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I don’t think you need to buy the following books, but based on your test prep style, you can consider buying one or more from the list below. After you have purchased the best book for SAT 2 US History, how to get started with preparing for SAT? It will take about 3 to 8 weeks of test prep time to complete the best 3 books from List 1.
United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination is the best based on several reviews from Amazon.
FOX NEWS – A world history book used in an Advanced Placement class is under review by a Florida school board over allegations it favors Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism.
The book indicates that Jesus proclaimed himself to be the Messiah while stating as fact that Mohammed is a prophet, Workman said.
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This nation has reached a point in time where the school system has become far too much maintenance. Maybe Florida should spend a little more time on cursive and leave the Religious studies to the parents discretion. My daughter had this book for 9th grade World History.  The same was true of that edition (we live in Virginia).
Homeschooling is the way to go, IMHO (as we did from K-8th for the current child; thru high school with my other); but if you have children in public schools, BE INVOLVED to the detailed level! What I discovered when I went to bat against my daughter’s HS over Howard Zinn is that many teachers discard what books the local school board (who has little say) and state recommend and approve to use. This is sickening and a clear indication why we (America) are in the miserable and shocking condition that we are in. I had to have a long talk with my daughter about why Israel is good and Islam is evil… this after several years in a public (government-run) school. The very reason we did not let our youngest daughter participate in AP classes in high school, except math. Thank you Lord that my children are all adults and out of public school.Now I must stand guard for the sake of my grandchildren.

These text books, many are published with Saudi money, I need to check this publisher and others. AmericanborninCanada I bet a lot of these textbooks weren’t published with Saudi money. This book appears, based on reports below, to be blatantly biased in favor of Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism, even devoting an entire chapter to the religion of Islam itself.
Ritch Workman told Fox News the Prentice World History textbook rewrites Islamic history and presents a biased version of the Muslim faith.
The book is on a state-approved list and has been used in the school system for the past three years without any complaints. That is what I had to do and at times I had to buy books and educate myself to the details on a certain topic.
The school books, boards, administration are all leaning that way through design and through ignorance. Our tax dollars are paying for corrupted teaching in the public schools and we are also being tapped for funding of Islamic acadamies.  Sharia is creeping through the hallways all over the nation. And the reason that I’m convinced that Adonai Yeshua the Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ) is returning soon is that He is the only One who will be able to stop Islam. Wahabists from Saudi Arabia are working to convert school kids through these kinds of texts and lessons.
I have had two separate conversations with her AP teacher about required reading and textbook material. That way maybe you’ll not notice when we go from being a Constitutional Republic to  sharia compliant nation one nation submitting to allah. He was a sociopath who enjoyed de apitating unarmed Jews…That is truth that should be in every textbook. In addition to those two books, you may have to buy few more SAT US History test prep books. And it’s been in the Brevard County school system for 3 years before someone spoke up. As the father and sole breadwinner in my family, I often wish we home-schooled our daughter too.

He said it was bad enough during the hippy days but now it has just reached levels of subversive. But parents have to be vigilant or home school otherwise their children will be unrecognizable by the time they are done. All these people believe Islam is a religion, EXCEPT when it comes to teaching about it in schools- then all of a sudden Islam is a CULTURE. I was also told during our second discussion, that I was the first parent to take issue with the material.
Beck even claimed that an innocent Saudi bombed people in Boston, even when both suspects were not from Saudi Arabia. Plus, she can hear the REAL truth in this Christian school… even though she already claims to know the Lord. That way the ACLU can’t complain the way they do when someone dares teach anything about Biblical Christianity.
Most textbooks in America are published by companies owned by non-Saudi companies, including American companies. It is difficult when you are the sole bread winner so I understand your position completely. She laughed and said that the guy was way over his head in the math class so most of them just did their own thing by moving forward in the book. I, as a parent, used the school system against themselves and turned my child into a basic nuclear weapon…but not everyone can do that.
I have needed to ask my grandson what he thinks about things that are in books and on homework assignments. And honestly looking back I can’t help but wonder if maybe I should of just home schooled. Our children are a reflection of ourselves so what good would my education be if I raised an idiot?  To submit them to the culture is evil IMHO.

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