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Other great read aloud books: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl, Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, Amber Brown is Not a Crayon by Paula Danzinger, Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene, The Hardy Boys by Mark Turner , The Great Brain by John D. I haven't started reading chapter books to my daughter yet, but I look forward to when I do. These books not only have great stories, but they’re told in entertaining and engaging rhymes. They can be tongue twisters sometimes, but the kids are always entertained by whatever goofy thing accidentally comes out of my mouth. My kids always love watching the sneaky animals of Goodnight Gorilla and dancing around the room to Pajama Time. I love that Goodnight Moon and The Snuggliest Snuggle in the World give me a chance to hold them in my laps for a few quiet moments. I chose a collection of some of my favorite chapter books and picture books for second grade read alouds. I researched lists from 2nd grade teachers and I wanted to warn you that my list leans a little towards chapter books and multicultural picture books to reflect their country studies. Set during the Reconstruction Era, freed slaves are finally able to go to school and Virgie, a girl, wants this privilege as well.
In second grade at our elementary school, the students study three countries: China, Ghana and Mexico.
My son said that it was a read aloud in third grade last year, but I remember reading this with my girls in second grade as their first introduction to historical fiction. My son said that they read a few Roald Dahl books in 2nd grade including Matilda and Fantastic Mr. Another favorite Dahl book of mine that is lesser know but makes a great read aloud is Danny The Champion of the World.
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Great list, personal fan of Jackie’s books and my oldest was a big fan of anything Dahl. Welcome to the 39th Kid Lit Blog Hop where twice per month (the 1st and 3rd Wednesday) we continue to develop a dynamic and engaged community of children’s books bloggers, authors, publishers, and publicists. I’d love to hear about any of read aloud chapter books you loved recently and if you read any of the titles I’ve recommended in the past, please let me know!
Ginger PyeA by Eleanor Estes.A My son loved this classic book about a boy who saves up for a puppy (one whole dollar!). True confession – I remembered loving Ginger Pye as a kid but when I tried to read it as an adult, I found it too slow and boring. Our favorite read-alouds have been Grace Lin’s Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky, but they are pretty sophisticated, both plot-wise and vocabulary-wise, and long! So here are ten (okay, thirteen!) suggestions for the best Halloween-themed read-aloud picture books that won’t give the under-ten set nightmares. Sign up for our newsletter to have the best of Book Riot delivered straight to your inbox every two weeks. To keep up with Book Riot on a daily basis, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, , and subscribe to the Book Riot podcast in iTunes or via RSS. September 15, 2014 Pin15K Share359 +15 Tweet51 StumbleThis list of funny books to read aloud is primarily (with a few exceptions) composed of books that can be found elsewhere on my book lists, but a few days ago a fellow parent and I were chatting about how much fun it is when our kids laugh out loud when we are reading.
I shared The Adventures of Nanny Piggins with my facebook audience (join us there to keep abreast of our current read alouds!), but not here on the blog yet. 8 Class Pets + 1 Squirrel ? 1 Dog = Chaos is perhaps the book that elicited the most laughter in our house ever. The story begins when a dog chases a squirrel into a nearby elementary school. Owls in the Family is a short chapter book about boys growing up in Saskatchewan in the 1950s. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is the first in Blume’s Fudge series about Peter Hatcher and his 2 year old kid brother, “Fudge.” Older siblings everywhere will relate to Peter’s exasperation at his messy, loud, trouble making brother, especially since Peter seems to get the lion’s share of blame. What about you, what are some of the funniest chapter books you’ve read to your kids? We started with books like The Boxcar Children and Dealing with Dragons and eventually as we got older moved on to books like Great Expectations and Tarzan. Fitzgerald, The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks, Dragon Slayers Academy by Kate McMullan, The Giver by Lois Lowry, Wonder by R.J.
I am a craftaholic photographer married to a web-programming amateur chef with two sassy littles keeping it interesting.
All Rights Reserved Before using any content from Housewife Eclectic, you must receive permission via Debra. What may surprise you though is that I didn’t start to love reading until I was in college. These are some of our favorites and what we consider to be the best books to read aloud to kids.
They have different lessons, great illustrations, and keep the kids completely engaged reading after reading after reading. Anything that requires counting, opening flaps, or feeling new textures is always a big hit. Moon Plane, On the Night You Were Born, and  Good Night Good Night Construction Site are worth owning for the gorgeous illustrations alone. I hope the books that are new to you will become as loved in your house as they are in ours. Just a couple of recommendations for you, if you enjoy Goodnight Gorilla I would check out 10 minutes til bedtime and Officer Buckle and Gloria. Truth be told, I don’t really remember exactly what books my kids were read to in the classroom during 2nd grade.
