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Unless you’re just returning from a trip off the grid, you’ve probably heard of our first recommendation, the Kindle. Next is the Sony® Reader Touch Edition, a full six-inch touch screen book that stores up to 1,200 of your favorite novels. The ebook reader market has blown up in recent years, especially as other popular tablet devices like the Apple iPad® have taken over the industry. Another issue is size, with a lot of tablets chosing 10.1in screens which are difficult to hold in one hand and therefore make holding it while reading an ebook, much more difficult.
Kobo Purchased By Japanese Ecommerce Company 09 November 2011 Canadian ereader manufacturer, Kobo, has been purchased for US$315m by Rakuten. Amazon Launches Kindle Owners' Lending Library 03 November 2011 - but only in the US and only for Amazon Prime members. WHSmith To Sell Kobo eReaders 13 October 2011 Kobo eReaders, including the Touch Edition, will go on sale in WHSmith stores next week. Amazon Tablet to be Called Kindle Fire 27 September 2011 Will the Fire kindle a new flame in the tablet wars and quench consumers’ burning desire for a colour Kindle?
Waterstone's Will Launch Its Own eReader 09 September 2011 Waterstone's will enter the ereader market early next year to challenge the Kindle's dominance. Kindle Owners To Get Access To Library E-books 21 April 2011 Amazon has reversed its stance on allowing Kindle owners borrowing ebooks from libraries - in the United States at least. The main reason I am interested in an ereader is for reviewing pdfs and annotating them but very little reference is made here (or even on the manufacturers websites) about how well they deal with pdfs and which even have annotation functionality. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free!
We took a bit of a break but we are back with more in depth ebook reader reviews coming very soon. To kick things off we have just updated our 6″ ebook reader comparison table with all the major ebook readers launched in 2012 and 2013 which are now available in the UK. With quite a few ebook readers available on the market this year, making the right decision can be tough! This is a frequent question we get and after using some of the most popular 5” and 6” ebook readers, we would definitely recommend opting for a 6” model.
Although the 5” screen ebook readers are comfortable to read, having that extra screen space to read your book makes for a much better reading experience.
The Kindle Keyboard 3G is one of the easiest devices to use, and is the only one on the market to feature free 3G internet access so you can not only buy books anytime and anywhere. The Kindle 2011 is a fantastic budget e-reader and alternative to the Kindle Keyboard 3G ebook reader if you are looking to save some ???.
The Kobo eReader is a great effort from Kobo, and it trumps the Sony PRS-T1 in both features, and price.
But… at this price point, we would recommend spending a little bit more for the Kindle Keyboard 3G, or opting for the Kindle 2011 ebook readers. The touch screen interface is nice, but if you are budget conscious you can easily do without. The Sony Reader PRS-T1 is a great upgrade from last year’s PRS-650 adding WIFi connectivity, as well as a lighter, and slimmer design. Sony and Kobo have produced some fantastic ebook readers this year, but when it comes to functionality, price, and ease of use nothing quite beats the the Amazon Kindles.
The Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G is still very much the king of the hill of ebook readers, featuring free 3G internet access, and the most convenient 1 click ebook purchasing around. Click here to buy the Kindle 3G direct at Amazon where you can get the best price and free shipping.
If your budget cannot stretch to a Kindle 3G, we recommend the new Kindle 2011 which is currently one of the cheapest premium quality ebook readers around.
At ?89 my guess is that Amazon are probably making a loss in an effort to get market share, and reap the rewards from future purchases. Click here to buy the Kindle 2011 direct at Amazon where you can get the best price and free shipping. The Kindle (not to be confused with the original kindle, kindle 2 or kindle 3G), is this year’s latest Kindle and is Amazon’s attempt to make ebook readers as accessible as possible. With a price tag of just ?89, it is the cheapest ebook reader Amazon have ever produced, but how does it compare to the rest of the Kindle family, and other ebook readers out there this season?
The first thing you will notice with the new Kindle is that Amazon have kept the crisp 6-inch 167ppi display, but have made the device smaller and lighter by removing the usual keyboard. This change alone makes the new Kindle 18% smaller and 30% lighter than the Kindle 3G.  Weighing in at just 130g, it feels really light but also incredibly solid as you would expect from Amazon.
In terms of design Amazon have produced one of the nicest ebook readers around, it looks polished and minimalistic.
