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Here is a huge list of the best phonics books, easy readers, and early chapter books for 5-year old boys and girls and 6- year old boys and girls beginning readers in kindergarten and first grade.
From Blue Apple Books, these are the most enticing early readers – colorful, bold, and absolutely perfect for learning to read and learning word families.
They contain interesting plots, lovable characters, and engaging illustrations. The credit for this new beginning reader series goes to the writer, Dr. The exciting story of the iconic Star Wars: Episode IV movie, retold for young readers with their favorite LEGO® Star Wars® mini-figures and sets.
Jessica Finch is a delightful early chapter book with exceptionally pleasing and colorful illustrations.
In the times of castles and kingdoms, Drake learns he is a dragon master (and that dragons are real!) He must train with the other kids to master his dragon, an earth dragon. Princess (her first name) Pink (her last name) accidentally enters a mixed up fairy tale land through her refrigerator.
The second book of funny Bink and Gollie (mis)adventures in friendship and life filled wonderful color illustrations.
One of our favorite graphic novels, Zita the Spacegirl, is a true friend who not only saves her best friend but the galaxy! My son has recently become very interested in DC and Marvel comics from the video game Injustice. We’ve been reading about spy and superheroes in books at home as well over the past two years.
The premise of the story might be far-fetched but that doesn’t stop the book from being an enjoyable read. I’m not sure if my son would relate to a nerdy version of spy school, but I know this is a hugely popular series for middle school boys. Don’t mind the cover or the confusing title, this spy chapter book is one of the best ones I read!
Perfect for fans of Pixar’s The Incredibles, Almost Super is a fresh, funny middle grade adventure about two brothers in a family of superheroes who must find a way to be heroic despite receiving powers that are total duds. Erik of This Kid Reviews Books says that this is one of his favorites that should be added to this list. Set in Cambridge, Massachusetts (which is fun for us because we live the next town over), Auggie Spinoza is a typical 10-year-old boy until he notices a strange hole in his living room curtain. With well-developed characters, some of whom surprise us, as well as a believable back story as to why a tween spy is necessary, Rylander’s sequel is every bit as good as the first book, even if there is no herd of goats! I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. The book got great reviews so far from Kirkus, Booklist, SlJ and PW, and is super fun for girls and boys ages 8 and up.
Friends and kid detectives, Jerry and Maya, go undercover in a jewelry store to figure out which of the three employees is stealing diamonds from the owner. Kylie Jean Carter wants to be beauty queen but also a rodeo queen, blueberry queen, hoop queen, singing queen . This is a delightfully funny 20-book series about a boy named Wiglaf who attends a fairly terrible school for dragon slayers, has a pet pig who speaks pig latin (HA) and is friends with Eric, who is Erica, a princess longing for adventure. This is a short, early chapter book about a young boy, Tom, who gets to go on a quest just like his father before him.
Kids like fourth-grader Mike who can’t sit still will relate to Mike’s struggles with getting work done, avoiding the school bully, and staying out of trouble.
I wanted to read this to see if it was a good series to recommend – and I really liked it. Here’s another chapter book series that’s entertaining and funny – perfect for anyone who likes anything gross and with monsters. Einstein The Class Hamster by Janet Tashjian, illustrated by Jake Tashjian HUMOREinstein, like his namesake, is super smart. This is a simple but charming story of a boy who is guided to a secret (disappearing) store to buy and care for a dragon egg. Jeremy and his friend care for the baby until it grows so big that it must cross to his home world.
Lola Levine Is Not Mean by Monica Brown  REALISTICSecond grade soccer-loving Lola, daughter of a Peruvian mom and Jewish dad, is misunderstood. Frankie loves imagining, which is when he becomes a superhero and the story is told in comic form.