She’s starting seventh grade this fall, but she will still ask me to buy every new Clementine book that comes out. Piggle Wiggle as a child so I was so happy to see that other 2nd grade teachers also use this series as a read aloud! The adventures of an arrogant and cold-hearted beloved toy china rabbit as he learns about fear, humility, and ultimately love.
She actually wants to be there and she finds a way to connect education with what life is really like for the Athabascans in Alaska during 1948. Fox but I chose Matilda because almost every third grade kid in PickyKidPix’s class raved about it because they thought it was so funny!
I plan on sharing it with my 2nd grade teachers (I am a principal) as well as my wife, also a 2nd grade teacher. My 6th grader, PickyKidPix, still wants to read every new Clementine as they come out as she still loves them! I really loved What the Moon Saw; it just came out but it touches on so many different elements in one moving book!
We just made our first trip to the library for this school year and had such a hard time picking books on my oldest’s 2nd grade level. So, you are always more than welcome to join us by popping in a post and hopping around to meet some of your fellow Kid Lit bloggers and authors!
Please visit AT LEAST the TWO LINKS directly ahead of your own and leave them some love in the form of a comment. I love those lesser known book awards to see what makes it; older favorites and new discoveries! Well, for one thing, most of the other lists I come across have the same 10-12 books on them. All the the following books are chapter books I read aloud to one or both of my kids this year. Holly Goldberg Sloan wrote this clever and charming tale of young possum siblings making their way in the world.
So I admit that stories about dogs (and horses) are not generally my thing, but this is a compelling story and the illustrations are gorgeous.

This is a long time favorite book of mine, but we came back to it this year almost accidentally. The author of Pippi Longstocking also wrote several books about Emil, a young boy who lives on a farm with his parents, baby sister, a farm hand and housemaid.
My son’s teachers read this to the class and my 6 year old loved it so much he wanted me to read it at home.So of course I did!
A I have had more people write to thank me for introducing them to this book than any other title in my 100 book lists.A A novel written in verse may not be high on your read aloud agenda, but I encourage you to try this one.
This is the first inA the much anticipated early chapter book series by the author of Princess Academy.A Princess Magnoliaa€™s secret identity has her fighting the local monsters when they harass the shepherda€™s charges. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I A recentlyA read this novel to my 6 year old and we could not stop laughing! The Dashwoods adopted Emily when she was abandoned in a hatbox, but when they have triplets of their own, they begin to treat Emily as the servant. Once Ginger Pye is part of the family, he mysteriously disappears and the kids are convinced hea€™s been stolen. My kids have a pretty small list of completed chapter books so far — maybe just 5 books. It’s a tradition in our family to light the Dia de los Muertos oferenda candles and then crack the spine of a book, for who does love the delicious collective spine-chiller of not-too-scary stories? I will admit that sometimes my 5 year old looks to his older brother as to when he should find something funny, but with these titles I could see that he genuinely laughed of his own accord. Click here for our index of book lists, or see our list of 100 funny chapter books for kids.
I recently read the Pooh stories out loud to my 5 year old and I was surprised at how how much he laughed.
This is another classic book, like Pooh, that I hadn’t remembered as funny, but oh the scrapes Paddington gets into! It took me a really long time to introduce my kids to the mischievous and throughly lovable Ramona Quimby, but it was love at first read. My son thought Timmy Failure is hilarious and the vocabulary in that book is surprisingly advanced. My 8 year-old really enjoyed all of the Wayside school books but his all-time favorite so far is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.
It is one of my favorite memories and one that I knew I wanted to continue with my daughter. I always shake my head when people talk about how much they love the old Willy Wonka movie, because it is nothing like the book.
Palacio (Seriously perfect for about 4th grade,) Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, Holes by Louis Sachar, Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George. It wasn’t until then that I started to appreciate the art of good literature and the company of an interesting book. The fact that they also contain sweet stories makes them perfect in my book (badum bmm… is that what drums sounds like?). My dad used to read to me every night before bed, and it became a tradition we kept up into my early teens (the books changed, though). Both are by Peggy Rathman and her characters show up in all three books’ illustrations.
The three little pigs are a big hit around here so I have a feeling three little wolves will be too.
Clementine is spunky heroine who gets in a little bit of trouble despite herself, reminiscent of Ramona The Pest, but at an easier reading level. Sam gets lucky money for Chinese New Year from his grandparents and wants to spend it in Chinatown.
