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The handmade, custom cabinets and the bamboo housing of the Audioengine A5+ help deliver crisp and natural sound with excellent bass, even for a speaker for its size. It's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on stereo speakers to get good sound quality. Infinity, long known for its stylish speakers has introduced the Classia series of loudspeakers including the C205 bookshelf speakers, the smallest in the series. I may be slightly biased, but my first reaction when listening to the Paradigm Titan V.6 Monitor Series speakers was Paradigm has produced another winner. The Joseph Audio Pulsars were equally impressive as the price point was much better and what one would expect for a speaker such as that. Yes Bill you're right but the thread is not about the price it's about the sound being a panel guy i would NEVER spend 28k on a bookshelf but for ME it's the best bookshelf i have ever heard and i have heard quite a few in 40 years plus. PS: These stats cost my friend 15k to rebuild, i can only imagine what he could do with 28k. Agreed, this is why I stated I have heard bookshelves whichsound better (to my ear) which simply happen to be far cheaper. For that price now, there is a lot more competition out there, the original price was truly mouth watering, sorry guys you lost the sale. Not questioning the DIY gear BUT you already lose lots of money when reselling your name brand gear now imagine how you would lose with DIY gear not saying that it's not good just saying that MOST people consider DIY as crap sometimes true but not always here is a few photos of my DIY 1984 Acoustats 1+1s and let me tell you they are very far from crap. The Selahs look sweet, but i guarantee you the EA Micros have deeeep bass (a true 40hz response) and I was in a demo room with 3 systems whose components totalled $350K approximately. The Micro was in no way embarrased in this exhalted company and yes, I went searching for the hidden sub-woofer! With the RIGHT speaker you don't need sub woofer ( s ) to screw up the sound , for ME subs are for home theater.
In any case, my point was that the Micros had such bass that i THOUGHT those small speakers MUST have SW help to sound like that.
Posted By : Kerry ZayasHaving a freedom to enjoy favorite music anytime in any room of your home can only be reached if you have one of these Best Selling Bookshelf Speakers. From the box you will find a pair of Sony SS-B1000 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers along with two Speaker Wires.
In the second of top bookshelf speaker list is Micca Motion Series MB42 that comes with Silk Dome Tweeter and 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer. At glance, compared to any speakers in similar price range the MB42’s are on par or better.
From the box of Sony SS-B3000 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers you will obtain a pair of quality speakers, 2 x Speaker Wires along with a-Year Limited Warranty.
In the fourth position of our list is the pair of Black Home PCB3BK 3-Inch 100-Watt Mini Cube from Pyle. If your goal is to obtain a complete surround sound setup you should consider this Home PCB3BK 3-Inch stereo as a great solution for your new flat panel plasma monitor.
WIOS Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Stereo Twin Speakers are in the fifth list of our top bookshelf speaker list.
Wolverine WIOS Wireless Stereo speakers are really inexpensive and their transmitter range is pretty decent. ES20 from JBL is a High-Performance, premium 3-Way Bookshelf  Speaker set and available in black color.
When it comes to design, JBL ES20 speakers are intended to appear sleek anywhere with a style equaling their substance.
DV62si is a pair of Bookshelf Speakers in the ninth rank of our top-ten list with black color that will satisfy your ear with quality sound. It is also free from distortion when placed close to televisions or computer monitors as it is equipped with video-shield. On its own or as part of your home theatre setup, the Polk Audio T300 bookshelf speaker will bring your audio to life with incredible clarity.

