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Interestingly Carl Sargent, as Keith Martin is known among muggles, has a PHd in experimental parapsychology, and Vault Of The Vampire is the most vivid example in his Fighting Fantasy output of this bubbling to the surface, with chunks of the book featuring confrontations that can only be overcome with your Faith score. The Forest Of Doom was actually the first Fighting Fantasy book I read, I borrowed it from the local library (now probably a Tesco Express) thinking it was a book, y’know, the old fashioned sort of book where you turn pages sequentially like our parents used to, and instead was confronted with my very first game book, setting me on the path towards roleplaying, Warhammer, and eventually editing SciFiNow, so take that mum. The Forest Of Doom marked the first real expansion of the gameworld, and the first glimpse of some part of it that didn’t include strangely labyrinthine tunnels containing monsters and non-sequiturs (You enter the room, it contains six orcs a single top hat filled with fire).
In a strange way it was also the precursor for most videogames in the Nineties where forests were basically collections of green corridors linking green rooms. Apparently being adapted into a movie (?!), House Of Hell was a disconcerting departure from the traditional Fighting Fantasy setting in that while they were all varied, they were all clearly somewhere else  – forests where dwarves die in your arms, and planets where dinosaurs must be punched to death by Autobots.
House Of Hell starts with your car breaking down in the sticks, forcing you to see refuge from the storm in a clearly haunted house. It’s the first and so far only Fighting Fantasy novel set in our world, and reading it as a child it struck me as a bizarrely voyeuristic experience, almost as if I thought there was a real danger of being pulled into the book and forced to make my own way out. Obviously inspired by Kirk-era Star Trek, Starship Traveller was a fantastic romp across alien worlds and the deeper recesses of the galaxy as the captain of the Traveller, facing gladiatorial combat, mutinous crew, alien civilisations, and an increasingly difficult and futile plot that makes it nigh on impossible to complete. Not that the difficulty mattered in the slightest, Starship Traveller was the first Fighting Fantasy book to leave the comforting log fire of the sword and sorcery setting behind, earning it a fair amount of enmity from fans of the brand, but for me it was a great opportunity to live out my favourite episodes of Doctor Who and Star Trek, and not only as a solo adventurer but the captain himself, a bold leader of men, and instead of one character sheet you manage a handful. Starship Traveller is one of the few books where the shiny new art is a vast improvement on the original (pictured above), which I always assumed was depicting a game of American Football.
At age eight or nine, I wasn’t really ready for complex existential issues of humanity and victimhood masquerading as a way to kill car journeys.

Deeply unsettling from the (30-page intro) outset, Creature Of Havoc has you take on the role of a misunderstood and automatically reviled Frankenstein’s monster-like being, capable of smashing flimsy mortals with one blow and yet ultimately only wanting a cuddle. After The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain, Deathtrap Dungeon could well be the defining Fighting Fantasy volume. The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain is available for iPad and iPhone, don’t be afraid to admit failure and google a map. Another spectacular Iain McCaig cover (with a rather Darth Maul-like horned Zanbar Bone, hmmm?), perhaps his most evocative.
Hello, there!We are building a free shopping app that will help you get discounts on the products you like. Mike: Agreed, but wouldn’t an attractive person find an equally attractive person average? Mike: Neanderthals need love too, I guess, but I joking aside I think the right side faces are average looking. Subsequently it felt like the first true Fighting Fantasy narrative, with a fuller range of characters and motivations, and a far more clearly defined goal. Seriously bro, this house couldn’t be more haunted – why not just wait in the car for the AA van? Ian Livingstone’s second solo book in the series  was almost a Greatest Hits collection of Fighting Fantasy dungeons, its collection of deliberately random encounters making the best out of the format, and its shocking plot twist an early example of the moral greys that would be increasingly important to the franchise. The sainted Warlock Of Firetop Mountain only at number 2, farting full in the face of consensus and received wisdom.

Whereas other gamebooks embellished a scene from within the yellowing pages, City Of Thieves trumpeted its unique selling point loudly – the chaotic city itself, Port Blacksand, my very first wretched hive of scum and villainy, long before I was exposed to Ankh-Morpork, Mos Eisely or New Crobuzon.
Often criticised for being entirely inhabited by people trying to either rip you off or kill you (like London), City Of Thieves bags my number 1 spot simply for showing us a world beyond adventure and monsters, where people were dicks rather than evil, and the Fighting Fantasy universe began to actually function as one, rather than a collection of dungeons rammed clumsily together. You will be able to request a discount for any product you like, whether you found it online or in your feed added by another user. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series) or fantastic elements like magic can exist alongside an apparently real world setting (as in the seven Harry Potter novels by J.K. Fantasy follows rules of its own making, but the great fantasy books are consistent with the rules that they lay out for themselves. In the best fantasy books, the reader suspends disbelief and loses himself in the imaginary world of the book.Some of the fantasy book series included in this list are of the grand epic fantasy genre, some are more character-driven fantasy or coming of age tales, some may be simply fantasy that's part of a series. And if we missed any epic tales you love, be sure to add them to this list of the best fantasy book series.

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