By creating materials of her own, she finds a way to teach each and every one of the kids, including learning sign language to help a hearing impaired child. I think the length and the large amount of dialogue made it a challenge for some of my students.
We are trying to build a community of bloggers, readers, parents, authors, and others who are as passionate about children’s literature as we are so please CONNECT and follow any or all of the blogs that interest you! My daughter and I were lucky to meet her at an Understanding Our Differences Event a few years ago. If you’ve spent any time looking at my 100+ book lists for kids, you know by now I have an aversion to telling you about books you already know about.
At the pond he falls in love with a fish, but of course their difference is too great a barrier for romance. I need to get a better system because I often realize that I forget to share some of our favorite books with you. An eclectic group of farm animals must escape a barn before it is burnt down because the down-on-their-luck farmers want the insurance money.
A 10 year old boy and his parents caught in a blizzard are rescued by a brave and determined dog. Much to the delight of my 6 year old, who loves books about well-meaning troublemakers, Emil’s grand sense of adventure and his natural goodwill gets him into all sorts of sorts of scrapes, but it is impossible to think badly of a boy who wants to help others so much. This charming story follows the adventures of a bat with a taste for junk food, a kind dog and a wise hermit crabA as they try to saveA their friend Stumpy the Squirrel and her new babies. Tongue in cheek humor, color illustrations, spare text and a bit of action make this a great book for early readers. I quite enjoyed creating silly voices for all of Sarah Courtaulda€™sA ridiculous and charming characters. Her life takes a decided turn after meetingA her neighbor and a giant talking cat named Fidget. We share classic and contemporary read aloud books and read alone books that kids and families love. Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days.
However, every family is different and you may find several of these books are better for kids older or younger than your child. This popular Australian import is a series about three siblings whose father is so frugal he hires a pig to take care of them.
Each chapter is narrated in the first person by the various class pets that inhabit the classrooms. When there are no turkeys to be found anywhere in Hoboken for Thanksgiving dinner, Arthur returns home with a chicken. I’ve never thought of them as funny, I guess because when I read them to my older son when he was around 4, he never laughed. For weeks my 5 year old could not take a bath without referencing the way Paddington flooded the Browns’ house.
Come to think of it, my boys first met Ramona in Henry Huggins (another laugh out loud read). The owls, added to the family dogs, the pen of rabbits and gophers (in which the owls miraculously co-habit) bring hilarious chaos to the boys’ lives.
I learned about that series from your blog, and can’t wait to read the books from this list I just reserved at the library.
This is exactly the type of writing my daughter enjoys which is probably why we love the funny books so much.
We started reading chapter books aloud a couple of years ago and we have developed some favorites. She can't stop giggling about Moaning Myrtle living in a toilet and she brings me the book begging for one my chapter. This fun series is about a princess who likes to fence and practice magic and doesn't want to marry a boring prince, instead she runs off to live with the dragons instead. My husband was actually the one to read this book out loud to my daughter and it was so much fun to listen to them giggle while they read. She is fascinated by all the stories of panthers and bears as well as harvesting and surviving the winter.

These books always make me hold my little ones a little tighter and appreciate how special this motherhood thing really is. The one book he read to me over and over from around 1st grade that I still like to read sometimes is called Blitz. My kids never got into them but I LOVED them as a child and I worried that they were too old fashioned for kids these days! I’m pretty sure you are aware that Little House on the Prairie is a good book for kids. Some of them are read alouds that have appeared on other lists and a few I read years ago to my older son and am now revisiting with his younger brother. Mama Possum teaches her children about how performance is an integral part of life as a possum and they all practice their acting skills, which come in handy on many occasions. The narration sounds very much like an old-fashioned tale and perfect for a cozy holiday family read aloud, especially because younger children will love looking at the illustrations. Three plot points:A a boy who needs a dog, a dog who needs an owner and a neighbor who needs a friends come together in an extremely satisfying story. Reader beware: if you do not have a healthy appreciation for hilarious andA ridiculous scenarios and absurd characters, run as fast as you can away from this Australian series.
When the shepherd decides to create his own alter ego, we know we will be getting a sequel. Hard-working, practical Eliza and her dreamy, prince poster-collecting sister GertrudeA are total opposites.
