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If you’ve just graduated, you might be wondering how to manage your newfound adult responsibilities while still having a life. If you’re not careful, grocery shopping and eating out can quickly wreck your budget. This book is a godsend for anyone who’s started working and wants to figure out how long they have left. Farnoosh is quite a powerhouse in the finance world, and this was her first book which I got my hands on in my early 20’s. Honestly, when I was struggling on a limited income with student loans, I didn’t want to hear about mortgages and retirement, I needed to figure out how to start smart, NOW. He advocates blazing your own trail and not following the conventional slow lane to retirement- start your own business, invest in yourself, and hold yourself to a higher standard.
No matter what books you choose to read, nothing matters as much as changing your behavior. I think one of the first financial books I ever read was a Dave Ramsey book although I don’t think I ever 100% took his advice to heart. Inspiration, tutorials, roundups & resources to help you get the most out of your budget for travel, fitness, home & life. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that most of my favorite books just so happen to be some of the best travel books in the world. In creating this list and thinking of the best travel books I’ve ever read, I found that these stories are less about the destinations visited by the characters and writers, and more about the inner journeys undertaken by those doing the globe trotting. With that in mind, here are the 10 best travel books to get you inspired, keep you moving (and moved!), and show you how travel really can change your life.
The Alchemist is the story of Santiago, a poor shepherd boy on a quest to find his Personal Legend. I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) – to the point where I pre-ordered this novel months before it came out because I was so excited to devour it. I was first drawn to this travel memoir by the hilarious title, but what made me decide to buy it was the fact that Kristin Newman is a TV writer. Having spent 5+ years working in entertainment in Los Angeles, I’ve seen firsthand how cutthroat and challenging TV writing can be, especially sitcom writing. We’re sticking with the Hollywood theme but heading to Cannes, France, for the annual international film festival.
Coehlo stays in one place in Aleph, but leads you deep into the belly of the beast in Cannes, where murder, greed and deception can’t be escaped, no matter where you turn.

This book is dark, juicy, and disturbing, with Coehlo’s usual spiritual reverence nowhere to be found. While reading Che’s memoirs of his journeys throughout South America, you can actually see the evolution of spirit on each page.
This book is the perfect example of how travel forces you outside yourself, how it strips you of selfishness and helps you see the interconnectivity of all things. On the Road is a beatnik classic that’s raw and real, surprisingly funny, and totally freeing. Traveling to Peru through this book opened my mind to incredible spiritual ideas I had never before considered – ideas about energy, about things unseen, and about my growth as a human being and a spirit on a quest for enlightenment. I’m including my own book here as a gentle reminder to READ it after you download it from this site! It’s packed with ways to see the world for cheap, to make money traveling, and to stay abroad for free. Things like: Sell the house, sub leasing the apartment, selling car, selling furniture and SO MUCH MORE! Enter your email address below to get your free PDF copy, or go to Amazon if you prefer to read on your Kindle or get a hard copy version. War, love triangles, forbidden sex and familial chaos is set against the backdrop of rural Mexico in the late 1700s. I avoided reading this book for years because the marketing made me think it was super fluffy chick lit.
Imagine my surprise when one of my smartest, sophisticated, well-read friends insisted I pick it up. I have yet to put it down, and it’s currently serving as a source of inspiration for my forthcoming travel memoir and for my life in general.
After a miserable, soul-crushing divorce, Gilbert plans a year-long RTW journey to Italy, India and Indonesia. Came to check out your blog after you comment on my review of “The Suitcase Entrepreneur” and just had to say I love how it looks! This entry was posted in Practical Travel, Solo female travel, solo travel, Spiritual travel and tagged best travel books, eat pray love, elizabeth gilbert, great travel books, inspiration, paulo coehlo, spiritual travel, the alchemist, top 10 travel books, travel memoir, travel novel on July 23, 2014 by Rebecca Anne Nguyen. Go there, dammit.Sign up for travel juiciness delivered straight to your inbox and get your FREE travel guide, 175 WAYS TO TRAVEL TODAY - for solo female travelers only! It’s a refreshing guide to budgeting, setting priorities, and learning how to afford anything with some creativity and planning.

I remember getting this book from my campus library since I was on a tight budget- but it spoke to me.
ERE was a huge inspiration for me to pursue financial independence although I didn’t realize it was a book.
The novel tells the life story of Alma, a brilliant 19th-century scientist who lives on a Pennsylvania estate and spends her life studying mosses. You have to think on the fly and be brilliant while surrounded by 12+ executives and fellow writers, who are all throwing out ideas a mile a minute.
His excitement and youth deepen the more he travels, the more people he meets, the more injustices he sees. Kerouac’s prose makes me want to be a complete vagrant and train-hop my way around the world. In this book, she shares with the reader how she did this herself and in laid out list of preparations BEFORE attempting to travel. She even explains that you can sell a tablet, phone or a laptop and the money you will receive will pay for food in India for ONE MONTH! This is another book I’ve read about 20 times because the love triangle between Tita, Rosaura and Pedro is so delicious!!! Her hilarious writing makes her poignant spiritual realizations all the more profound when they pop up unexpectedly throughout the book. If you want to pay off debt, start investing and learn to save, time is the most important resource you can find. She proves that it’s possible to have fun without blowing your budget or getting into more debt.
He’ll share his own strategies for financial independence and will show you how you can find your own road to retirement. And yes, thank you for the kind words about My Week With Deepak, I am shooting for September 1st but may push it back by a month. This book will help you learn how to avoid peer pressure and spend money on what you really care about. Using this cook is a great way to learn the basics of cooking, meal planning and saving money.

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