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Now that he’s not CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates has more time for leisurely pursuits like reading.
Gates might not have been able to put this book down, but it’s not exactly a pick-me-up. This recommendation, a history of hunter-gatherer society with lessons to learn from it, is for anyone who doesn’t want to be doomed to repeat history. The book investigates how the push and pull between the free market and environmental activists has frozen over the climate change debate and possibly the climate itself. Subscribe to Blog via EmailEnter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ever since I watched the 20 minute documentary in SOCOM US Navy Seals on PS2, I’ve been watching and reading up on all the different military branches and historical events. Lone Survivor: Lone Survivor is the story of Marcus Luttrell, a United States Navy SEAL and the only surviving member of Operation Red Wing.
Where Men Win Glory: You all remember Pat Tillman, the former NFL player who turned down a multi-million dollar contract to enlist as a US Army Ranger. One Bullet Away: This book was perhaps my biggest inspiration to attend United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School. Generation Kill: This is the story of a Rolling Stones journalist who embedded with a USMC Force Recon platoon during the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003.
The Warrior Elite: Like I said Before, I initially became interested in the military after watching a documentary on US Navy SEALs. Filed Under: General OCS Advice About StaffMarine OCS Guide is an unofficial guide designed to help and assist potential candidates on their quest to become Marine Officers. The book justifies its name and it is specially developed for programmers who have never programmed before.
This year he put together a list of his favorites from 2013, though he stressed that they are not all books that came out in the past year. Reading is something that resonates with us as editors, as parents, and as the kids we once were ourselves.
Last summer, I spent six weeks at United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and a big way I prepared for it was actually reading different books to know what to expect. Initially part of a 4-member SEAL sniper team, his team was ambushed in the mountains of Afghanistan by a contingent of around 100 Taliban. Well, this is the story of Tillman’s life, from his childhood to the day he was shot and killed in Afghanistan to the hazy details and coverup surrounding his death.
It’s written by Nate Fick, a former Force Recon Captain in the USMC, who speaks about his time spent in the Corps from OCS to missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The book really personifies the modern day warrior and gives excellent personality to the men in Force Recon.

Like I said above, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by reading any of these books. It provides better insights of the C language such as control flow, operators, data structure, and constructors in C.
C has undergone several changes such as token concatenation and this book enlists these changes effectively. Expert C Programming is an excellent book for programmers trying to gain expertise in high-level C concepts. However, these books explain the basic concepts of the C language in the best possible manner. It makes for a more varied list than the usual year-end wrap-ups and is a good look at what the revolutionary has on his mind.
When it came time to cultivate a list of the all-time best children's books, we polled our co-workers to ensure a list that's comprehensive, including everything from old classics to newfound favorites. Not only was every member of his team killed in action, but a rescue helicopter of SEALS sent to assist the team was also shot down. This is an excellent book to find out the true story as to who Pat Tillman was and the kind of man many would aspire to be. If you are interested in a career with the military, specifically the Marine Corps, this book will definitely give you some perspective on what it’s like.
It’s a no holds barred look into the conversations and the life in battle and in between.
The US Army Special Forces (sometimes referred to as Green Berets) were the initial strike force into Afghanistan, attacking the Taliban and Al-Qaeda from the start.
Warrior Elite, written by Dick Couch, a former Navy SEAL from the Vietnam era, is a book that follows US Navy Basic Underwater Demolition school Class of 228.
There are a lot of chapters in this book that may take really long time to understand and master the language. You can build a complete path starting with the basics of the C language and proceed to an advanced level of C. Here are my absolute favorites that will blow you away, whether you’re interested in a career with the military or just looking for a good book.
Lone Survivor not only describes Luttrell’s harrowing mission, but his life building up to becoming a Navy SEAL, including training at Basic Underwater Demolition school. Nate Fick, from One Bullet Away, just so happened to be the platoon commander of this book. You may be wondering why this book is entitled “Horse Soldiers” if it chronicles the missions of the Army Special Forces? It is used as the default language for UNIX-systems and other systems following a similar architecture.

If you are trying to learn a better programming style, reuse of code, and importance of proper comments, this book is best for you. This book is written in an entertaining manner and exhibits the writer's expertise in Sun systems.
Not only will these books help potential Marine Officer Candidates prepare for what to expect at Officer Candidate School, but it will also give you plenty of motivation!
If you have any interest in Special Forces and the men who took out Osama Bin Laden, read this book! You may also remember the six episode HBO mini-series based off this book, which happened to be excellent as well. Well, that’s because when these elite soldiers inserted into Afghanistan, they began to fight with local resistance, exclusively on horse back.
If you are interested in the Navy SEAls or intense military training, this is the best book you will read on the subject. It is a versatile language and it is suitable for device drivers, desktop applications, embedded systems, and DBMS. The exercise series offered in the book poses a great challenge and allow you to improve with every exercise. The book defies some traditional ways of programming such as the use of different declarations. This is quite an incredible story and certainly recommended for those interested in the War on Terror.
Marcus Luttrell from Lone Survivor is actually a member of Class 228, chronicled in this book.
C is a programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie between the year 1969 and 1973 at the AT&T Bells Labs. It includes several practical tips that can be put to use immediately such as the difference between pointers and array. These books will serve as a platform for learning other advanced languages such as C++ and Java. It is one of the most efficient assembly language because of the ease of writing machine instructions in it.

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