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If you’ve just graduated, you might be wondering how to manage your newfound adult responsibilities while still having a life.
If you’re not careful, grocery shopping and eating out can quickly wreck your budget.
This book is a godsend for anyone who’s started working and wants to figure out how long they have left.
Farnoosh is quite a powerhouse in the finance world, and this was her first book which I got my hands on in my early 20’s. Honestly, when I was struggling on a limited income with student loans, I didn’t want to hear about mortgages and retirement, I needed to figure out how to start smart, NOW. He advocates blazing your own trail and not following the conventional slow lane to retirement- start your own business, invest in yourself, and hold yourself to a higher standard. No matter what books you choose to read, nothing matters as much as changing your behavior. I think one of the first financial books I ever read was a Dave Ramsey book although I don’t think I ever 100% took his advice to heart. Inspiration, tutorials, roundups & resources to help you get the most out of your budget for travel, fitness, home & life.
I believe that all personal trainers should read a minimum of one hour a day, Monday-Friday (and make up for lost time on the weekend). The list is below, but I’d first like to highlight my books, Ignite the Fire and the Personal Trainer Pocketbook. Now in a revised, expanded, and upgraded edition, Ignite the Fire is the highly practical approach to personal training already relied on by thousands of trainers Worldwide.
From the UK to Canada, United States to Australia, and everywhere in between, Jonathan Goodman has been answering questions about succeeding in personal training to 100’s of thousands of trainers Worldwide since 2009. As a psychologist, Kahnamen won the Nobel Prize in economics for the establishment of behavioral economics. The New Rules series is iconic as a collection but no book has had more of a wide-spread effect than this one. Get this book if you want to have scientific evidence and succinct answers to the 101 most common questions that your clients will ask you. Buying a home can be an investment in your future or a disastrous mistake that could delay your retirement.
Even if you decide to consult an attorney to draw up your papers, reading this book will prepare you for the process. If thinking about personal finance makes you fall asleep faster than listening to a classical symphony, you need to read this book. Whether you want to know how to finally create a budget or how to fund your retirement, this book will explain all of those concepts.
Whether you are heading for retirement, graduating from university or trying to eliminate debt, there are many personal finance books available to point you in the right direction. The best personal finance books cover everything from investment to debt reduction strategies, and even include a healthy dose of behavioural psychology when examining our spending habits.
In addition, there are quite a few books targeted at people who are going through major life changes such as marriage, divorce or having children.
Ramsey himself admits that most of what he recommends is common sense budgeting, but he provides great examples and inspiring stories of people who have really made these strategies work. Plus, he provides free budgeting forms and planners to give you a useful resource to track all of your planning and progress. Kiyosaki provides examples from his childhood of what he learned about money from his parents, and makes suggestions about how we should teach our children to handle money to ensure that they go on to have financial wellness in their futures.
This book is just one part of Kiyosaki’s educational tools which also include board games and other tools for helping you teach your children about money.
This is one of the best personal finance books on the market for learning about the differences between people who want to be wealthy and people who actually achieve wealth. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind delves into the way we think about money, and the challenges that wealth management presents.
It recognizes that being wealthy is a matter of long term strategy and maintenance, not simply making enough money to be rich in any one period of time. It breaks down the barriers between how we see wealthy people versus how they actually live. This book provides many common sense lessons for increasing net worth in relation to your current income level, rather than providing get rich quick scheme or demanding a huge increase in income. Rather, the authors propose that wealth can be reached proportionately to the income that is already being earned. This book provides an easy approach to investment concepts without all of the technical jargon that often overwhelms new investors.
It is broken down into five easy and concrete concepts to help readers understand the individual decisions that make up a successful investment strategy.

