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Princess Luna, known as Nightmare Moon[2] or Night Mare Moon[3] when transformed or under certain other circumstances,[note 3] is an Alicorn pony, the younger sister of Princess Celestia, and the main antagonist of the season one premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as Nightmare Moon. The word "Luna" means "moon" in Italian and Spanish, in both cases derived from Latin—Luna is the Latin name for the Greek moon goddess Selene (??????), who is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia in Greek mythology. Princess Luna has two designs, differing in that her coat is a darker shade of blue and that her mane is partially translucent, rippling and sparkling like Celestia's.
Her old design is still used in some merchandise and the online game Castle Creator, and her old mane is partly visible in some shots. Luna's design is similar to those of Fleur Dis Lee, Princess Cadance, the Headless Horse, the Mane-iac, "Tropical Dream", and Sassy Saddles. The narration continues by stating: their subjects, the ponies, played in the day but "shunned" the night and slept through it, which made the younger Alicorn grow bitter, eventually refusing to lower the moon to make way for the dawn.
The show's developer, Lauren Faust, explained in a comment on her DeviantArt page that Luna could not have been "drawn" from Nightmare Moon for a thousand years, and that Princess Celestia "did what she could" to orchestrate breaking the spell that turned Luna into Nightmare Moon. Luna and Celestia during the crowning of Princess Twilight Luna appears near the end of Magical Mystery Cure alongside her sister and Princess Cadance, attending the coronation of Twilight Sparkle as a Princess. In Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2, she and the other princesses transfer their magic to Twilight; Luna's cutie mark—unlike those of Celestia, Cadance, and the ponies whose magic Tirek steals—does not completely disappear,[note 1] losing only the moon marking and keeping the darker part underneath. Luna depicts the Spirit of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come in Twilight Sparkle's imagining of the story "A Hearth's Warming Tale".
Much like the archetypal, over-the-top villains, Nightmare Moon is overly confident of herself and dramatically declares that the protagonist is a fool (foal) for thinking she can defeat her, and that "the night will last forever." She is portrayed as vicious and maniacal, shown when she attacks Princess Celestia and cackles evilly in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2.
Despite her indirect approach, when she is attacked by the royal guards, she quickly repels them with lightning, then turns into mist and floats away. As the first volume of Ultimate Spider-Man winded down, one of the latest in the line of artist to team up with Brian Michael Bendis on the seminal Ultimate book that dazzled us was Sara Pichelli.
Be sure to read the complete interview and scroll to the bottom to see an EXCLUSIVE video of Pichelli in action, as she draws Miles Morales in an upcoming issue of Ultimate Spider-Man! SP: Before knowing about the new Spider-Man, I worked on 4 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, before the Death of Spider-Man story arc. SP: Back then, I tried to guess what would happen, but what I pictured in my mind was nothing compared to what really happened! Filed Under: Interviews Tagged With: Marvel Comics, Sara Pichelli, Ultimate Spider-Man, Video Related PostsThe NEW Ultimate Spider-Man Revealed - SpoilersThat's Not What He Looks Like! Letting consumers know that this is a different character is exploitation of the fact that they got a lot of press. They made it clear in Ultimate Fallout (via tons of early leaks and USA Today articles) that they had a new Spidey. You speak as if it’s insane to even think that Marvel may do something strictly for attention and financial gain. There simply isn’t enough evidence to support your claims that Miles is ultimately just a sales pitch.
I feel pretty confident that there were BOTH creative and marketing motivations for this decision. If I were Bendis and decided to kill Peter and introduce a new character as Spider-man, I can’t think of a compelling reason NOT to make the character non-white. I’m fairly certain that she hand draws everything and then scans and digitally “inks” her own work. That video alone was worth opening this on the site rather than skimming it on Google Reader’s rss fee! In honor of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Batman, we’re doing four straight months of polls having to do with Batman. But on the whole, he’s pretty tame and weighs every decision using the moral compass that was instilled in him before the world went crazy and people started to rise from the dead and eat each other. Rick has spent the last 3 seasons being quite wishy washy and never quite being able to decide if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Like I said, it’s not that I hate The Walking Dead, I just really wish it would start living up to its potential.
