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We provide free graphics, pictures, images, gifs, themes, layouts, backgrounds, wallpaper, page graphics, and html codes for personal use only. You spend years wishing your parents would get off your back, only to realize they’re the only ones who ever really had your back.
Dinner is in the slow cooker, I remembered to put it on this time, thank goodness we won’t be eating takeaway again tonight. The cupcakes are cooked for kindy…on a day when the baby has done nothing but catnap. Is it any wonder then that in the moments when I am not rocking or jiggling or bouncing, when she does finally sleep, that I try to do one hundred things at once, at a million miles an hour? I don’t want to wish away these moments with our baby, even the hard ones, I want to be present and enjoy them, rejoicing in her growth, in the fact that she loves us and needs us, even when the neediness is hard.
I want to feel free to play more with Immy, especially with fulltime school just a whisper away.
I want to allocate my work time more purposefully so that I can switch off the computer and focus on the other important parts of our lives. I am hoping that you will join me as through a series of posts I explore this idea of living your best life together as a family. Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood 101.
That is exactly it, Kristal, I actually don’t want to miss the here and now, I just want the space to enjoy it as it happens. Thanks for making me feel real and not as if I am the only mother who cannot figure out how to make it all work! I completely agree, Deborah, life is seasonal and I am really mindful of not wishing this season away. So with only 8 weeks from saying hello to our second baby, I am not under any illusions this time. On the other hand, it makes me feel so relieved to hear you going through this, only because I thought I was a chaotic mess, turns out maybe I was just normal after all. I feel like I try to do too much and I am endlessly running, but I like the running, I just want to slow it down somewhat.
I have just spent the most wonderful week of school holidays with my Munchkin – hanging around the house, painting our new chookhouse, going to a movie, going to the zoo. Omg i had this same conversation with myself this afternoon, like you read my mind one half of me wishes for my two boys (2yrs & 9mths) to be a little older and more indepedant so im freed up to work on more house projects etc but then the other half of me is sad at the thought they wont be so little for very long!
The US television channel that brought the world Honey Boo Boo added another weird and wonderful string to its bow when it featured a programme on 'The Strongest Family In The World'. The promotional video (featured above) was posted to YouTube on 9 April, but is only just making waves on the internet. After watching, HuffPost UK Lifestyle just had to share the story of the super-powered family with our readers. Broadcast on TLC, the programme documents the life of the Best family who take strength training to a whole new level. According to the programme, father Nick, mother Callie, 11-year-old Dylan and five-year-old Jessica can spend up to 240 hours per week working out. The report claims that Dylan's sister, Jessica, can lift 100 pound, which is more than double her 46Ilbs (3 stone 4 Ilbs) frame. According to the video, the Best children train with well above the recommended weight for their age group but father Nick says they enjoy it. From big holiday traditions to the little pieces of daily living, we think life is better together!
This entry was posted in Quotes and tagged Boyfriend, Family Quotes, Family Thoughts, Friend, Girlfriend, Great Quotes, Love on September 18, 2012 by TAyyeb S. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family…the love will always be there. Being a mother means taking care of your kids, cuddling, watching them grow, watching them play and argue, being there for the good and the bad, and most important showing them your unconditional love every second of everyday! This baby of mine, whom I love more than I ever thought possible, says ‘routine schmoutine, mama,’ she is so different to the baby her sister was. Preparing lunch whilst also preparing dinner whilst talking on the phone whilst helping the preschooler into a princess costume. Let’s tackle these issues and questions together, sharing our ideas and inspiration, and celebrating our success (because we WILL have success!)  Please leave a comment letting me know that you will join me on this journey.  What you would like to find more time for?

