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This list of essential geek reads isn't complete — there are plenty of time-travel, tech, and graphic novel editions still to come. The author, Robert Jordan, originally intended this to be a 6 book series, but the story grew and grew until it was a massive collection. Although I only featured three sections in my top picks of fantasy novels for young adults, you can see that there’s a lot there. In any case, if you’re looking for some great fantasy novels for young adults, read my picks and sink your teeth into some meaty books that always leave you satisfied.
I love fantasy books myself, I knew I was going to see Harry Potter on the list, perfect for young adults. Tweet7 Share55 Stumble412 +11 Reddit EmailShares 475Have you caught up with all the best fantasy releases of 2015, and are ready to see what 2016 has to offer? In the meantime, there are plenty of fantastic-looking fantasy and sci-fi books coming out this year to occupy your time. The highly prolific Brandon Sanderson has no less than three novels coming out this year, beginning with the sixth book set in his Mistborn world. Award-winning author Robert Jackson Bennett broke on to the fantasy scene two years ago with the debut of his new urban fantasy series The Divine Cities.
Yann Martel authored one of our all-time favorite books and #1 international bestseller, Life of Pi, back in 2001, and has not really done much of note since then. Morning Star is the final book of the highly acclaimed Red Rising trilogy by brand-new fantasy author Pierce Brown. Brandon Sanderson fans, rejoice; Calamity is his second of three books due out this year, and book number three of his Reckoners series.
Marked in Flesh is the fourth book in New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop’s highly addictive series The Others, with one more book planned after this one.
If you’re into science fiction and fantasy books as much as I am, this brilliant flowchart should have you good to go for at least a year. Personally, I can vouch for the brilliance of this chart because I’ve read most of the titles of the fantasy part, and they are all excellent reads. And we're showcasing the best sci-fi narratives, with all the traditional elements of the genre: artificial intelligence, travel to remote parts of the universe, futuristic gadgets, wormholes, apocalyptic political systems, and extraterrestrials. But in the meanwhile, take a look at our recommendations for science fiction stories every geek must know, and tell us which books you've added to the list in 2015. Not only do they generally have swords, dragons, and magic, they also have that selfless, save the world vibe that I love so much. This makes my list of fantasy novels for young adults because of what I think is exceptional writing, a huge story full of plots and sub-plots, and the way there is no black and white – only shades of gray.

This is one of the few books series I’ve ever seen that requires an appendix to keep track of characters, lore, locations, and everything he wove into the series. We will see continuations of many of the best-loved fantasy series out there, as well as several standalone books and new series from some of our favorite authors. The Bands of Mourning is the conclusion of a spin-off trilogy that began with The Alloy of Law, set several hundred years after the original trilogy, in a steampunk era corresponding with the Industrial Revolution. He had previously written several moderately successful books, but it seems that he has really come into his own with this series, which is perhaps why he decided to extend it into a series; City of Stairs was initially published as a stand-alone novel, and though the ending didn’t necessarily pave the way for a sequel (considering the gods that the book centered on were all dead), City of Blades looks to be every bit as good as the first book.
Red Rising, the first book of the series, was Brown’s debut novel, and a wildly successful one.
We’re pretty convinced he’s either a recluse or employing a company of elves in his basement to write for him. Schwab came out with A Darker Shade of Magic last year, the first in her new series of the same name that follows the adventures of a Traveller named Kell.
This paranormal, urban fantasy series follows Meg Corbyn, who is what’s known as a cassandra sangue, or blood prophet, in a world inhabited by being known as the Others – vampires and shapeshifters who prey on humans. Although, I love my video games, I think reading is an awesome way to spend time, and I think more people should be doing it.
Harry and his friends meet for the first time, and it’s all about exploration and friendship.
It also has a cleric who uses weapons like weaponized yoyos and a mute dwarf which does battle with a tree limb.
To ensure that you don’t miss any, we have compiled a list of the best new books that are currently scheduled to release this year.
Sanderson is a master of worldbuilding and has created some truly engaging characters, so definitely pick up this series if you haven’t already.
It has an entirely different tone, but similarly compelling plot, dynamic characters, and spectacular world-building. It looks to contain all the elements we loved about Life of Pi, but follows three different characters in different times and places, whose stories are skillfully interwoven. The series has a dystopian feel akin to Hunger Games, with a similarly caste-based society and a main character that exists in the lowest social strata and helps orchestrate a revolution; the difference is, Red Rising takes place on Mars. Anyway, the Reckoners series follows an event known as the Calamity, which endowed certain people with superhuman powers; they became known as Epics. In Marked in Flesh, the Others have allied themselves with the cassandra sangue, shifting this dynamic; some humans, however, remain skeptical.
Of course, in any good book the characters change, but in Harry Potter they change immensely.

Salvatore delivers books which are filled with action, adventure, and a decidedly introspective, thoughtful slant not often seen in series of this nature.
It’s not strictly necessary that you read the first trilogy, but it’s definitely worth your while. Martel is a wonderful storyteller, and this is everything you’d expect based on his first masterpiece; It is highly complex and thought-provoking, with beautiful prose and an almost fable-like quality.
If this is your cup of tea, we strongly recommend you read the first two books; if you already have, definitely don’t miss out on this exciting conclusion. The Epics subjugated the rest of the human race, and the only people able to defeat them became known as Reckoners. Kell is an ambassador of sorts, travelling between the various Londons with color-coded names.
They begin attacking the Others, with unforeseen consequences involving forces even older and more powerful. There are many entries on that chart that I loved reading, and just as many that I didn’t care for.
Now that you've indulged on the most compelling, classic epic fantasy series, it's time to switch gears.
This series is at the top of my list of fantasy novels for young adults for that reason alone. Through all 14 books, the lead character, Rand, along with his companions are constantly pulled and pushed towards and against good and evil actions which will shape their fates.
With the start of the next trilogy coming out later this year, you’ll want to get this one as soon as it comes out (if you’re not already anxiously awaiting its release), so mark the date on your calendars.
There are similar thematic elements of love and loss, along with a strong animal component. The main character’s name is David, and in this book, he takes on the Epic known as Regalia. Magnificent world-building and character development make this series a must-read; if you haven’t yet, go back and start with Written in Red.
Early reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so it’s apparent that this book will live up to the lofty standards that Sanderson has set with his previous works.

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