They’re hooked up with the best specs to deliver exceptional sound quality delivered from any device, but music lovers would enjoy these the most.
Made of carbonized solid bamboo that gives it this special look as well as durability, and helps deliver that sweet sound of music you’ve always been hoping for. They fit nicely be your TV, your computer or on a shelf in your living room to fill up your house with the sound of your favorite music. The speakers have an avant-garde appearance that befits a contemporary setting or room decor. I say slightly biased because I own Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v.2 tower speakers as one of my reference speaker systems. B & W speakers are appreciated for their sound quality as much as their unique, ultra modern designs and are found in recording studios as well as homes. Pretty much all their bookshelves, and especially the ones costing 10K a pair and up, sound amazing.
In Europe i know the price is CHF4,500 with stands and I read the price in the US is $3,500 up from $2,500 a year ago. They will render you an amazing listening experience while you take up very little in budget or space.
Although there is lack of reviews or information about this item out there it really sounds great. For those with audiophile ears having a limited budget Sony SS-B3000 3-Way is an ideal choice when it comes to audio equipment.
This little full range cube bookshelf speakers appear cute, but actually they contain a big punch. The speakers will sound better compared to any built-in speakers that you have ever known before. You will not have any problems transferring music from your living room via a glass door to your patio although it may be away from the transmitter. This new bookshelf speaker from Pioneer can be used as stereo speakers or as piece of a multi-channel home theater system. The installation of this speaker pack includes fast connect speaker terminals as well as key-hole hanger. For all bass lovers requiring small speakers this DV62si is stately pair of patented bookshelf speakers.
They can be placed on a shelf but for the best sound they should be set on speaker stands or wall-mounted in some cases. They have a neutral sound quality with little coloration and are easy to listen to with all kinds of music. The cabinets feature a blend of gloss black with silver trim and an angled top that faces forward.
The B & W 685 bookshelf speakers make a great choice for a moderately priced home theater system, a bedroom or apartment stereo system or as surround sound speakers. Pair them with a receiver with 75-100 watts per channel and the Bravus 8A for a classy and affordable stereo system, or wall-mount the 5Bs as surround speakers in a home theater system. After a time of months they were available again, but their price exceeded inflation by 60%, must be some foreign country going bad to buy the varnish or a complete fu on the sourcing of components. Beautifully designed with classic look and natural textures, the Micca MB42 is easy to store and mixes into any decor or room without problem. The MB42 integrates a equalled woven carbon fiber woofer for boosting bass and supported transient while a top performance silk dome tweeter supports accurate imaging and smooth treble of the bookshelf speaker. The performance of SS-B3000 is probably not large, but the device packs a high-resolution audio capability. With Sony SS-B3000 3-Way you will be able to notice a big difference in sound immediately as Sony seems to be precise up and down the frequency range while generating a much even, smooth ensemble sound. They are just perfect for home stereos or theater systems and they appear sharp on bookshelves.

This product has amazing features including over 200 feet transmission range that has on transmitter connecting to all music players and smart phones, portable battery, 2.4Ghz Wireless Stereo Pair System, built-in soft blue lights, Left and right channel stereo separation, and no wires resulting in premium sound quality.
It comes with a JBL computer-optimized bass-reflex port to give less turbulence as well as deeper bass. The JBL ES20 is considered outstanding speaker offering dynamics in performance and convenience in size. The bookshelf speakers offer broad 2-way, 43 – 20,000-Hz frequency response for both expanded treble and deep bass. The 2-way speakers will perfectly fill out your home theater with quality surround sound,enlighten your place with beautiful music. The X-mini II is a movable capsule speaker delivering a brilliant audio impressions with boosted sound technologies.
Whether you're a casual or critical listener, the iQ30s have something every music lover will enjoy. The Mini-Monitors are rich-looking speakers with sound that matches or exceeds many bookshelf speakers and are a great value.
Their full bass response, open midrange and detailed high frequency characteristics are an impressive accomplishment for $298 apiece. The package is able to they generate high-resolution audio allowing you to hear the music in the way as it was first recorded. You will find that its vocal clarity and well-balanced sound signature are of great match with a broad range of usage scheme, from home theater to background music. With the reproduction qualities of highly-advanced 8″ woofer and stellar, these long-lasting-structured speakers will refresh your gratitude for your music collection. The speakers are highly supported by 3” paper cone drivers that push 100 watts, providing a frequency response from 90 Hz to 18 kHz.
Via USB The transmitter the speakers can easily hook up to a PC while they work as stereo speakers differently from several other wireless speaker models. Regardless of the source the unit can provide broad frequency response and amazing sound quality. For uniform pistonic motion the JBL ES Series utilize cellulose-fiber cones supported with a polymer coating. The robust and compact design guarantees easy portability with an outstanding performance throughout the years. X-mini II XAM4-S comes with innovative Bass Xpansion System presenting dominant bass performance and storming low-end response from the little amazing speaker. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speaker set is equipped with a great pedigree of more than 70 years of Pioneer audio industry and heritage firsts. ES20 from JBL is also equipped with Waveguide that can spread sound evenly over a broad listening area. An all-new feature, the Buddy-Jack, is also equipped connecting a row of X-minis to a single music source like an MP3 player to support the overall audio and volume clarity among a lot of audience.
The device expands to generate an audio resonance room to increase the quality of audio output, which results a big sound from a small package. When you’re seeking for power in a tiny package, then you should look no longer as these bookshelf speakers from Pyle Pro are your best option. The combination of warm bass, clean midrange, detailed highs and an affordable price of $698 per pair make them a winner in my opinion.

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