’t it always funny how one book resonates differently with one reader than another. There are two books I’m battling with that both gave me a little writing juice, both of these books made me want to write, or write better.
I have to give an honorable mention to the other book, my writing bible, On Writing, by Stephen King.Thank you again to Mrs. Here’s the rundown of their list and also the full NYT Article link (if you would like a synopsis of each book). One of the best things about belonging to NetGalley is being able to read books before their actual publish date. The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant is the coming of age story of Addie Baum, a lifelong Boston girl, who’s sharing her life story with her granddaughter, in hopes of explaining how she became the woman she is today. We follow Addie’s journey as she branches out of the confines of tenement life, seeks out opportunities, makes lifelong girlfriends, experiences loss, and goes through the heartbreak and eventual happiness of falling in love.
The Memory Child– A new mother, haunted by her own past, dealing with possible postpartum depression. More than once I’ve rambled on here about how I much I love to share books with my daughter and the memories I have of my mother reading countless books to me as a child.
If you’re on the hunt for new reading material for the kids, I recommend picking up This House Needs A Mouse. And before you go, if you’re looking for some more gift ideas for kids check out this post. While some will be busy prepping for the big turkey day tomorrow, I know there has to be a few of you planning out your Black Friday shopping strategies. And speaking of the kiddies…A couple of weeks ago I ran a post and giveaway from a great company that sends out the cutest Letters From Santa to kids. From Gillian Flynn's crime blockbuster to Kevin Powers' story of war, the best fiction titles of 2012 spanned continents and time.
Lauren Groff’s excellent follow-up to her terrific debut novel, “The Monsters of Templeton,” tells the story of a 1970s commune located in upstate New York and the lives of its members as they – and the commune – face the passage of time. Paula Bomer, 9 Months: Ayelet Waldman may have kickstarted the conversation about bad mothers a few years ago, but Bomer actually has the courage to chase maternal judgment through the pain and hilarity of its truths rather than attention-seeking pronouncements.
When prose this unintentionally hilarious is allowed to rise to the top, it’s enough to make you wonder how the deck is stacked against the voices that really count. Hari Kunzru, Gods Without Men: With all due respect to Douglas Coupland, the Translit label is dodgier than New Adult. Liz Moore, Heft: Last year, a research team at the University of Buffalo conducted a study with 140 undergraduates which suggested that fiction causes readers to feel more empathy towards others.
4 Of The Best Fitness And Workout Books Ever WrittenFitness Books For any fitness enthusiast or someone looking to start strength and fitness training, these books are essential in giving you the tools and knowledge to get you off to a powerful and efficient start. Adventure Books – 3 Thrilling True Story Adventure BooksAdventure Books These books are true life tales of exploration, adventure, and survival. 4 Books That Will Make You A Smart-ArseThese books will make you see everyday subjects and issues in a whole new light, so you can go on and share them with your friends and become the insufferable smart-arse of the group. 5 General World History Books Everyone Must ReadThese history books will give you a good general understanding of world history, as compiled by history teachers and professors, so you can be sure they are comprehensive and well researched. 4 Compelling Non-Fiction War BooksWhat follows is the 4 best non-fiction books about war, many of which have been turned into movies and TV shows. While staying at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria in New York City, she meets a musician named Noah and love blooms. I liked the premise of the story, about fitting in and feeling like you belong, but the writing isn’t quite all there.