Unfortunately the neighbor, Miss String meets a sad end and it is up to Emily, the new Keeper of the Keys, and several new fairy friends to solve the mystery and track down an mischievous witch. I’m finding that my 7 and 8 year olds are still at the age where they like animal characters because they keep the story light, but the kids are old enough to want a little bit more adventure and tension that some of the young readers offer. Dark and stormy nights, and rat-a-tat-tatting on the chamber door, but not too dark and stormy, not too much rat-a-tat-tatting. The pets range from hamsters to snakes to fish to birds and getting their different perspectives on the ruckus is extremely entertaining to say the least. But my younger son’s giggles at the scrapes Pooh gets himself into made me see the story as quite a little droll comedy of manners.
During the final chapter, he was literally jumping on the bed with laughter as Paddington bumbled through his magic show.
Ramona is constantly getting into trouble but the wonderful thing about this series is Cleary’s masterful ability to capture the inner life of a child, in a way to which all children can relate. This book is about two brothers a neat freak and a walking disaster area and the crazy sock-eating plants they grow together. Since my daughter is still a kindergartner we are only planning on reading the first three together for now and then we will hold off until she is a bit older. When my daughter is really interested in one of them we can read about half of a book in one night.
She becomes a dragon's princess and actually talks the knights who come out of rescuing her.
She loves the performing penguins and we had lots of fun looking up penguin facts while we read this one. It’s a super old book (it was his when he was a kid) about a horse that goes through all sorts of situations, and eventually becomes a fire-horse (before fire engines were motorized). From quiltmakers to wordsmiths, the Woodson women were indomitable, showing their family the way. If you like, grab the button above and put it somewhere on your blog, preferably the post you’re linking up. When Apple Blossom falls down a chimney and is adopted by a girl with a longing for an attentive pet, her brothers enlist the help of their wayward dad and dance-floor loving mom to rescue her. An interconnecting story about the other weasels in the woods brings all the pieces of the story together in this wonderful story. In fact, she is so bad at magic, she accidentally turns her family into pigs on her birthday.
We are especially enjoying all the personalities of the animals, and for a drama queen like me, the book provides a lot of material for funny voices! On the other hand, if you enjoy seeing your kids giggle hysterically, introduce them to Nanny Piggins.
10 year old Flora, a self-proclaimed cynic and comic book reader becomes friends with this new superhero, and even opens up her cynical heart.
When Gertrude goes off one day to find a prince and instead gets captured, her sister heads out to rescue her. There is a murder early on in the book, so that might affect your decision to read this book aloud. Both kids who love the silly and ridiculous and parents who appreciate well-written, humorous books will find something to charm them. My daughter (now 11) loves the Percy Jackson series because of the humor in it, now that I think of it, most of the books that she re-reads are funny. There is still the same basic cast of characters, Ella, the evil stepmother and stepsisters but in this version you add in some crazy fairies, ogres and giants too! The main characters are brother and sister and go on all sorts of adventures in the magic tree house including to see dinosaurs and knights. If you’d prefer, you can just add a text link back to this Hop so that others can find it and check out all these great book links! I adored all the theater references and loved how much my boys laughed throughout the story. There is one brief scene in which Bagley recalls how his father and mother died that may be difficult for sensitive kids, it could easily be edited in a read aloud, if that is a concern of yours. Unfortunately, it coincides with the arrival ofA Osmund the Greedy who wants to capture the castle and steal the family’s magic books. There are seven stories in all, each with a little lesson to be gleaned, but read them for the light-hearted humor and a few giggles. The story is heartfelt and engaging while still providing kids (and parents!) the opportunity to contemplate and discuss ideasA like the importance of community and companionship.
Last summer we read this first Nanny Piggins book and it was one of the highlights of the summer. The novel uses comic strip style illustrations to tell parts of the story and is wonderfully funny as well as touching. We first listened to this as an audiobook when my youngest son was almost 4 and he enjoyed it immensely, especially the scene in which the Poppers flood the basement with water, then freeze it so the penguins can slide around their home.
If you want s great reading challenge check with you local public library and see if they sponsor a 1001 Books before Kindergarten challenge. Igraine must find the ingredients for a reversal spell and hold off Osmund at the same time. Along the way he meets the Doomsday Gang, a band ofA ne’er-do-wells who are spreading havoc amongA the local population. If you haven’t read Nanny Piggins yet, start with the first book, The Adventures of Nanny Piggins.
This book does touch on some more serious topics and although it can be quite funny, I recommend it for kids ages 8 and up.
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His kindness towards towards others earns him a reward, which he spreads around to the less fortunateA as he continues on his journey. Dominic has such a positive attitude towards life, you and your kids can’t help but smile throughout the book.

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