You didn’t mention that after the phone call from Lori, when she told him that it was THEIR baby, then he finally hugged and kissed Judith. In the European French dub, Nightmare Moon is named La Jument Seleniaque, loosely translated as "the mare Selene" or "the Selene Mare." Her title in Twilight Sparkle's book in Friendship is Magic, part 1, "Mare in the Moon," is a play on the mythic story Man in the Moon. She can be seen wearing a dress and more ornate, elaborate versions of her crown, shoes, and collar. Twilight soon realizes that the potion has taken her to the past, and that she is witnessing the banishment of Nightmare Moon. Tirek and Discord eventually break into Canterlot Castle and Tirek attempts to steal the three princesses' magic, but soon learns that they have transferred it all to Twilight. She also confronts Twilight Sparkle directly when the two charge at each other, right before shattering the Elements of Harmony. What was your reaction when he and Marvel laid out the plan to introduce a new Ultimate Spider-Man with Miles Morales?
When Marvel offered me the chance to join the team AND work on the creation of the new Ultimate Spider-Man, I was totally excited. But with an all new character front and center, we’re looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends, family and foes. It’s hard to sell well the body flexibility and dynamism without running the risk of making the hero look like a rubber puppet! He’s supposed to be younger than Peter, and Pete was younger than the typical depiction of Spider-Man these days.
The publishers need to give new readers a little help when they ask them to walk into a comic shop for the first time or for the first time in a while.
If I gave two craps about the Ultimate Universe and was a Peter Parker fan, I would be thoroughly pissed.
It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Marvel would want to score points in that conversation.
Some artists use one kind of pencil or another kind of brush, and if you can’t tell the difference in the end product, then your stance is sort of ridiculous. Future installments will deal with Batman creators, villains and stories, but this month will be about Batman covers.

We’ll be doing ten covers a day until the top twenty-five, when it becomes five a day. It might seem unfair of me to compare the comic to the TV show as they are both very different but as Season 3 has been the worst offender in regard to the source material, I feel it’s justified. In the comics Philip Blake revealed his sadistic nature quickly (with a spot of unlicensed amputation) and never looked back. You know, the kid who actually had to watch his mother die and put a bullet in her (to stop her re-animating) but is coping with it all a lot better than his dad. He loves reviewing and writing features, mainly because this is where he gets to blurt out his internal monologues on nerd culture. Eventually, the Elements of Harmony restore Luna to her former self and she returns to rule over Equestria alongside her older sister. It is also revealed that the book Luna had produced at the end of part 2 of The Crystal Empire was the journal of Star Swirl the Bearded, which contained an unfinished spell that Celestia believed Twilight to be capable of completing. Luna, along with Cadance and Celestia, is sent to Tartarus as revenge for Tirek's original imprisonment. I worked as character designer for animation and I’m accustomed to creating new characters. You have to be good at controlling human anatomy, and be able to exaggerate it to have a perfect Spider-Man in action. They need new heroes that are relevant for today, and maybe piggybacking is the only way to do that successfully. I would probably be branded a racist by some, but I would be frustrated that a character I loved and invested in was killed because marketing research (or whatever) showed there’s more money to be made if he had a different colored skin (remember their comments). The difference is before its one white guy would take over the mantle for another white guy. Most of the disagreements seem to be in regards to the killing of Peter Parker and the true motivations behind it. Sara Pichelli has a lot of talent, and I think it should be obvious by seeing her final pages. In the comic, he is Rick’s right hand man, a formidable survivor and the guy who calls Rick out when he goes too far.
Now to briefly go back to the comics, Rick is a man who will do anything to make sure his family survive, this includes murder and making horrible decisions for the greater good. Proclaiming his love for the things he likes (which include books, movies, games, comics) and utterly destroying the things he doesn’t (pretty much everything else). According to Lauren Faust, Princess Luna's name "was Selena for a short time, but there were legal problems with it,"[4] and Nightmare Moon was originally named "Discord,"[5] a name which would later be given to another eventually-reformed villain. At the end of the second episode, Twilight and her new friends confront Nightmare Moon and transform her back into Princess Luna with the Elements of Harmony, and she remorsefully accepts Princess Celestia's offer to rule by her side again. In Part 1, Luna takes over the night shift from her sister after flying in silhouetted by the moon, and later tells Twilight to remain inside after spotting her running towards the castle. In the first part, she expresses doubt to Celestia over whether Twilight is ready for her task. In Part 1, while Princess Celestia speaks to Twilight about the Summer Sun Celebration, Luna is seen on a nearby castle balcony, happily raising the moon. Twilight drinks the potion again and witnesses Luna and Celestia battling Discord and turning him to stone for the first time.
