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Are you looking for books to help yourself develop new skills in classroom management or new approaches to teaching? Subtitled, "How to grab your students by their brains," this paperback edition of LouAnne Johnson's well-reviewed book promises a lot of practical guidance for today's classroom teacher. Don't miss our Editorsa?? Choices for literature to support Classroom Teaching Themes and books for Parents.
No doubt one of the most important topics in education today, multicultural education, is thoroughly treated in this 500-page sixth edition. This practical book can help not only first-year teachers, but also established professionals, with eminently useful ideas for classroom management, using technology, handling parent conferences, and many other topics. John Dewey's 1916 book on the interrelationship between education and democracy is as important, as it approaches its centennial, as it was when it was first hailed as a master work. Harry and Rosemary Wong are, of course, among the deans of education writing in America, and this book is evidence of why. John Dewey's classic treatise on what exactly "thinking" means, and how, starting from that definition, it makes sense to educate students to actually do it, is not light beach reading, but this relatively brief book is well worth a rainy weekend. Jim Fay and David Funk embody their method of classroom management in the term "love and logic," and follow up this concept with chapters like "Apply Consequences with Empathy." Aimed ultimately at transferring the responsibility for maintaining order from the teacher to the student, this method is a "golden mean," a balanced approach that sees both teachers and students as real human beings. It's hard to believe that it's been 15 years since this powerful book hit the education scene, and if you've never read it, get this paperback edition and a box of tissues, because these stories from our nation's poorest schools have lost none of their emotional punch. This book's best joke may be its title, but it's still very refreshing to have a humorous approach taken to the endless supply of practical tips that the art of teaching needs. Okay, this isn't really an education book per se, but if there's any profession that faces motivation challenges, it's teaching: Teachers have to motivate students to learn, to behave, and maybe even to grow up a little bit.
To reach even the most challenging students, this book offers ten student archetypes to help teachers understand and work with learners who exhibit certain kinds of behaviors.
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There are many resources available to help teachers of physics, astronomy, and physical science.
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Physics ForumsPhysics Meets the Monsters, a series of three videos that encourage students to enroll in middle school and high school physics.
The Role, Education, Qualifications, and Professional Development of Secondary School Physics Teachers (2009) or Download the PDF. Guidelines for Self-Study and External Evaluation of Undergraduate Physics Programs or Download the PDF.
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The professional development titles below will help you improve instruction and your teaching skills.
Including a step-by-step plan to make the first week of school a success, the book's advice ranges across classroom management and motivational topics to strategies for teaching the reluctant reader.
However, the book's fans claim its comprehensiveness and readability make it a worthwhile investment even outside the context of education courses. Buying from our Amazon bookstore helps us maintain Education World as a free resource for you. The book deals with such topics as high-stakes testing in the context of multiculturalism, asking whether such tests are a social justice issue. So many people do get into education for what might be called "soft" reasons -- love of children, love of learning, a desire to make people's lives better. The modern reader of education books will find the sweep and clarity of Dewey's approach to be a refreshing break from the highly specialized and jargon-filled books being churned out today. In addition to providing a lot of practical advice -- brought to life with more than 300 photos and illustrations -- the book focuses on three essential characteristics of a successful teacher, namely, positive expectations, classroom management, and lesson mastery, as well as on basic and future "understandings" that are part of the teaching life. Together with Dewey's "Democracy and Education," "How We Think" provides the modern reader with a clear understanding of the foundations of American educational thought.Click to learn more or to purchase this book.

Kozol's more recent books, including "Amazing Grace" and "Shame of the Nation," demonstrate that we have not solved the problems dramatized in "Savage Inequalities," but it's worth returning to this 1992 volume as well, to once hear Kozol's exquisite voice raised in just anger.Click to learn more or to purchase this book. They also have to motivate administrators to learn, to behave, and maybe even to grow up a little bit (just kidding).
Compare Rethinking High School: Best Practice in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership price in India. Case studies that start each chapter, a feature called "teachers and the law," and a guide to certification, are all special features of this most recent edition. The book also raises the fascinating question of trying to define what "culture" really is in modern, information-swamped America. Those of us who have such "soft" motivations in our personality often find it hard to be the militaristic, marching-orders person that classroom management sometimes requires. With no hesitancy, Dewey declares his topics to include, "The Significance of Geography and History," "Educational Values," "Theories of Knowledge," and "Theories of Morals." An essential text for the complete education library! Lots of great stuff in here that teachers can make happen, but it's really a book that can give administrators ideas to help the staff in many human ways in this most human of professions.Click to learn more or to purchase this book. Seriously, self-motivation is a huge part of any job that requires a person to motivate other people, and this is certainly a useful approach to self-motivation for time-strapped teachers.Click to learn more or to purchase this book. Cise's Physics: New York Times Applications of Concepts Physics professor at Austin Community College, Dr. With activities listed at the end of each chapter, this book is both thought provoking and practical.
John P Cise takes New York Times articles and alters them to include questions and teach lessons about physics. With your help, we will build the best list on the Web of Best Books for educators' professional development.

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