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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. As the movies adaptations of YA books like The Fault in Our Stars and Maze Runner became big blockbuster successes, the We Need Diverse Books campaign began an important dialogue about seeing more diversity in children's publishing, and as every year debut and veteran authors released dozens of spectacular new titles. This best-of list features historical fiction and fantasy, topical novels and literacy fiction, proving YA has something for every reader. The horrors that the brave African American students who were among the first to integrate all white schools in the south have often been explored in young adult literature.
A multi-generational, beautifully lyrical novel, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender has siblings that turn into birds, daughters born with wings, and pious neighbors who lose all self-control after one bite of cake. An important book with a ripped from the headlines type of story, Some Boys, follows Grace, a high schooler who must deal with the aftermath of her rape by her school's star athlete as her friends, classmates and even teachers deny it ever happened and shun her for making the allegation. Told from the perspective of just about every one of the book's characters except the titular Alice, this book takes a fascinating look at just how rumors spread and the lies people will tell to protect themselves and their secrets. In Jenny Han's latest novel Lara Jean Song's box of love letters were never meant to get sent, but when they find their way into the hands of a long list of unrequited crushes reaching back to her middle school days, she has to deal with the fallout, all while her big sister is starting college a whole continent away. A truly unique book told from two perspectives of two teenagers forced to live with each other after they age out of their school's special education program. Andrew Smith's second excellent YA novel of 2014 (the first was Grasshopper Jungle), follows Finn Easton, who has a best friend who might have been the cause of their history teacher's death, a dog named after the first dog in space, and a very unusual scar on his back from the time a horse feel from the sky and hit him and his mother.
Manchester United – the greatest football club in the world – is an institution with a rich, but also tragic, history.
There is always more to learn about Manchester United’s history, and there are always new perspectives from which the story can be told. Presented as “the complete story of the world’s greatest football club,” Jim White’s book traces the club’s journey from a group of railway workers through to their position as English and European champions in 2009, when the book was published.
If you like your history in visual form, Alex Murphy’s second illustrated history of Man Utd is just the ticket.
This another one of the lesser-known books on United’s history, but very much worth a read.
A now for something a little different… this is the official graphic novel (volume 1) on United’s history, created by Philippe Glogowski.
Guardian journalist and lifetime Man Utd fan Daniel Harris’ book is the definitive account of the club’s dream-like 1999 treble. In the most recent major book on United’s history, author Christopher Davies takes an in-depth look at the club’s adventures in Europe since emerging as England’s first representatives in the European Cup in 1956.
This book by Manchester-based writer John Ludden focuses on a very specific period in Man Utd’s history – from United’s European Cup loss to Real Madrid in 1957, followed by the Munich Air Disaster in 1958, through to United’s unthinkable European triumph in 1968.