Anna Hibiscus lives in amazing Africa but in this story, she goes by herself to visit her Granny Canada in Canada where it’s snowy and cold. Ranger, a golden retriever trained for search-and-rescue, travels back to the Oregon Trail to help a family in need. Comic-book style illustrations with lots of interactivity in this interesting story totally impressed me. Posey gets annoyed about those crazy first grade boys and makes up a mean song about Henry. I love Penny but my kids never took to her like they did with Henkes other characters (Lily especially.) In this cautionary tale, Penny finds a beautiful blue marble on the sidewalk in front of her neighbor’s house. You can’t help but love Boris, a wildly imaginative boy who really wants a pet Komodo dragon. This is a darling easy reader book about a bear who wants to be a comedian but he has a problem with stage fright.

Piper is a lovable girl who just like all of us, makes mistakes, and hopes for her luck to change.
Not only is this a well-written mystery, I loved how the author included so much history within the story. This beginning chapter book is about friends, not-so-good friends, scary movies, and Halloween costumes. As Lexi describes her feelings and reactions, we begin to understand that she has some differences than many other kids such as noises affect her strongly and she has phobias. This is one of the most recent books in the series with Piggie making her favorite food, slop. These two dog friends with opposite personalities (and intelligences?) sail on a fun and silly pirate adventure. The text actually works quite well for a beginning reader because who needs proper sentence structure when you’re less evolved cave kids? My Vida Loca is a warm-hearted beginning chapter book about the adventures of a spunky girl named Sopha — from her singing (that annoys everyone except abuela) to a cooking mishap of arroz con leche that her familia helps her fix.
This is a fun chapter book that will interest almost any child as it has just the right amount of conflict, adventure, and excitement. Especially when he discovers that the school is ALIVE and trying to harm he and the other students. Clyde turns into a mischievous monkey when he gets excited – which ends up being a big disaster when he’s in school.
Captain Awesome, comic-book and superhero fan, save the town from villains without revealing his secret identity? Putter, she may also like all the Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant, the same author as the Mr. In some of these books, the protagonist is in a highly trained school for espionage, but in others, it’s just an ordinary kid called upon to go undercover. Dan Santat (Caldecott WINNER Dan Santat) has a story about an aging superhero who decides he needs a sidekick to keep pace with the bad guys but doesn’t include his pets in the audition process. Though tagged for ages 8 and up, it seems to also work for reluctant boy readers ages 12 and up. Grasshopper and Sensei learned about this series from friends’ recommendations (the most convincing kind) and read the entire series. Think James Bond if he were a tween, from an unbeknownst to him elite spy family, getting shipped off to a special secret spy training school. Spying back in my day wasn’t a cloak and dagger affair with high tech James Bond gadgets.
Filled with humor, heart, and just the right kind of heroics, Almost Super is a winning story that will satisfy would-be heroes and regular kids alike. Turns out this hole is a portal for time travel and that he’s been secretly trained in necessary spy skills by his parents. Pure fantasy, of course, but I can see middle school students reading themselves right into the story. He will be thrilled that people like his comics (though he might not have realized I photographed a few pages of his notebooks).
May I humbly add my own offering, Dirk Daring, Secret Agent (Orca Books, 2014) to the list?
The hapless and greedy director sends off his students in order for them to kill the dragons and steal their gold for the director.
Tom quest is to free the dragon from the enchanted collar which is making him destroy the kingdom. At school after her opposable thumb exercises and tall tale telling, she learns that Egg needs a habitat so she makes Egg a habitat. Oliver must rescue his explorer parents who are trapped on a moving island, one one of the Rambling Isles. Gordon Blue, an ordinary second grade chicken accidentally developed superpowers in his uncle’s laboratory. It’s a simple story that introduces the ups and downs of traveling on the Oregon Trail.
What he doesn’t expect is that his dad is a SPACE taxi driver who drives around aliens.
I loved this story and see many possibilities of how it could be used in your STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) homeschool or classroom plans. In fact, it’s his wild imagination that prompts him to tell his entire class that he’ll be not only getting a Komodo dragon, but that they can all see it. Charlie, the main character, deals with disappointment, fear, and empathy, in a very relatable story that could easily happen to any child at this age. Especially because Violet worries that she’s not fancy enough for her new, rich neighbor friend, Rose. Wood, former director of the Jeanne Chall Reading Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education. I love the bright pink text that indicates the Spanish words (maybe 1 or 2 a page). Illustrations are fun, capturing the emotions and action perfectamente. But when his sea-faring family of pirates is captured, Shivers is their only hope for rescue. I’m finding that if this topic appeals to your child, you can slip in other authors and genres to keep the reading going!