This book does an excellent job of helping readers understand the different ways that we make decisions, and how our decision making processes can greatly affect our wealth management. He provides an overview of the research he conducted into decision making process between the emotional and logical way we value things, and how to better handle financial decisions for increased financial success. Torabi provides realistic solutions for the younger generation who places greater value on living in the moment than investing for the future, and how they can still reach financial stability and wealth while going out and having a good time today. It is one of the best personal finance books for kids facing graduation and a bleak job market. Orman has a good grasp of the current job situation in our country and the realities of overwhelming student loans and rising cost of living. She provides solutions and ideas for students who want to start off on the right foot and take steps toward building success while they’re still young. This is one of the few personal finance books that breaks down budgeting and debt management to the tiniest details and provides a step by step guide to creating a budget from the ground up. She also provides a variety of outside resources to websites and other books for further reading on each and every topic in her book. Unlike other authors who focus on living debt-free, Tayne wants readers to better understand the importance of debt in our economy and how to manage it effectively. Ultimately, she wants her readers to love their debt and use it to build greater wealth through strategic use rather than cutting it out of their lives entirely. She understands how prevalent debt really is in our society and how difficult it is to lead a debt-free life, and offers a more middle-of-the-road solution to using debt productively instead. Studies have shown that financial stress is a primary cause of divorce in our country, and this book aims to reduce that stress by facilitating positive conversations around money.
In a culture obsessed with immediate rewards, the Live Richer Challenge is a great personal finance book for people who want to push themselves to the limits. Originally marketed toward helping women achieve seven major financial milestones, this book offers ways that anyone can live richer in just thirty six days by changing the way they handle every day financial decisions.
This book comes with an array of online tools as well to help you track progress and see real success in the short term.
These are some of the best personal finance books for anyone who is hoping to reach a higher standard of living and stability. Each of these books offers a unique perspective on the issues that influence how we handle money, and provides tips and tricks to making better decisions all around. Request a debt consultation below and you have made the first step to becoming debt free with the help of Reduce Credit Card Debt, so congratulate yourself!
That being said, I thought since the holidays were coming, (basically here… where did 2011 go!?!
I’ve shared a reading list before, but this is one that had a HUGE and MEGA-profound impact on my life.
And if that brings you one step closer to reaching your goals or making your dreams happen, then in my book (no pun intended) that’s a WIN! Ponder this: the success you achieve is directly tied to how limited you are in what YOU believe.
About TamalaI believe your work can and should be a fulfillment of your life’s purpose… that it must be fueled by your passion… and therefore, aligned with your destiny!
It’s a refreshing guide to budgeting, setting priorities, and learning how to afford anything with some creativity and planning. I remember getting this book from my campus library since I was on a tight budget- but it spoke to me. ERE was a huge inspiration for me to pursue financial independence although I didn’t realize it was a book. This is a good thing but it makes finding the best personal trainer books to grow your personal training career more difficult. In no particular order they are my top 10 recommendations for upping your fitness knowledge and business acumen.
Ignite provides a clear road map from how to become a personal trainer to building your career from the bottom up so you can build a clientele, your reputation, and income. For the first time ever, these 48 invaluable answers have all been compiled into one handy reference – no stone is left unturned. You will not read a more important book on the human condition and its relation to business. While Positioning was the most influential for me, I decided to list this one instead as it’s a succinct overview of the major lessons in all of his works.
Holmes has written the best book on time management, business organization, and sales that I’ve ever come across. Often credited with ushering in the female weightlifting movement, this book has helped more trainers and exercisers understand the benefits of lifting weights for women. At times almost poetic, Dan breaks down myths and simplifies fitness and health seemingly effortlessly.

After spending years in digital format, Rodale purchased the rights and turned Venuto’s ageless masterpiece into a mass-distributed physical book.
It’s the decade where many people start families, buy houses and start to hit a stride in the careers. This book will simplify the process for you, providing clear directions every step of the way. New York Times journalist Ron Lieber wrote a book about how to raise children who understand the value of money.
Once you start to accrue property and have kids, it’s important to have something in place.
Warren, the Massachusetts senator, and her daughter explain personal finance in terms that even the financial novice can understand. If you’re feeling down about your money situation, Warren and Tyagi will help you realize how to fix your habits and create a financial life that you can be proud of. For those who have listened to his radio show and heard the wild success stories of his followers, this is a comprehensive guide to getting yourself on track. If you want to pay off debt, start investing and learn to save, time is the most important resource you can find. Every one of these books has had a significant impact on me, my business, and the people around me.
I omitted half a dozen other books from this list because they are simply reworkings of Kahnamen’s book. These laws became my guide when I was a trainer and they still serve me well as an entrepreneur. If you really want to make a go at this industry, learn how to communicate through your writing even if it’s just for promotional material. I believe that this book should be a go-to resource for any trainer that works with females. I went home that night and bought this text book and it propelled my career for years to come. But it can also be a confusing time, full of changes that can overwhelm the average person. You’ll learn how to get a loan approved, how to know if a house is a good deal and how to put the offer in. He dispels common notions that you should pay your kids to do their chores, because they’ll learn how to earn money.
This book will explain everything that goes into a will, what you need to have in yours and how to set it up. When creating a legal document like a will, it always pays to know what you need in there, what the official language means and what to do if you want to change the terms. And most of what we tell ourselves is negative, counterproductive and damaging, preventing us from enjoying a fulfilled and successful life. She proves that it’s possible to have fun without blowing your budget or getting into more debt.
He’ll share his own strategies for financial independence and will show you how you can find your own road to retirement. It went a long way to help me understand my clients better and learning to tell the difference between what they said and what they were going to do. Wiki Man covers a multitude of subjects, but I suggest it particularly if you’re interested in behavioral economics and advertising. This book will simultaneously teach you about the science behind muscle gain while providing some killer programming. I’m Tamala Huntley, former electrical engineer, turned web developer and digital strategist with nearly 20 years in the online business game. YES, SEND ME THE 3 MYTHS THAT MAY BE KEEPING ME FROM SUCCEEDING ONLINE!Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. This book will help you learn how to avoid peer pressure and spend money on what you really care about. In a World where it takes a weekend to become a personal trainer, becoming indispensable in your client’s minds is imperative. If you give me just a little of your time I'll help you create and automate so you can be flexible and free!
Using this cook is a great way to learn the basics of cooking, meal planning and saving money.

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