This Kindle does not include a 3G connection, instead you can buy books from the Amazon ebook store and browse the web using the WIFI connection, or transfer books from your pc or mac.
It’s lightweight, packs easily in your things, and feels just right when reading for extended periods of time. The navigation works well, the keyboard-less design is actually quite usable as long as you don’t do many searches or use the internet browser much. This price,  flexibility, and the instant access to one of the largest ebook stores in the world makes this ebook reader heads and shoulders above the other ebook readers in the market. The 2011 Kindle –  At ?89 is the entry level Kindle, featuring the same screen and functionality as the other Kindles, but does not have a keyboard or 3G connection. The Kindle Keyboard 3G  – At ?149 is the top of the range Kindle, featuring a keyboard, and free worldwide 3G connection as well as WIFI so you can buy books and surf the web anywhere for free without needing a computer or WIFI connection. If you are looking for a budget device with a premium design and functionality look no further than the Kindle.
The best place to buy your Kindle is from the Amazon UK website here or the Amazon USA website here. Firstly, the Kindle Touch features a a keyboard-less design, and an IR based multi touch screen.
The Kindle touch uses the same Pearl E-Ink display featuring a 600 x 800 pixel resolution at 167 ppi, and 16-level grayscale. The buttons have unfortunately disappeared, but the device make it up with a smart UI, and responsive touch screen interface. The battery life is similar to the previous Kindle, featuring around 2 months of usage without 3G.
If you have a Kindle 3, this might be an actual downgrade as you will only gain a touchscreen and a slightly smaller form factor but lose out on the 3G connection. The Kindle touch will be launched on November 21st, so I would recommend trying to pre-order your device, as the previous Kindle sold out when it was launched last year.
For UK users, we don’t have a pre-order page yet and will update this page when we do! The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s new tablet, taking advantage of what they have learned from the Kindle, in order to deliver a portable device which lets users consume even more media on the move. The Kindle Fire houses a 7 Inch IPS colour display, protected by Gorilla Glass (a scratchproof re-inforced material).  Amazon have opted for a highly customised version of Google Android, coupled with a dual core processor and 8 GB of flash storage. The Kindle Fire features everything you would expect from a tablet, but with much deeper integration with Amazon’s own services for a one click experience. For example, they have integrated their magazine subscription service where you can choose from hundreds of titles, such as Bon Appetit, Elle, and Oprah. You also get access to Amazon’s growing catalog of 100,000 movies to stream or purchase directly through your Amazon Fire tablet (requires an amazon prime subscription) as well as over 17 million mp3 tracks available to buy from their music store. Plus you can browse the web, access email and have access to 1000’s of apps through the Amazon android app store. E-Ink ebook readers on the other hand provide an experience which is as close to ink on paper as possible, and makes for a lot less eye straining when reading for extended periods.
The Amazon Fire is a 7″ tablet, which retails at only $199, which makes it not only highly affordable, but a no brainer if you have not bought a tablet yet, but want to be able to entertain yourself on trips or at home. If you are looking for an ebook reader, then we recommend going for an Amazon Kindle which is currently the leader when it comes to ebook readers.
If you are looking for a budget tablet to watch movies, tv shows, check email, browse the web, and haven’t bought an Apple Ipad yet, then the Kindle Fire could provide good value. If you are looking for the best tablet out there, I would say that there is only one king in town, and that is the Apple Ipad 2.
The Amazon Kindle 3 was launched in September 2010 after a media frenzy following the unveiling of the ebook reader many months before.
The big question is, does the Amazon Kindle have what it takes to be the ebook reader of choice this year? These price points are really attractive, and seriously undercuts the competition making the Kindle 3G and Wifi not only more affordable than its closest competitors, but it adds features such as free 3G connectivity available around the world. The WIFI and 3G connectivity enables you to buy and download ebooks straight from your kindle, using a simple one click purchase process. I found this to be really useful whilst waiting for my flight from Bangkok for example, where I had just finished a novel, and the airport book store was charging 200% more than list price for some English paperbacks! In terms of technology, the Kindle 3 uses the latest Pearl high contrast E-Ink screen, which provides 16 shades of grey for a really comfortable reading experience (this is comparable to the screens used in the Sony PRS 350 and PRS650). The 6 inch screen is crisp and clear, and is readable in most conditions including bright sunlight.
