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Painkiller was one such game, People Can Fly’s 2004 romp that took the FPS back to boot-camp with its simple gameplay and campy underworld storyline.
Hell and Damnation is the latest release, with The Farm 51 giving the series an Unreal Engine 3 makeover. The graphics supplement the game’s unified aesthetic, an over the top representation of a dreary afterlife. Where the remake part comes in is the levels, a greatest hits of the stages you remember from the original. What many remember the Painkiller series for is its wacky arsenal of guns and, though Hell and Damnation stays true to this, it becomes clear just how much content has been recycled here.
Admittedly, the aptly named soul catcher is a boon to the game, a hybrid soul sucker and saw launcher that can rip through groups with ease. Though the guns may be creative, the rest of the gameplay struggles to stay relevant to the 2013 sensibilities.
I managed to survive almost 24 hours when I decided I’d save and continue at a later time. I can’t fathom what the person was thinking when he decided this was a good design idea. You have got to be kidding me, that is the whole challenge of the infinity mode game play, and have you ever heard of a pause button? You know looking at this I believe they answered alot of what you wanted to make it ten out of ten, since they added online co-op! DayZ has a new developer diary available which tells you all sorts of things you might like to know about the standalone version.

While that may disappoint you, in the video you can also find out more on the new injury system, and hear developer Ivan Buchta discuss the additions of clinics and police stations to Chernarus.
It’s a bit of a classic (provided you can take it with a pinch of salt), but several developers have jumped on the bandwagon and released their own entries in the Painkiller series since then. It makes the hellish world of Painkiller particularly grizzly, with the bosses especially getting a great boost from the new engine.
If better graphics were what you wanted out of Painkiller, your prayers have been answered. The plot takes place after the original, with Daniel Garner now striking up a deal with Death himself.
It isn’t quite so simple though, with a few glaring omissions and the unwelcome return of that bloody swamp level.
It was a breath of fresh air when released in 2004, but enemies that charge head on endlessly just don’t quite cut it any more. Dead Risingis a great game, but right now I just don’t see myself playing it much anymore. I’m seldom impressed by any game unless it really comes close to the pinnacle of artistic perfection. Towering monsters that fill your screen just weren’t possible like this back when the original Painkiller was released. There are a few glitches that spoil this new found immersion, with towering boss monsters seeming less intimidating as they get stuck on the scenery. 7000 souls is the price Daniel must pay to be reunited with his deceased wife, so you set out to clear endless hordes of the damned once more. It does a reasonable job of capturing the best bits though, resulting in some iconic nostalgia for retro FPS veterans. We’ve had our retro revival in areas outside the FPS genre so, despite being easy to pick up and play, H and D also comes across as far too simplistic at times.

But I thought it would have a lot of replayability, but now I just don’t see it happening. That said, some works are well aware that they’re awful, doing their own thing as the veritable B-movies of the games industry. The rush tactics employed exclusively by the AI also mean you get boxed into corners a lot; and not in a fun or exciting way. I approached the end a second time and instead of getting caught by the SWAT guys, I hid like a little girl on the roof for 12 hours.
Sure, it’s not the main game, but I was looking forward to racking up some serious zombie kills over a few days of gaming. In fact, I had started the game over, trying to earn some of the other achievements I never earned but now I don’t even feel like playing that anymore, knowing that the Survivor achievements will always mock me and my limited gaming time.
So I did a quick Google which brought me to the IGN FAQ for surviving Dead Rising’s Infinity Mode, earning those elusive achievements.
If you want to know the easy way: Get some juices at roastmasters kill the snipers in the park. I decided I’d try my luck with a stronger Frank the third time through and found the SWAT guys go down pretty easy when I hack their limbs with the mini chainsaw. But if that doesn’t last you 5 days go to the North Plaza where therre should be plenty of (yuck) coffe creamer if you want to know more i’ll answer your questions on my youtube channel xduvakx, but no where else!

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