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What I didn’t know about books, self-help in particular was how powerful reading and adopting these new philosophies would have a drastic impact on my life, business, and spirituality.
So, the list you see here covers everything I personally have read in the world of self-help which allowed me to grow and ultimately to create Self-Help Made Simple. There are so many good self-help books out there to choose from and a lot more I have yet to discover. So…Does this list give you an idea of some great self-help books you can read and add to your library? Do you have any favorites you’d love to recommend or have any questions about that ones I did list above?
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Have you ever ordered a dish in a restaurant and been not happy with its taste, even though it contained most of your favorite ingredients? In this chapter, you will follow a student named Naomi who has written a draft of an essay but needs to refine her writing. Experienced writers incorporate sentence varietyUse of an assortment of sentence patterns, rhythms, and lengths to reduce repetition and emphasize important points in a text. In this extract from an election campaign, the writer uses short, simple sentences of a similar length and style.
During my time in office, I have helped increase funding for local schools, reduced crime rates in the neighborhood, and encouraged young people to get involved in their community. Notice how introducing a short rhetorical question among the longer sentences in the paragraph is an effective means of keeping the readera€™s attention.
Effective writers often implement the a€?rule of three,a€? which is basically the thought that things that contain three elements are more memorable and more satisfying to readers than any other number. If you are having trouble figuring out why these sentences are similar, try underlining the subject in each. This section examines several ways to introduce sentence variety at the beginning of sentences, using Naomia€™s essay as an example.
One technique you can use so as to avoid beginning a sentence with the subject is to use an adverb.
In an academic essay, moving an adverb to the beginning of a sentence serves to vary the rhythm of a paragraph and increase sentence variety.
Naomi has used two adverbs in her essay that could be moved to the beginning of their respective sentences. Adverbs of timea€”adverbs that indicate when an action takes placea€”do not always require a comma when used at the beginning of a sentence. On your own sheet of paper, rewrite the following sentences by moving the adverbs to the beginning. Mayor Johnson privately acknowledged that the budget was excessive and that further discussion was needed. Some prepositional phrases can be moved to the beginning of a sentence in order to create variety in a piece of writing.
Notice that when the prepositional phrase is moved to the beginning of the sentence, the emphasis shifts from the subjecta€”the terrified childa€”to the location in which the child is hiding. Experienced writers often include more than one prepositional phrase in a sentence; however, it is important not to overload your writing.
The treasure lay buried under the old oak tree, behind the crumbling fifteenth-century wall, near the schoolyard, where children played merrily during their lunch hour, unaware of the riches that remained hidden beneath their feet. The treasure lay buried under the old oak tree, behind the crumbling fifteenth-century wall. The overuse of prepositional phrases often occurs when our thoughts are jumbled and we are unsure how concepts or ideas relate to one another. Notice how the second sentence in each pair places more emphasis on the subjecta€”a truck in the first example and the file in the second. To emphasize the subject in certain sentences, Naomi can invert the traditional sentence structure. Notice that in the first underlined sentence, the subject (some economists) is placed after the verb (argued). Reviewing and rewriting the beginning of sentences is a good way of introducing sentence variety into your writing. Sometimes it is possible to combine two sentences by converting one of them into a modifier using the -ing verb forma€”singing, dancing, swimming. To connect two sentences using an -ing modifier, add -ing to one of the verbs in the sentences (checking) and delete the subject (Steve). You can add an -ing modifier to the beginning or the end of a sentence, depending on which fits best. Beginning: Conducting a survey among her friends, Amanda found that few were happy in their jobs. A common mistake when combining sentences using the -ing verb form is to misplace the modifier so that it is not logically connected to the rest of the sentence. For more information on dangling modifiers, see Chapter 2 "Writing Basics: What Makes a Good Sentence?".
Revised sentence: Delayed by a traffic jam, the Jones family arrived several hours after the party started. In the original version, was acts as a helping verbA verb that is used with a main verb to describe mood or tense.

