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5.ArrowI know Arrow has only been on for two seasons, but it is already one of the best comic book based shows that I have seen.
Channels Music Style Pop Culture Sports Sneakers Life Videos Shop Our Sites First We Feast Pigeons & Planes Collider Sole Collector Green Label Ride Channel Watch. No longer for just the neck-bearded crowd at Comic-Con, comics have become mainstream on both the big and small screen. Is it just me or does Cage not feel like upcoming, basically well had a lot of Cage in Jessica Jones, still looking forward to his solo show though. This is the first of at least seven tv shows based on comic books that will be airing this television season. They have done a great job of showing Oliver Queen’s origin, and his current adventures. This show, along with Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk are what really go me into comic books. Studios are constantly searching for intellectual property that can get them the next "Walking Dead." The genre has a very deep bench of hits and misses -- both animated and live-action -- and there are more shows based on comics on the air now than ever before. Well that sucks already, enjoyed the Image comic book series, this will just take me away from the character.
Which got me to thinking about all of the live action comic book tv shows that have aired, and which ones are the best.

Dark Matter seasonA¬†2 needs to be a lot better to actually hold my interest, but it is fun in places, true. It hasn’t been overwhelming, which could happen with the introduction of so many characters. Wonder Woman didn’t have the most coherent story lines, but Lynda Carter always brought it, and that is why I love this show so much. Following Banner and Hulk around, having them help the downtrodden or disadvantaged was really cool. Smallville is the longest running sci-fi show ever, as well as the longest running comic book based show ever. To see Catwoman, Joker, The Riddler, and the rest of Batman’s rogues gallery on the small screen was pretty damn cool. Whether they're poorly animated cartoons or live-action shows, each theme song leaves their mark. Some are even so powerful that they run through the comic book readers' heads as they read their comics. What are the greatest comic book TV show theme songs of all time?Theme songs from the campy retro TV shows such as Batman, and Spider-Man, could (accurately) be described as goofy, but they have stood the test of time and are still recognized today. Yeah, there were a few hiccups, but the show really ended strong, and introduced a lot of characters that were really cool seeing on television.

Animation and originally aired on the Fox Network from September 5, 1992 to September 15, 1995.
The pilot was shown during the week of December 14, 1987 in syndication as a five-part miniseries and the show began its official run on October 1, 1988. The show ran on Fox Kids from November 19, 1994, to January 31, 1998, and ran reruns on the Jetix block on Toon Disney.
It was the first animated adaptation of the Spider-Man comic book series, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, and was jointly produced in Canada and in the United States. The show debuted both on Disney XD and online in the fall of 2010, starting with a 20-part micro-series. These are animated films that star Marvel characters and take place within the Marvel Universe.

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