Kate blogs about everything from her travels (Spain most recently), and family life to whatever else seems to be going on (like her wacky new neighbors). However, because I so appreciated Book Delight asking me to participate, I am going to do my best.
I remember reading this one while hiding under a table in the clubhouse of my grandma’s neighborhood.
The movie that came out based on Arthur Golden’s book did not come even close to doing it justice.
Ask me again tomorrow and I might find five other stories that make me glad reading is good for me. A sweet story about a woman haunted by the disappearance of her former childhood classmate. I am such a HUGE fan of Book Delight, so pardon me while I squeal with excitement that I’m posting here today. My parent’s are one of the only people I know who still subscribe to the print edition of the newspaper. She was born in Boston to immigrant parents and the story picks up with an almost 16 year old Addie discovering that the world is a different place for women than men.
There were some really sad and touching moments of the book, like when the family struggles through the influenza epidemic and the deaths of those Addie loves. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, or just looking for an interesting book to pick up, I think you will enjoy this one! So I’m always thrilled when a great book for children comes my way that I can share with you.
Jeffrey Nunnally, is a sweet story about a mouse who is looking to flee his boring, caged life at the pet shop. I know today is not an official holiday but for most people it’s the last day of work before a long four day weekend.
Even my daughter, who can be tablet obsessed (my fault), will settle down for a good book with us.
Well the giveaway is over but they are being extra gracious by extending the 15% discount to Book Delight readers until December 1st (Cyber Monday)! Homes, May We Be Forgiven: Years ago, when American novels were still permitted to capture everything, books like The Adventures of Augie March were conversational centerpieces that captured the imagination of popular and literary audiences alike. El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth and the search for intelligent life in the cosmos –- we know what’s out there.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. 2 Non-Fiction Books About SociopathsFirstly, lets start off with a definition of a Sociopath. It touches every aspect of your life, and the more creative you are, the more spontaneity and experiences fill your life. Alright well I never had either, but apparently she has this huge online following and Girl Online is her debut novel.
Quickly her blog becomes a sensation because so many other people can identify with what she is going through and she builds her own online community. Penny is still blogging and keeping her online identity secret and, as it turns out, Noah has some secrets of his own. It is bitter cold here in New York and I’m already moaning and groaning about it not even a month into winter.
In fact, often times I wished I could part of the March family and I love that it was based a lot on Louisa May Alcott’s own life. Who wouldn’t be caught up in a book about a girl who loves reading so much she will steal novels from the fire of a Nazi book burning?
Stories about times and cultures different than my own always draw me in and I was completely captivated by this story of a young girl who was sold into slavery to a geisha house. My list does not consist of books only published in 2014, rather it is a list of my 10 favorite books I read in 2014. It’s been fun to step away from the Christmas madness and work on my list that I would love to share in a post next week. At the risk of sounding corny, this book did make me stop multiple times and think about how lucky I am to be a woman in this day and age. When I was younger and had trouble sleeping, it was no big deal to stay up all night, sleep in the next day and lounge.

Another suspenseful book as her world is turned upside down, driven by the fierce love for her child that she never really knew that she wanted. And luckily enough, there’s a family that desperately wants a mouse for their house to clean up their messy crumbs. Just use the code SOIREE2014 at checkout and make a personalized letter from Santa to your favorite kid. The book bombards the reader with so much sex, sex, and more sex that the reader is forced to come to grips with this as a way of life, even if the reader doesn’t share the desire for cock cheese or coprophagia. In today’s world, you can be consumed by the monotonous and doing the same things as everyone else, without ever stopping to think about what you want to do. What Is A Sociopath?  – a Sociopath is a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior. When my insomnia was in full gear over the holidays, I was happy to pick up this book and give it a go. I consider their home a must to visit when friends come, especially when the statues are dressed up for holidays and events like the marathon or sports’ finals. So there’s some oldies that came out years ago thrown into the list and I also included some non-fiction picks too. It could be anything of their choosing, of course, as long as they shared why they feel so strongly for each book. Not only do we share a love of books, but we also have taken to tweeting each other over the TV show Resurrection. I didn’t have to worry about the possibility of ending up in a sweat shop for work, sex is pretty much an open discussion everywhere, birth control is at the neighborhood drugstore and the majority of my bosses have been women.
This story is told in the present (maybe) with flashbacks from her husband’s point of view. There was sadness when we got to the part where the old family leaves and then she was so excited when the new family finally accepted their mouse. If you’re planning on working on your holiday shopping, I have some great gift ideas for kids (books of course). In fact, I think I love her more because she isn’t perfect especially once she becomes so strong at the end. The Baum’s oldest daughter Betty is already out on her own, living her life, which is a disgrace to their parents. Addie was a woman ahead of her time and I loved how she found her voice and pushed the boundaries by standing up for herself in a man’s world. So I did some holiday binge reading since sleep was not happening and I thought I would share my reviews on what I read.
As time goes on, the mouse’s happy life is disrupted when the family outgrows their house and must move on to a new house. You know, in case you too have a bout of insomnia you need to get through or you’re just looking for your next read.
Each time we would scroll through the pages she insisted on pointing to the mouse and she even decided to come up with names for each family member.
I know I would have enjoyed touring Brooklyn with a hot musician guy I just met when I was 17. Even though I could easily pull up the list online any time I want, I still wait to see it in print. This new family tries everything to get rid of the poor mouse until they find that their house does in fact need their mouse. I have to say that the illustrations totally make this book a fun reading experience for the kids. Even if you are not a rodent lover like myself, you will definitely find yourself rooting for this little guy. You read this book asking yourself how Homes can ever find a narrative trajectory for Harry Silver, whose scholarly devotion to Nixon suggests a Godwin-friendly update to Don DeLillo’s Jack Gladney. She’s thought out her business and her demeanor, but we come to wonder how she allows so many people, ranging from the imprisoned Val to a prostitute who works for her, to take advantage of her.
This is a very thoughtful book about the follies of trying to know or outthink everything, which applies to all quarters.

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