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I had the great fortune to meet The Nerdy Book Club founders at a dinner for Anne Ursu hosted by Walden Pond Press to celebrate her latest chapter book, The Real Boy. Colby Sharp, one of The Nerdy Book Club founders, mentioned that he was teaching third grade this year, a move from years spent teaching fourth grade and I got very excited because I have a son in third grade!
To complete this list of 10 perfect 3rd grade read aloud books either for parents to read at home or for a classroom, I asked my girls what books their teachers read to them in third grade.
Giving them wonderful works of writing to emulate helps them think about things like setting, voice, character, plot and experiencing sensations through words. The best part of a perfect read aloud, I think,  is how mesmerized the children become. My son says, “Because of Winn Dixie was a extremely good book and when we read it, had everybody in the class wrapped inside the book. My oldest’s third grade teacher flagged me down two years ago to tell me how much she loved this chapter book.
In some ways this book reminds me of Charlotte’s Web so I like the pairing so kids can compare and contrast. My son says, “My class is still reading it but it is a very good book so far and everybody loves it.
Grasshopper and Sensei’s third grade teacher recommended this easy chapter book to me for her and I ended up using it for her book club.
As I read this book with my daughter, I got that deja vu feeling and realized that I had read a long time ago too! THIS STORY HONORS THE TEACHER THAT TOOK TIME TO SEE A CHILD THAT WAS DROWNING AND NEEDED HELP.
PickyKidPix said that these were her two favorite Doug Cushman mysteries that she read in third grade. It’s about finding the wonder in everyday life and discovering that the people in your community have amazing stories and experiences! My son ended up doing a book project on The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs for rising 4th grade summer homework. This is one of my favorite chapter books but remains is lesser known than it deserves to be.
Chester is a cricket from Connecticut that winds up in picnic basket and ends up in New York City’s Times Square. My son said that they read this mystery chapter book for read aloud and he highly recommends it. The final Read Aloud book of the year was in prepration for a field trip to Plimoth Plantation. This would be great because their cousin was working at Plimoth Plantation when we visited and that would make for a rich discussion!
My son tells me that they started this chapter book about the Wampanoag Native Americans but will not have time to finish it before school ends.
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If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I love it when the movie is true to the book like Charlotte’s Web and equally fantastic!
Right now, I really want to focus his mind on concentrating and understanding the story to another level. Hi Mia – to answer your question, I taught a combined classroom of grades 3-5 for three years, then one year of just first grade, and three more years of grades 1-2.
Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Rebecca Stead: From Attorney to Secret Writer to Newbery Winner! I really like this list – we read some of the books either together or separately, but I’d like to make sure that we will hang 10 on this list ?? Thanks for sharing with Afterschool! Many people ask if it’s necessary to continue reading aloud with older children who are capable of reading books themselves.

Otherwise, consider increasing the safety features installed on your driving record, statecoverage, will not get you the same level as you do not know about. Quickly and not surprisingly, we started talking about perfect third grade read aloud books.
And how much they learn to love reading; not as a chore to fill out a reading log but as a story that they can not wait to hear the next installment. It’s a perfect chapter book in my mind where whole adds up to much more than the sum of the parts. Her teacher said that girl bullying tends to rear its ugly head in third grade and this book centers around the role of bystanders in bullying. FALKER HAD REACHED INTO THE MOST LONELY DARKNESS AND PULLED ME INTO BRIGHT SUNLIGHT AND SAT ME ON A SHOOTING STAR.
His third grade teachers have used Cushman’s mystery picture books to lead off the mystery writing unit and have requested him! I had always loved this book but wondered and worried if it was too old fashioned and slow paced to hold kids’ attention. Though it’s the first book in a series, the rest of the books are not nearly as good as this one. It’s a wonderful example of strong voice in writing as well as just a really great read. Debbie Reese of American Indians in Children’s Literature has issues with how the Wampanoags are portrayed and her post is here. There are so many great themes in the book to think about that relate to kids and friendships. Yes, this list is great for 3rd grade read aloud but kids in 4th and 5th grade would be able to read independently.
My daughter isn’t a bookworm (shocking, I know!) but she LOVES read alouds and talking about books. I think it’s more difficult to find recently published novels that are worth our time, so if you have any recommendations, leave me a comment! I still read with my 13 year old and it is such good time spent together that we both enjoy. But they have been with the fact of life insurance for a more sensible and it will yourlooking for cheap car insurance, it can cause a collision.
And the weird thing is that my son’s teacher had read all three perfect third grade books that Colby mentioned! My two daughters each have had these other two 3rd grade teachers and they are wonderful teachers!
Their teachers also mentioned books to me in past years which I am including, trying as best as I can to channel them.
At our elementary school, third graders are subjected to the Long Composition Standardized Test which takes the better part of the day for them to complete. Other perfect read aloud books gently teach empathy by letting reader see the world from a point of view they would not ordinarily experience. In this case, it’s Charlotte’s artistry with web making as well as her knowledge of words!
Every character is memorable with a story to tell and somehow all these stories meld together into a satisfying ending with an uplifting message. I actually think it makes the reader into a kinder person just through the act of experiencing the story. PickyKidPix said that it was because they knew the story from movies so the book was ruined for them. I was thrilled that my kids’ friends talked about it and, when questioned, said that they liked it a lot.
There aren’t many Newbery winners that work for third grade and this would work fine for 2nd grade too. If you want to do a book comparison, I’d recommend reading The One and Only Ivan next because there are very similar themes of friendship and saving your friend using your skills.

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