Another advantage of the new Pearl E-Ink screen is that text read from it will look as sharp as reading printed copy. In terms of aesthetics the Kindle 3 is really attractive, featuring a nice matte graphite exterior, a super thin design, and an elegant design. Because it’s so light you can hold it for hours without getting tired, and keep it in your coat pocket without having any unsightly bulges!
Charging takes an hour or so, and you get a proper charger included with your Kindle (Other ebook readers like the Sony PRS series only provide a usb cable for charging). What this means is that you will be restricted to buying ebooks from the Kindle store only (you won’t be able to use Waterstones, WHSmith, Diesel Ebooks, Kobo etc). But on the flip side, you get access to one of the biggest ebook stores in the world, with some of the most competitive prices around. I regularly check prices of ebooks across the main ebook stores and Amazon usually matches other prices or is 10-25% cheaper.

If you own an Iphone, or Ipad you can also install the Amazon Kindle reader app, and get access to all your purchased books too for free.
The Amazon Kindle differentiates itself from the crowd mainly because of its free 3G connectivity, which enables you to buy books whilst travelling. Amazon are also experimenting with new features, and you get access to a beta web browser too, which you can use to browse the web for free. We recommend getting the 3G version as it makes getting new ebooks really easy and convenient, especially for non technical users. You can read about the technical specifications and compare the Kindle 3 to the leading ebook readers using our 6″ ebook reader comparison table here. The 3G connectivity and direct access to one of the largest ebook, newspaper and magazine stores in the world means you are literally a few button presses away from nearly any book, wherever you are. This range of ebook readers are ideal for non techie types too, as getting to grips with the device literally takes minutes and doesn’t require any computer. The great thing which separates the BeBook Club from the Amazon Kindle for example is the ability to buy an ebook from any ebook store and load it up onto the device, sadly the Kindle can only read ebooks purchased from the Kindle store, and non DRM pdfs. In terms of look, the BeBook Club has a nice plastic front which feels solid, but its no Sony Ebook reader in terms of style.
In terms of functionality, it uses the same 6” 600?800 E Ink Vizplex screen as the BeBook One, which is standard across most ebook readers these days. This is not a massive point as you would be hard pressed to really see much difference in most situations, but suffice to say you are only getting 8 shades of grey instead of 16 with the Kindle and Sony ebook readers. The main difference between the BeBook Club and the BeBook Neo is the lack of Wifi and internet browsing, and no touchscreen. Other than that, the BeBook Club includes an external SD card slot so you can expand the 510mb of internal memory up to 4GB!
Sony are synonymous with timeless design, and solid quality – The Sony PRS-350 with its 5 inch screen is no exception. Other than these new features, the Sony PRS-350 build on the great feature set of its predecessor.
This ebook reader also features a large 2GB internal memory which is enough to carry thousands of ebooks at a time.
Unfortunately you don’t get any Wifi or 3G connectivity, and you have to purchase books from online ebook retailers from your desktop. The BeBook Neo is the latest flagship ebook reader from Endless Ideas, one of the pioneers of the open ebook reader movement who launched the BeBook One two years ago. BeBook’s strength is their community and developer base which aims to make their ebook readers as versatile as possible, embracing the largest amount of ebook formats available today.
The great thing which separates the BeBook Neo from the Amazon Kindle for example is the ability to buy an ebook from any ebook store and load it up onto the device, sadly the Kindle can only read ebooks purchased from the Kindle store, and non DRM pdfs. In terms of look, the BeBook Neo has a nice plastic front which feels solid, and a metal back. In terms of functionality, it uses the same 6” 600×800 E Ink Vizplex screen as the BeBook One, which is standard across most ebook readers these days.
The biggest innovation comes in the shape of a Wifi connection, and a built in portal which enables you to purchase books from compatible book stores directly from the ebook reader. Although not as user friendly as the one click purchase offered by Amazon, the BeBook portal works well, and lets you actually buy books directly from your ebook retailer of choice (at the moment the retailers include: Foyles, Blackwell, Whsmith).
The bebook also has a limited web browser, which is handy if you find yourself needing to check something whilst at an internet cafe and a rather good stylus touchscreen provided by Wacom.
This ebook reader also has a faster processor than most other ebook readers available today, and has quite a quick screen refresh rate – so no more waiting (too long) for pages to refresh. Other than that, the BeBook Neo includes an external SD card slot so you can expand the 510mb of internal memory up to 4GB!