Whilst no history of Man Utd can possibly ignore Munich, Jeff Connor has devoted a whole book to the Flowers of Manchester – the  victims of the 1958 tragedy. All that "history stuff" happened so long ago that it can be hard for kids to see its importance or relate to the people.
Lockhart's We Were Liars tells the story of privileged, broken Cadence Sincliar as she reunites with her three best friends for a summer at her grandparent's estate.
Edwards Award, explores PTSD and how it can effect not only the sufferer but those who love them, in this story about a teenage daughter trying to keep her and her father's lives together as he works through his anger and depression in the wake of his service in Afghanistan. As the two deal with being on their own and the past injuries they've suffered, they learn to see they are much more than the special ed label they'd been given.
King, who was given the Printz Award for her 2011 novel Please Ignore Vera Dietz explores feminism and psychic powers in her latest novel which follows high school senior Glory as she begins to see visions of a terrifying future. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It is the club with humble, working-class roots that rose like a phoenix from the flames of Munich to become champions of Europe with Sir Matt Busby at the helm, before enjoying a period of unparalleled success under Sir Alex Ferguson as United became the dominant force in the modern English game and claimed an unprecedented treble in 1999. We have put together this list of the 10 best books about the history of Man Utd – if you’re looking to delve deeper or just want some great reading material, look no further.
The book is heavy on statistics, which some fans will love, and others may find an obstruction to the wider narrative, but he writes with a seductive vividness that’s bound to suck you in. This full-colour volume is packed with 100s of stunning  photos from a period spanning 134 years, plus loads of facts and figures. Clive Hindle truly captures the epic nature of the United story, and he doesn’t shy away from discussion of the Glazers, with some strongly-argued and balanced insight on the events around the takeover. Glogowski is a renowned Belgian artist who has produced similar graphic novels for the French rugby team and the Brazil World Cup.
The account captures the drama of this incredible season and includes plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, covering the training ground, the dressing room, and the action on the pitch, and exploring the psychology of the players, coaches and management. If you’re hungry for trivia and like drilling into the details, this is an indispensable reference.
The rivalry between United and Real had already been cemented in these post-war years, and with Fergie’s assertion that he “wouldn’t sell them a virus” when the Ronaldo saga began, plus the recent De Gea situation, it’s easy to think that the two clubs have always been firm enemies. Where others have simply paid tribute to those who lost their lives on that runway, however, Connor confronts some difficult truths.
These 3 players could form the core of Mourinho’s United, and they’re all already at the club Jose Mourinho: the man to lead United back to the top? Courageous Valerius finds love as well as war, thanks to the unsettling presence in Titus’s camp of Queen Berenice of Cilicia.
Cadence is desperate to figure out what happened their two summers ago that lead to her mother's secrets and her own crippling headaches.

Sarah Dunbar is determined to be the best student she can be as she enters the hostile halls of a previously all-white school. You'll have the chance to win free copies of new novels, and participate in conversations with various authors. It’s the attacking traditions, the faith in local youngsters, the triumph against the odds. The author has a distinctive writing style, weaving ancient literature and mythology into his work.
The story is told through the eyes of a fictional footballer named Harry, who provides his perspective on the legendary players and key events of the club’s history.
As well as a summary of United’s performance in Europe each season, there are complete teamsheets and stats for every single game. But, as Ludden recounts, Real Madrid in fact did more than any other club to help United recover from Munich, agreeing to a series of fund-raising friendlies and even offering to loan Alfredo di Stefano – the world’s greatest player at the time – to us for the 1958-59 season (this was blocked by the English FA). Scourge Of Rome is a compelling and urgent account of one of the darkest events in Roman history. United’s eternal quest for European glory is, he writes, “ingrained in the heart of anyone who plays for United.
A Tale of Two Cities is “a unique football tale of a friendship born of tragedy and a club’s quest for redemption,” and definitely worth a read. And in 1959, mounting racial tension is only one reason their growing attraction to each other could be dangerous. Meanwhile, her enemy, Elgiva of Mercia, is married against her will to a Viking prince and becomes caught up in the war for England’s throne. Those who tilt for it and fail are condemned to wander forever in a sort of neo-classical hell…forever bemoaning the incompleteness of their souls. Whereas those who stand on the pinnacle are at one with themselves and the world.” Looking to the future, Hindle warns the Glazers were “lulled into a false sense of security by Ferguson’s success,” and characterises the current moment as a major crossroads for the club. In this standalone novel, royalist Major Stryker is in the North where events lead, via the destruction of Bolton, to Marston Moor, one of England’s bloodiest battles. This book is the most visceral and shocking of the series but it is also the most gripping and the depiction of the battle itself is outstanding. Recreating the wit and extravagance of the times, this elegant, clever novel features an unusual heroine since Anne, who faces enormous personal tragedy, is gout-stricken, obsessed by food, a little dull and yet surrounded by the brightest sparks of the age.
Covering the 1940s to 1960s, this marvellous book captures the excitement of the space race alongside the emotions of Jim and Grace.

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