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All Willow Doyle wants is to be normal, to fit in at her new school, and to have a best friend. Willow comes from a long line of fairy godmothers and she’s expected to be one too when the time comes. When she's given the chance to attend a humdrum elementary school for two weeks, this is Willow's chance to finally experience a normal life — but will she be able to fit in? Those are the thoughts jumbled around in Willow Doyle's head as we follow her through the story. The supporting characters in Willow's life are perfectly written as well, and fit in just where they need to.
I think young readers will have a simply delightful time reading this book, and older readers will see the deeper meaning in Willow's story. 5th Grade Books from a 5th Grade Boy has books that he read as a rising 5th grader as well as book he read in the early part of the school year. I really liked learning about Jackie Robinson through the perspective of a Irish American bat boy.
Jackie Robinson’s first season with the Brooklyn Dodgers told from the point of view of the new batboy. Please welcome my guest author today, Geoff Griffin, who wrote a Jackie Robinson story that my son and I really connected to, Brooklyn Bat Boy. What struck me was the reaction of his teammates reflected the world around him during this time of segregation and Jim Crow laws.
Science fiction: fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets. Works of science fiction involve scientific technology that’s most often invented for the work or imagined to have evolved from existing stuff, but based on real principles.
Simply, Time Travel Science Fiction are stories in which traveling to the past or future is possible. In sorting out lists that I researched, I tried to focus on books that I would hand my 5th grader that fall firmly in Science Fiction territory. In the spirit of teamwork, Frank Nappi and I came up with our favorite Top 10 Baseball Books for Kids.
It’s baseball season in Boston and that can only mean the Red Sox and checking the schedule to see when the home games are because traffic is brutal in the Fenway on game days. My kids chuckle to see adults pouring off the subway decked out in Red Sox gear, happy and giddy as kids on their way to a game. Win, lose or draw, you can aways count on the food at Fenway Park, Sweet Caroline at the seventh inning stretch, and the history of the stadium to seep in to give you an experience that says a perfect Boston day!
I have a feeling that there are more great mysteries written of authors of color or with protagonists of color or with special needs. Of the more than 400,000 pilots trained by the Civilian Pilot Training Program, only 2,000 were black; less than half of a percent. She created a list of books for children who dream of taking to the skies … not unlike the pioneering aviators of the Tuskegee Institute.
I’m also trying to find similar books to what my son likes which include action adventure fantasy like Percy Jackson, funny notebook novels like Timmy Failure, and gaming contests like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Please welcome author Deborah Hopkinton who is guest posting with her favorite historical fiction books for kids. Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th!
I wanted to highlight some great picture books and chapter books with diversity themes that have come my way.

I chose a collection of some of my favorite chapter books and picture books for second grade read alouds. PickyKidPix went to Italy this summer to play soccer with her indoor team and we were able to watch her play during the last few weeks of the World Cup. I’m part of the Goodnight, Ark blog tour and I’m giving away a copy of this fun rhyming bedtime picture book. The post Picture Book for Parents with Kids Back in School GIVEAWAY appeared first on PragmaticMom. I polled my three kids to jog their memory of what the read aloud books were in first grade.
I’m part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs Hispanic Heritage celebration where the MKB bloggers are sharing different ideas to celebrate Hispanic Heritage with kids. Fourth grade at my elementary school marks a really interesting immigration unit that introduced my kids to their first group project experience. My kids are one-quarter Japanese and my mother’s side is from the Daimyo class, which is to say that they were feudal landowners located one hour from Hiroshima but this system changed starting in 1868 with Meiji restoration. The post Ninja Pajama Family Reading Time: FREE Book From Scholastic appeared first on PragmaticMom. The post Sign Up for Multicultural Children’s Book Day and Kid Lit Blog Hop appeared first on PragmaticMom.
My kids are one-quarter Japanese and they wish that their Japanese ancestry is steeped in the way of the ninja.
The fifth graders at our elementary school are challenged every year to read all the books listed on the Massachusetts Book Award. The post Massachussets Book Award Part I and Kid Lit Blog Hop appeared first on PragmaticMom. My friend Isra who blogs at The Frugalette told me a few years ago how few Diwali books there are, so when The Diwali Gift floated across my email, I thought it would be nice to learn more about this Hindu holiday.
Andy, now twelve, discovers more than he bargained for when his parents reveal his mom’s past and he realizes she will die when he breaks the curse unless he intervenes.
I was extremely fortunate to have the most amazing kindergarten teacher three times for each of my children.
Although Willow faces the additional challenge of growing into some pretty big fairy god-mothering shoes, she still has the same issues as all girls this age.
From her supportive grandmother, to the friends of the popular girl in school, they are all there in vivid color. Colorful writing and a sweet story blend together to create one very enjoyable read for young and old readers alike! My son and I loved this historical fiction early chapter book, complete with authentic slang. Eddie Stansky did not being on an integrated team, but when a rival team harassed Jackie, he was the first to stick up for him.
I have a 5th grade son which gives me pause to give him Sci Fi that is too scary or too high for him. We both came up with our favorite diversity mysteries for kids and I’m surprised how there is very little overlap! When those novels’ heroes truly reflect the diverse spectrum of backgrounds and experiences of the real world! Her novel in verse just came out, a stunning perspective of the accomplishments of the Tuskegee Airmen during Jim Crow WWII America.
But it also curtailed training and leadership opportunities for African Americans, both male and female.

With tremendous pressure to prove their worthiness,The Tuskegee Airmen earned 900 plus medals including Distinguished Crossed, Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts. She also has a new book out, A Bandit’s Tale, and we’re doing a giveaway too below! I like being transported into a different time and place and seeing how other writers play with history.
Truth be told, I don’t really remember exactly what books my kids were read to in the classroom during 2nd grade. I’m up today with my pick and it’s for all the parents out there celebrating kids going back to school!
We had one wonderful first grade teacher twice, and PickyKidPix was even able to loop with her for second grade too! I’ve had three kids do this going-into-fourth-grade summer reading assignment and the book report portion is painful.
The thing about non fiction, in my humble opinion, is that it really does need to match the reader’s interest in a very specific way. I really love this book list because it has a variety of newly published and slightly older books such that you can actually find the books on the library bookshelves.
Andy returns to Oomaldee to find its citizens on edge after many have been turned into vulture-people. A great reminder of the lessons we all learn as children, Eileen Cook has written a gem in Fourth Grade Fairy! This was also the turning point for novels in verse for him when he discovered The Crossover which lead to more novels in verse. His 5th grade teacher has him reading historical fiction for the first time which he’s really enjoying. Pair it with a biography on Jackie Robinson if you  want to learn about this extraordinary man. This is a hilarious and wildly creative take on alien abduction and invasion as told by our heroine, 11-year-old Tip. My seventh grade best friends and wannabe super-sleuths Sophie Young & Grace Yang certainly go on some wild adventures in my own mysteries for young readers, The Wig in the Window and The Tiara on the Terrace. This is a family endeavor, the dramatic scratch board illustrations are by her son, Jeffrey Boston Weatherford.
My kids simply are not in homework mode at the end of the summer, so it takes a ridiculous amount of effort (accompanied by equal amount of whining) to get it done. I cannot wait for the next installment and see what other kinds of trouble Willow can get herself into!
This set us up for more historical fiction and even historical fiction as a novel in verse! His support may have been the difference between success and failure of this social experiment? Where does that leave a girl who seems to always be a step behind? Willow's inner monologue is simply fantastic. I'm not saying that I think animals can talk (or am I?) but I am saying that they are part of Willow's support group. I could definitely believe that she was a nine (almost ten) year old just trying to find her way in life.

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