These nice images you’ll find below, with website screenshot and address, can help easier spread the word, especially among ebook newbies. The Digital Reader positions itself as a best news source for tablets and e-readers, but you can find here lots of news from around the world that refer to digital reading in general.
Combine it with a strong point of view (and a dash of humor), and you have The Digital Reader in full light.
Good E-reader shares a lot digital publishing news addressed to professionals, but the site is the best destination for an average ebook user, who wants to make her life with ebooks and easier. The biggest benefit of Good E-reader is the fantastic review work. Not only you can read here up-to-date reviews of e-readers and tablets. Plus there are video comparisons (lots of them) for those who can’t decide between two models from a shortlist. While other sites focus on most important markets, like US or UK, the clear profile of Publishing Perspectives is to report how book markets are growing in different countries around the world. The team of writers and contributors, with Ed Nawotka as Editor in Chief, has a goal to bring and analyze up-to-date reports of global trends in publishing. Brazil, Russia, China, and India – these ebook markets enjoy stunning growth, and this is very well documented by Publishing Perspectives. The site is also publishing essays from top members of the global publishing community, as well as provocative questions inviting to discussion on the condition of the global publishing. Started in 2004, GalleyCat is a part of Mediabistro, a leading provider of news, events, and jobs for the media industry. On top of being a source of writer resources and job offers, GalleyCat shares industry news with a focus on digital publishing.
What I like most about this site is that articles are very concise but convey maximum interesting facts, what in the era of time hunting is a huge benefit. A part of the Mediabistro family of blogs, very often referred from GalleyCat, is AppNewser, where you can find news and reviews of mobile devices and apps. On the surface, Galley Cat looks like a site for industry professionals, but taking into a consideration the scope of topics and the simple language, it’s a perfect addition to the news feed for any ebook lover, living anywhere in the world. There is a special section covering international news, what in addition to Publishing Perspectives should give you a full view of what’s currently happening in books around the world.
As Publishers Weekly is addressed to business professionals, it offers also a paid subscription. Every single information is shared here with an intention to see how would it influence the future of book industry.
For a long time, TeleRead was the most comprehensive source of news related to ebooks, e-readers, tablets, digital publishing, and libraries. Now TeleRead evolved into an opinion blog, covering ebooks and publishing from different points of view. If you need a deeper perspective on hot topics circulating in the ebook world, or simply discuss them, you should add TeleRead to your news feed. You can even visit the Reader Store and pick and choose from over one million free titles thanks to Google Books or your local public library.
This VividView™ Color Touch screen offers a rich resolution and a backlit display with over 16 million colors for outstandingly crisp images and reading.
Whether you need one on the cheap or a one with a backlight, we pick out the best from our latest reviews to help you find the perfect digital reading partner. New entrant to the market, Kobo is looking to steal a march on them all with aggressive pricing. Tablets also tend to weigh a lot more than ebooks which again adds to the strain.Of course on the other hand, tablets do offer so much more than just ebook reading, with hundreds of thousands of apps giving you access to a huge range of services. This is the most comprehensive comparison table available online, and will help you differenciate the key players this year.
So we thought we would run through our “top picks” to help you get the best ebook reader for your needs. Plus today’s 6 “ ebook readers are so slim and light, and that there really is no need to opt for a smaller screen size.
Plus this ebook reader is handy when you need to check emails or internet from abroad without having to pay any roaming fees! It doesn’t have the keyboard or 3G connection, but provides the same features at a really affordable price.
Plus the lack of 3G connection means that this ebook reader is not as versatile as the Kindle readers. The fact that you could be waiting for a flight abroad, and purchase the latest book at a massive discount within 40 seconds is simply amazing. Both are really easy to do, and unless you are somewhere where there is no WIFI, this should not really be an issue. The device is light, compact, and the excellent screen makes reading for long periods a pleasure. As a frequent traveller the free 3G connection is fantastic, and lets you buy ebooks anywhere you are, even abroad. This means you can now touch the screen to navigate, and use gestures to flick through pages. So there are no compromises with the new multi touch technology (some other devices such as the early Sony ebook readers had contact based touch screens which meant that the screen needed an extra layer of plastic which reduced the visibility of text. I would recommend opting for the Kindle 3G Keyboard if your budget can afford it, but if you are looking for a more affordable ebook reader the Kindle Touch is a fantastic buy. Special editions of titles like Vanity Fair, Wired, and GQ come with built-in video, audio and other interactive features. Tablets such as the Kindle Fire are great for consuming multimedia, and for short tasks, but reading an actual book for anything longer than 30 minutes from a colour tablet is painful. Their devices are affordable, light, and have great compatibility across many different formats.