More importantly, she is a Mum who believes wholeheartedly in the value of children learning through play, the importance of quality early education, and the togetherness of family.
If you are new here, you might like to subscribe to the RSS feed or receive updates direct to your email. I was one of those deluded people that thought that being home from work meant that I was going to get so much achieved! I think that is key, looking at your individual priorities and circumstances and finding a solution that you are most happy with. I would love more time, but I think I need to figure out how to manage the time I currently have and sometimes I just don’t know where to start or what I want most! Our children are small for such a short time and I want to live in the moment with them and not have my attention diverted with busy-ness, especially when those diversions are really not important in the scheme of things. It definitely does get easier though, when bub gets a bit older and you’re not so dominated by their sleeps, feeds and nappy changes. I so feel you here, having recently gone through this with our baby, who hates routine just as much as her sister!!
Trying to find that family time as well as doing everything else that needs to be done around the house and with uni. I am a SAHM of 1 DS who is 19mo today, and I often feel what you have iterated so perfectly for me, and wonder how I can achieve the same things you have outlined above. And when I do get that rare moment to myself I turn around in circles because I know I want to do so much and can only do a little. More time is something i so covet at the moment and i wonder if it is going to get easier to split my time and parenting style between the teen and twin toddlers…both demanding such different things at their stage in life! Sometimes I’ll center myself during a moment and remember to cherish it but those can be rare. After running after money, career and other things in life I now realize the importance of those few moments that I could have spent with my kids, watching them grow up. Feeling frustrated that I’m not creating the life I want for my family, but striving to change things one bit at a time.
I also write about living intentionally with children, yet I have been really struggling lately. I have today discovered Childhood 101, and I love it…I have Miss 3.5, Master 21 months and Master 5 months! Of course, I am not showered and the four year old is still in her pyjamas, and why yes, it is 3 o’clock. Not that I can ever finish one job before the next one is thrust upon me, like being summoned to help clean up an arty, gluey mess while I am washing dishes… and pumping breast milk.
I wouldn’t change any of these individual elements of my every day, I just want the peace to enjoy them.
I know we have a new baby and are in the midst of constant (though minor) renovations of our home.
I want to treasure and spend more time with my 4 year old, but the baby is far more demanding than her sister ever was. I am struggling with wanting to do more, more, more all the time, especially since breaking my wrist 4 months ago. Yesterrday I sat on the couch with a cuppa and the travel magazine and had a good solid 5 minutes of peace before the demands started flowing again. I have a 4-year old and a 1-year old and I just want to be fully present with them rather than constantly in my head planning, organising, wanting things to be a certain way.
I think I imagined the time with bub#2 would be the same as bub #1 – hours of time to myself to sew, walk, cook, relax, clean unimpeded. This means ensuring my home-based business gets to a point where it will provide the financial freedom to do this. We are thinking of getting a cleaner just so we can have our saturday mornings with the kids and not have to worry about making sure everything has been washed, cleaned and tidied.
Hubby and I are discussing having #2, but there are still many days where I wonder how on earth I’ll manage 2 when I seem to have difficulty managing 1 and a household, especially on the days he wants Mum to read him stories all day. He sleeps up to 2 or 3 hours straight in that baby and I can bake, hang out laundry and look after elodie.
I yearn for the simple life, time to enjoy the moment and make the most of every opportunity because we all know our little ones grow up all too quickly. I hope you have had a chance to look through some of the other best life posts and have found some ideas that might work for you.

George and meet up with some of our favorite people for a few days to mostly do two things: eat good food (SEA SALT CARAMEL TRUFFLE ICE CREAM!!) and play games.
Or for people trying to improve that… The whole idea is that you recreate images with your tiles that you see on a set of cards.
She has most definitely watched too much TV again today, well once I managed to get the DVD player to work that is. I am talking about creating a life less busy, with less of the juggle, lived with more purpose and intention. Not realising that simply maintaining a basic level of cleanliness and keeping children alive and happy was actually all I would have time for!
But I also know that life is seasonal – and some seasons will mean survival, while other seasons will allow for more time for family and the other things that I want to pursue. I love your honesty and I look forward to what this lovely community can bring to this topic! I couldn’t do ANYTHING much for quite a while, and though it was incredibly hard, it was a real eye-opener seeing how much more enjoyable it was going slow and being a bit more removed from all the minute-by-minute angst and drama.
But I forgot that there was another older, child in the house along with the baby this time.
I have no real advice to make it better and I’m 2 weeks shy if a year in to this juggle. I have to remind myself that wishing my youngest off to Kindy next year won’t necessarily mean an uber-tidy house, folded washing or more time to build my business. I seriously think I forgot what it was like when we bought elodie home because I know it was crazy but I can’t remember any of it! With just the hubs and I, we can get through a whole game (all of the rounds) within 30 minutes.
Why do these things always go wrong on days when the baby takes more than two hours to settle for a nap? But, I feel really good most of the time with how resourceful I’ve been to make every day count like a million bucks. I have just reflected whilst reading the comments about why I love going camping – no chores apart from the basics, time to spend solely on your family, minimal electronic interference and sunshine.
You might find, like we did, that there are just certain people you don’t want to play this with. Each player has a deck of cards that are in a color that’s specifically assigned to them.
We’ve found this is a great warm-up game at a game night because it’s easy to learn and gets people moving! On days when my patience is already wearing thin as my brain synapses continually ping with impatience about all of the other things I need to get done!
Bushwalks, going to a cafe for icecream, going to the beach…these things are all great chillout things for my family. I used to organise myself out of these feelings of being overwhelmed but I can’t get up earlier or go to bed later if I want to function in any way. Super easy to travel with-which is good, because you’ll want to take it with you on trips and to Sunday dinner and everywhere else you play games. You try to get rid of your deck as quickly as you can by playing on community stacks of chronologically ordered cards. So there’s an element of luck with every challenge (like, it’s way easier to name 10 words that start with an S than a Q, ya know? If that makes any sense… It is fast and furious and is sure to get the blood pumping.
I hardly do any cleaning and our place does get filthy, but I try to remember that the most important thing is maintaining our physical and mental health.
Everyone is working together (as different occupations within the CDC) to hold off different epidemics and save the world!

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