12-year-old Linc Baker must go undercover in Washington, DC, to stop a CIA mole from assassinating the president and get this coat back into safe hands. The book is packed with lots of humor and written in a style that all ages can enjoy, especially fans of comics and superheroes. Just in time too, because he’ll need to go back in time to fight against Time Vultures trying to manipulate history for their nefarious ends. A wild adventure of stolen Egg and hatching at the neighbors who wants to keep him, Oona gets to keep her new pet Steg!
He befriends a small Rambling Island whom he names Cliff as well as a mermaid named Iris who help him find his parents. As a reader, you get to play a part in solving the crime by looking for clues in the pictures, drawing the culprit based on the description, and so on. When Posey’s teacher, Miss Lee, says to stop and that Posey was bullying Henry, Posey feels very mad. Sydney and Simon are twins (like the author and illustrator) working on their flower show project.
If your kids are like mine, they don’t want to read books with main characters that aren’t kids or heroes with whom they can relate. But she is the same as other kids, too — she has a fantastic imagination, loves art, and likes having a friend. I wondered if the illustrations would be a turn-off for JJ but she liked them — and LOVED them on the iPad because reading the word correctly meant the pictures got colored in.
When a misunderstanding happens with her best friend, Judy Moody, she learns a valuable lesson about not making assumptions and calling people names.
Luckily he meets the daring and adventurous Margo who gets them off of dry land, teaches Shivers about sword fighting, and helps him find and rescue his parents. Then, he sees his new neighbor’s house being burglarized and finds the robbers, saving the day. If you can take a comic book or a cartoon and turn it into a chapter book, then this is what you get: a very well paced, action adventure with lots of twists and turns and nefarious characters to savor. And it doesn’t help that his superhero is jaded and burnt out, spending more time at a bar, then doing his mentoring duties. It is a great choice for young advanced readers who are looking for something more than a chapter book. Auggie gets an assist from another Time Watcher agent, 12-year-old Emily, as well as help from Plato, Jefferson, and Darwin. Naturally, he also sets up a separate, sneaky surveillance program to unearth Waldo’s own secrets. But, things turn around for Lola when her class does science time with her brother’s kindergarten class. But he didn’t do it either so he partners with the cheerful 4th Little Pig, Ferkel, (who knew!?) to find the real culprit. Kung Pow Chicken, and his little brother, Egg Drop, to solve this catastrophe before everyone in town ends up feather-less. Throughout the book, they work together questioning, predicting, and experimenting as well as using art, music, and technology to make their booth the best it could be. I can’t decide if kids will like this but I think it might be a great book for kids might relate to feeling different from the other kids.
Can MO and Jo run faster than the skunk?” is the narrative text while the dialogue bubbles on the same page are “Uh-oh!
This is not your typical superhero story, but perfect for a slightly cynical reader who appreciates an ending that isn’t all neatly buttoned up.
The world might not be at stake in this old-fashioned classic, but I like my spy tales at this pace! As more and more ugly truths are exposed, new alliances are forged and old friendships broken.
Filled with awesome cartoon-like illustrations, hilarity, and trivia, this is sure to be a hit with beginning readers. Loved the diversity and the topic — many kids will be able to relate to this charming story.
I love this humorous fairy-tale mash-up and can’t wait for more adventures in this series. Until her neighbor boys make fun of Posey’s little brother and suddenly Posey realizes the truth. Appealing colorful illustrations accompany this fabulous simple early chapter book making it another book I highly recommend. Can Darren learn to be true to himself and build real friendships for the first time in his life?
Also see the other book in the series: Einstein the Class Hamster and the Very Real Game Show.

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