The engineers at Amazon have really worked hard to make this a no brainer, and it means you don’t actually need to own a computer to use the Amazon Kindle.
This is one of the problems with the previous Sony PRS600 and the Apple Ipad, whereby their screens make it difficult to read in direct sunlight.
A big gripe I have with reading books on my Apple Ipad for example, is that I get eye strain from reading from the backlit reflective screen. In my opinion the previous Kindle readers had too much of a retro look to them, and this latest reader is just perfect. In my tests I found that I can get around 2-3 weeks of “normal” usage with 3G on before having to charge it up.

This is great for accessibility, especially until the library of audiobooks expands to cover all books available. Not only are they priced very competitively, but they make purchasing and reading books easy, and convenient. Just buy from amazon and the device will come pre-registered with your Amazon ID, ready for you to charge up and use. This ebook reader has been designed to compete at a lower pricepoint, in order to satisfy users not looking for advanced features found in the BeBook Neo. But the new Sony  PRS-350, PRS-650 and Amazon Kindle 3G are now using an improved E Ink Pearl screen which offers better contrast, so this screen is technically inferior. You should get around 12,000 page views from a single charge which puts it tip of its class in battery life. And along with its larger sibling the Sony PRS-650 with its 6 inch screen are probably the best looking ebook readers around.
But these are somewhat advantages, as it means you get solid battery life, and can purchase ebooks at any ebook retailer (therefore can comparison shop for the best ebook deals).
If you spend a lot of time reading, you might want to consider the Sony PRS-650 which features a 6 inch screen for more comfortable reading. But the new Sony PRS-650 and Amazon Kindle 3G are now using an improved E Ink Pearl screen which offers better contrast, so this screen is technically inferior. Its not the cheapest ebook reader in the marketplace, but makes up with the ability to use Wifi and load up virtually any ebook.
Martview on the other hand has a lot going for it, and for me, it is currently the best pdf ebook reader for Windows. Before that he was one of the most active editors of MobileRead, a popular resource for fans of mobile technology. Every single piece of news is associated with a clear opinion, a reference to the past event, or a prediction, that will help you better understand dynamics of presented facts.
Be it a rumour about the screen size of a new Kindle Fire, or figures about ebook market in Eastern Europe – Hoffelder is well-informed and spends a considerable part of his time to dig deeper into the nature of shared news.
When you’ll visit the blog, you have big chances to jump into a middle of a hot discussion.
Most of them you can watch in video reviews and tutorials, shared also on their YouTube channel.
It inspires to create a startup, business idea, or application that would fit the needs of the future reader. It published everything from a big Kindle announcement to a press release from a local ebook platform. Harry Potter is now an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children. No matter whether you use Facebook on the iPad or Twitter on your Android phone, our site loads fast and is easy to read. The all-new Kindle features a six-inch display with the exciting new E Ink Pearl Technology. The lightweight design is extremely portable and you’ll enjoy two weeks of reading time on a single battery charge.
With so many choices, so many brands and so many options, the best ebook readers for you are ready and waiting to be discovered. And as much as some ebook readers may claim they have MP3 playback and access to a browser, these are not fully-formed features and are experimental at best.Which eBook Reader is best for you?The choice is now a lot more varied than only a couple of years ago and as such you can pick and choose the features or price point you want without losing out on too much. Plus you can use the kindle to browse the internet for free to check your emails when abroad saving you ??? on roaming charges.
This is the same technology used in other ebook readers such as the latest Nook or Kobo readers, but based on Amazon’s tried and tested UI. Plus with a Kindle ebook reader you won’t get sore eyes after reading for extended periods of time.
Thankfully this isn’t the case with my Kindle, which lets me read for hours, just like reading a real book. It allows you to adjust text size, brightness, fonts, colors, alignment, line spacing, bookmarks, and many other much-needed features.
You’ll be well-informed and get full scope of ebook news, commentary, and connections.
Now that you can see clearly without squinting or grimacing, you’ll surely blast through that book in record time. Another model, the Kindle DX offers free 3G that works globally, and an enormous 9.7-inch display. Adjust font sizes, access dictionaries in multiple languages, highlight and annotate using the touch screen and more.