Shortly after, Luna joins Celestia and Cadance in a song, admitting to Twilight that she understands how she is feeling.
Catching word of Twilight Sparkle's method of time travel used to stop Starlight, Nightmare Moon expresses interest in using this magic to prevent the Elements of Harmony from being found, ensuring her eternal rule.
When she first appears, she intimidates the ponies with her evil laugh and pointed questions.
These include the manticore, whose paw she embeds with a thorn so he'd attack the ponies, or Steven Magnet, whose mustache she cuts off so he'd make the river impassible. Now, Pichelli is known as the artist who helped to create Miles Morales, the new Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as designed the new costume.
The idea sounded great to me, even if I already knew in my bones  this big of change was going to shock the whole comic book community. Friends I lost contact with many years ago, after the news, started calling me on the phone. It’s an amazing job, so when I can apply it to my comic book career, it’s the perfect mix!
I’m just crazy enough to think that would produce diversity and give us a universe more like the world we live in. Unfortunately, bar a pretty good resemblance, the TV show has given me a version of the character who is nothing like the Tyreese I know and love. In fact, in the comics it sometimes seems like he is on a slippery slope that will end with him becoming a Governor-like character.
I think you should just relax and enjoy the show for what it is like the rest of us instead of over analyzing and picking it apart.
It is based on the animated series Teen Titans, which itself is based on an older comics series of the same name. She appears again in the end of Part 2, when she flies in greeting everyone and asking if she missed anything.
Celestia shows Twilight a flashback where the two sisters worked together to defeat King Sombra, turning him into a shadow with their magic and imprisoning him in the frozen north. During the episode, she is captured off-screen by black vines growing out of the Everfree Forest.
Later in the evening, Luna rushes into Celestia's room when she hears her scream from having a nightmare.
However, Twilight gets away and rewrites the timeline before Nightmare Moon can act upon it. She snidely refers to the ponies as her "beloved subjects," but appears genuinely impressed when Twilight Sparkle recognizes her as Nightmare Moon.
She further indirectly attacks the ponies by causing a cliff side to collapse underneath the ponies' hooves and by making trees appear as monsters. Giving the first impression to characters who will be protagonists of an important book like Ultimate Spider-Man is exciting!

Some would say that’s a weak reason to kill of an iconic character (if anything Ultimate can be considered iconic). In fact, it doesn’t even make as much sense that she hates the Governor as much as she does. Does no-one else think it would have been more fun to watch a sadistic and slightly unhinged man (who we saw in the finale) make the survivors lives a living Hell for an entire season rather than watch the neutered version of the Governor try to convince people he’s a good ol’ boy every week? Like the cartoon, it is animesque and intended primarily for pre-teen boys, but did not shy away from somewhat darker material as the series progressed. Luna dances with the other ponies after Pinkie Pie and DJ Pon-3 start the wedding party music which concludes the episode.
When Twilight drinks a potion given to her by Zecora, she is transported into a castle, where she encounters Luna. Later, Twilight and her friends free her and Celestia in Part 2 by giving up the Elements of Harmony to the Tree of Harmony.
As the Shadowbolts, she tries to persuade Rainbow Dash to abandon her friends so they won't be able to cross a fallen bridge and reach the Elements of Harmony.
They don’t build him up on his own merits as his own character then support him with great stories and stronge creative teams. Maybe they feel we haven’t progressed enough as a nation to support a minority character without having an established foundation. He tried to kill her which would be a good reason, but as she learned to begrudgingly live with Merle (the man who actually shot her), it seems slightly redundant for her to hold a grudge against the man who ordered it.