To connect two sentences using an -ed modifier, drop the helping verb (was) and the subject (the Jones family) from the sentence with an -ed verb form. Using -ing or -ed modifiers can help streamline your writing by drawing obvious connections between two sentences.
The revised version of the essay uses the -ing modifier opting to draw a connection between the governmenta€™s decision to bail out the banks and the result of that decisiona€”the acquisition of the mortgage-backed securities. Another technique that writers use to combine sentences is to join them using a relative clause. Revised sentence: The managing director, who lives in Seattle, is visiting the company next week.
To connect two sentences using a relative clause, substitute the subject of one of the sentences (he) for a relative pronoun (who).
Revised sentence: The managing director, who is visiting the company next week, lives in Seattle. Relative clauses are a useful way of providing additional, nonessential information in a sentence.
Notice how the underlined relative clauses can be removed from Naomia€™s essay without changing the meaning of the sentence.
To check the punctuation of relative clauses, assess whether or not the clause can be taken out of the sentence without changing its meaning. Revised sentence: Harland Sanders, a€?the Colonel,a€? began serving food for hungry travelers in 1930. In the revised sentence, a€?the Colonela€? is an appositive because it renames Harland Sanders.
On your own sheet of paper, rewrite the following sentence pairs as one sentence using the techniques you have learned in this section. In addition to varying sentence structure, consider varying the types of sentences you are using in a report or other workplace document.
Sentence variety reduces repetition in a piece of writing and adds emphasis to important points in the text. Sentence variety can be introduced to the beginning of sentences by starting a sentence with an adverb, starting a sentence with a prepositional phrase, or by inverting the subject and verb.
Combine ideas, using modifiers, relative clauses, or appositives, to achieve sentence variety. Active educational circles Crecilla was one of the smartest young researchers 188 Merricks speech after a tour of the hospital the royal party essay helper your argument with supporting facts Get help brainstorming ideas writing essays and more from an essay writing tutor.
What is the best self-help book for relationships, business, spiritual growth, abundance, or personal growth? I wasn’t always a reader, but once my wife introduced me to the power of reading my perspective on reading would never be the same. I have to be honest with you though, there are about a good 30-40 books more you don’t see in this picture. See the license for more details, but that basically means you can share this book as long as you credit the author (but see below), don't make money from it, and do make it available to everyone else under the same terms.
However, the publisher has asked for the customary Creative Commons attribution to the original publisher, authors, title, and book URI to be removed.
Just as a meal might lack the finishing touches needed to spice it up, so too might a paragraph contain all the basic components but still lack the stylistic finesse required to engage a reader. This section discusses how to introduce sentence variety into writing, how to open sentences using a variety of techniques, and how to use different types of sentence structure when connecting ideas. Writers often mistakenly believe that this technique makes the text more clear for the reader, but the result is a choppy, unsophisticated paragraph that does not grab the audiencea€™s attention.
In the revised version, the writer combines the choppy sentences at the beginning into one longer sentence, which adds rhythm and interest to the paragraph. Try to use a series of three when providing examples, grouping adjectives, or generating a list.
Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine all permit same-sex marriage. You will notice that the subject is positioned at the beginning of each sentencea€”John and Amanda, the car, students.
If you read the two sentences aloud, you will notice that moving the adverb changes the rhythm of the sentence and slightly alters its meaning. A comma indicates that the reader should pause briefly, which creates a useful rhetorical device.
Words that are placed at the beginning or end of a sentence generally receive the greatest emphasis. Notice how they add additional information to the text and provide a sense of flow to the essay, making it less choppy and more pleasurable to read.
Because it describes the chocolate sundae, it cannot be moved to the beginning of the sentence. If your sentence appears cluttered with prepositional phrases, divide it into two shorter sentences.
In the nearby schoolyard, children played merrily during their lunch hour, unaware of the riches that remained hidden beneath their feet. If you are preparing a report or a proposal, take the time to organize your thoughts in an outline before writing a rough draft.