So here we go with our eBook Reader reviews, which will help guide you through the choppy ebook waters, and help you make the choice of which is the best ebook reader for you. Regardless of which Kindle you choose, you’ll enjoy 50 percent better contrast with the high-contrast E Ink Screen. If you’re looking for a way to completely personalize your ebook reader experience, the NOOK is your answer. That means crisp, dark fonts, no glare from the sun and a resolution that saves your eyes from unnecessary strain. You can even share your favorite passages and book recommendations on Twitter and Facebook, or let Barnes & Noble experts recommend your next major novel. Format support is one of the aspects of the application that the developers need to improve, to add support for widely used ebook formats like epub, comic book archive files or even plain text documents and Microsoft Word documents.For now, you can only load mart and pdf documents.
No longer do you have to purchase heavy, cumbersome books, or worry about dreaded late fees from your local library.
Best of all, you can store up to 3,500 books on this device and read as much as you can with a single battery charge of up to one month.
There is an option to create ebooks in the mart format from images, archives or comic book files but that's not a suitable solution. Instead, you can purchase an ebook reader, a digital device that allows you to hold thousands of books right in the palm of your hand. Turning each page on the screen is virtually seamless and added functionalities like dictionary lookup, notes and highlights makes this a top choice out of all the best ebook readers. The different browsing modes and the mouse and keyboard shortcuts make the experience as comfortable as possible.The online library of ebooks and magazines alone justifies the installation of the reader.
With this app, you can pick where you left and additionally can highlight the text and even make a note when reading an ebook. If that was not enough for you, there is also an offline mode to read all your collections when not on the internet. Ebooks and magazines are sorted in categories like computers and tech, lifestyle, repairing manuals or comics and manga.
The comics and mange section for instance has more than a dozen subcategories for popular series such as Detective Conan, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter or Full Metal Alchemist.All magazines and books that are displayed in the library can be downloaded to the local computer system.
Books & Reference Free DownloadAmazon KindleKindle is the most popular ebook reader already, and there is a reason for its huge success – the Kindle Store. Martview's policy is that users need to be the owner of the document to upload it to the public library. Several of the magazines raise legality questions, but that is something that this review cannot sufficiently address.
It has a built-in dictionary and is accessible while reading a page.Kindle also allows Google Search and Wikipedia linkage as well. All online documents are provided in mart format with no option to convert the files once they have been downloaded, at least not from within the ebook reading software.Martview's online library is a feature that not many ebook readers offer at this moment. The best thing is, you can download this for free and once a book is downloaded, it can be accessed from all the connected devices.
The developers need to add support for additional formats including conversions between formats to make it the best ebook reader there is.Interested Windows users can download the latest version of Martview from the developer website. A lot of the positives about the store, which always has fresh varieties and lets you share quotes, ideas and more for free.It also allows you to post comments on the books you read online and interact with like-minded book lovers.
The bottom line is, this app has a bit of social interaction over the amazing store titles it scores.
Reply Martin Brinkmann April 15, 2011 at 11:57 pm # I really like the interface and the online library. It features, 5 unique page turning and flipping effects, zooming, and brightness options in an impressive format. Reply Martin Brinkmann April 16, 2011 at 9:47 am # I do not think I have a single PDF with JavaScript to test support.
Their website is really holding back on information, and there does not seem to be a way to contact support.
He loves what inspires him, logcats at XDA, contributes for CM ROMs, makes projects on Raspberry pi 2, solves all tech-related queries at Quora and is always available for newbies and Android enthusiasts. Now it looks like a great abandoned project ;-( If that's what you want, just upload any PDF and their freeware will do the rest.
Reply Martin Brinkmann April 20, 2011 at 12:14 am # Bob, thanks for the additional information, did not know that it was formerly know as SpotBit.
Reply ph May 13, 2011 at 6:37 pm # while it looks really polished, the reader crops my (scanned comic)-pdf in a weird way so that ca. Reply Bottom End November 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm # How do you "close" the eBook you currently have open? I would like to know if anyone can help me if is there any site how can explain me develop this program because i've my PC that execute correctly this program but i can see correct format layout page inside it. July 26, 2016 Ghacks Deals: CompTIA A+ 2016 Certification Prep July 25, 2016 Reserve Windows 10 without using it July 25, 2016 Verizon new Yahoo owner July 25, 2016 About GhacksGhacks is a technology news blog that was founded in 2005 by Martin Brinkmann.

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