It featured one-shot gags in the page margins presented by chibi versions of the cast, as well as continuations or expansions of plotlines from the series. Luna proclaims that she will be the only princess in Equestria, and she undergoes a transformation into Nightmare Moon, much to Twilight's horror.
At the end of Part 2, Luna takes part in the Summer Sun Celebration, lowering the moon so Celestia could raise the sun. The next morning, she and Celestia tell Twilight the story of Lord Tirek and his brother Scorpan, and how Tirek was imprisoned in Tartarus. How long does he have to be out there in the public eye before he can show his face and it not be a marketing gimmick to you? Luna mentions that they believe Tirek escaped during the events of It's About Time when Cerberus left his post and attacked Ponyville. You may find that preposterous, but I find it to be a reasonable conclusion carrying just as much weight as your view. Her hair went from being brown to a deep green, and her blue eyes became gold along with suddenly becoming blue-skinned, having webbed hands and feet, and some gill markings on her face. Adaptation Expansion: Backstories, expanded filler, and even post-Season 5 ideas are given deeper detail all throughout the comic's run. Alternate Universe: Issue 48, "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", goes through a few of these in an attempt to get Killowat back to his own world, starting with the world of the Teen Tyrants. Canon Foreigner: It features some newly-created villains exclusive to this continuity (and who never got to be in the show), such as the Kwiz Kid (a teenage Expy of the Riddler), Kid Kold and Ice Kate (younger counterparts to the Flash Rogues King Cold and Golden Glider), and the trio of Rock, Paper, and Scissors. There's also Aqualad's friend Gill Girl, who appears to be a cross between Aquagirl and Lagoon Boy.
37, "Winterlude", is set the day after Christmas (though probably not the same Christmas as issue 25), and is narrated poetically in the style of Twas The Night Before Christmas. Humongous Mecha: Issue 9 introduces the Titans Go-Bot 5, which the team uses to fight Gizmo's giant robot.
Innocent Fanservice Girl: Starfire does not react to ending up naked near the end of the eighth issue and is even oblivious of Cyborg and Robin staring at her with amused grins. Flamebird and Mirage also show up as new Titans in cameos in the final issue, although an alternate future version of Mirage appeared in an earlier story (issue 48) and Flamebird had a brief cameo in issue 50, on a screen showing potential new Titans (along with GO! Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In "Magic and Misdirection", Mumbo opens a trap door that makes Beast Boy fall out of the panel. Starfire and Terra follow, and we're treated to a few pages of them wandering around the borders of the page while Super-Deformed. There's also the Terror Titans of Issue #48, three of whom are Red Robin, Arsenal, and Tempest — the same names used by certain older versions of Robin, Speedy, and Aqualad. That same issue features Raven opening doors to various alternate realities, including the original flavor Teen Titans from the Silver Age, and in a blink and you'll miss it peek, Secret and Lobo of Young Justice.
In Issue #39, a Valentine's Day issue, Speedy and Cheshire get hit by an arrow, and fall in love. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: According to the Wildfire issue, Blackfire has sold off Starfire to the Gordanians, to keep them from invading Tamaran.
Race Lift: Although a minor example (as the series was cancelled before he or others could be developed), the cameo of Golden Eagle falls under this. In Go!, he's revamped to be an Egyptian boy, probably to tie him better into the original Hawkman mythology. Robin takes Starfire on a date in Issue #4, with Beast Boy and Cyborg, following along to annoy him with advice. What am I?" In Issue #20, we can see that Speedy's handle in multiplayer games is "Shaft," which is also the name of Speedy's expy from Youngblood.
Snap Back: There are stories that clearly take place after, the fifth and final season of the show, and yet nearly every villain in the show's run, was frozen in the end.
Spared by the Adaptation: An interesting example is given in the issue explaining the origins of Cyborg and Beast Boy. Cyborg's origin establishes that his mother is still alive and helped his father fit their son with his robotic parts even though she was killed in the same accident that injured her son in the original comics and is implied to be deceased in the animated series this comic book is based on.
Took a Level in Jerkass: Raven is a bit snarkier than she is in the animated series, most notably ranting on how pointless she considers such times of year as Valentine's Day and Halloween, even belittling her friends for expressing their enjoyment of the holidays.

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