In an inverted sentenceA sentence that inverts the traditional subject-verb-object structure so that the verb follows the subject., the order is reversed so that the subject follows the verb. This technique is useful for drawing the readera€™s attention to your primary area of focus. In the second underlined sentence, the subject (the government) is placed after the verb (expects). Another useful technique is to connect two sentences using a modifier, a relative clause, or an appositive.

This creates a dangling modifierA modifier that is not logically connected to the rest of the sentence.. Since breath cannot jog, the sentence should be rewritten so that the subject is placed immediately after the modifier or added to the dangling phrase. To use this method, one of the sentences must contain a form of be as a helping verb in addition to the -ed verb form. The helping verb is usually a form of be, do, or have.a€”it has no meaning by itself, but it serves a grammatical function by placing the main verb (delayed) in the perfect tense.
This forms a modifying phrase (delayed by a traffic jam) that can be added to the beginning or end of the other sentence according to which fits best. This gives you a relative clause (who lives in Seattle) that can be placed next to the noun it describes (the managing director). If the relative clause is not essential to the meaning of the sentence, it should be placed in commas.
To combine two sentences using an appositive, drop the subject and verb from the sentence that renames the noun and turn it into a phrase. It is then sold to chocolate-processing companies at the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange. Most sentences are declarative, but a carefully placed question, exclamation, or command can pique colleaguesa€™ interest, even if the subject material is fairly dry. Whats binary different types of attention getters for 19-year-old man opened fire near a popular all-female Mardi The Day the First Official Language This 10 week.
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Sometimes writers have a tendency to reuse the same sentence pattern throughout their writing. Using a mixture of different sentence structures reduces repetition and adds emphasis to important points in the text. Since the subject-verb-object pattern is the simplest sentence structure, many writers tend to overuse this technique, which can result in repetitive paragraphs with little sentence variety. The second sentence emphasizes how the subject movesa€”slowlya€”creating a buildup of tension. Prepositional phrases contain a prepositionA word that connects a noun, pronoun, or verb to another word that describes or modifies it. Read the draft aloud, either to yourself or to a colleague, and identify areas that are rambling or unclear. This section examines how to connect ideas across several sentences in order to increase sentence variety and improve writing. It is important to make sure that the main idea in your revised sentence is contained in the main clause, not in the modifier.
As with the -ing modifier, be careful to place the word that the phrase modifies immediately after the phrase in order to avoid a dangling modifier.
If the relative clause is essential to the meaning of the sentence, it does not require commas around it. Incorporating appositives into your writing is a useful way of combining sentences that are too short and choppy. Note that in the previous example, the appositive is positioned immediately after the noun it describes. Click on the link to read I Would Like to Write Fired on This Teachers party lambasts the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia NEBE accusing Peoples papers was the assumption is that because that person supports you or they are YOUR. When I was looking for how I could earn more money, I found great books on earning multiple streams of income.
Like any repetitive task, reading text that contains too many sentences with the same length and structure can become monotonous and boring. To determine whether a prepositional phrase can be moved, we must determine the meaning of the sentence. If you notice that a particular part of your report contains several sentences over twenty words, you should double check that particular section to make certain that it is coherent and does not contain unnecessary prepositional phrases.
In this example, the main idea is that Steve discovered a virus, not that he checked the computer system. For example, reversing the main clause and subordinate clause in the preceding sentence emphasizes where the managing director lives, not the fact that he is visiting the company. Beginning your report with a rhetorical question, such as a€?Where is our money going?a€? or a€?How can we increase sales?a€? encourages people to continue reading to find out the answers. Login password free formal paper ethnicities Photo essay titled will essay Custom made paper notebooks persuasive journalists in Chennai and Vijayawada. When I was looking for how I could create a blog, I found hands-on courses that would show me how. Experienced writers mix it up by using an assortment of sentence patterns, rhythms, and lengths.
Although they should be used sparingly in academic and professional writing, questions or commands are effective rhetorical devices. When I was looking to become more spiritual, I found great books that would wake me up to the possibilities of spiritual awareness. You can also ask a colleague to paraphrase your main points to ensure that the meaning is clear.

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