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Below are my top ten books that I recommend in the field of leadership and management.They are a mix of practical tools as well as insights behind great leadership.
This is a great book on the foundation of leadership, on finding your compass and the personal guiding star, the true north. This is one of the best, insightful and practical books on management and leadership, and also on the difference between the two. The John Maxwell Learning systems can be given as a regular training event or a learning process over the course of a number of weeks.
The training event is great to pass on information about how to accomplish certain management and leadership tasks, but the learning process helps to change behaviors.
We can also offer the John Maxwell Companies 360 Degree Assessment and can meet with each employee to debrief them on the results.
Learn how to identify with people and relate to others in a way that increases your influence with them. We venerate great leaders, and we have the tendency to assume their accomplishments came about regardless of the assistance they received from others. People are inspired by and desire to be like great leaders yet become overwhelmed by the perceived knowledge needed to learn the skills of leadership.
Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. Each chapter is packed with information on how to live a better life, develop sustaining relationships and lead others. Learning is not easy during down times; it takes discipline to do the right thing when everything is wrong. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could find ways to increase our productivity both at the workplace and life in general? Here are some of the Top Books that would teach and inspire you to achieve your productive best. The main idea behind this book is that there is a limited amount of information that the brain can recall within a short time frame.
It becomes taxing for the mind to store multiple information, so the book teaches us to write down the information so that the mind is free to focus on the task at hand instead of trying to remember everything. Along with this, the book has various frameworks and productivity principles that would guide the readers in their quest to increase productivity. If you are thinking of starting an internet based business, or you feel the need to shake things up in your traditional business, this book is for you. The book basically encourages and inspires you to think of new ways to create new things as well as coming up with a more innovative process to do the existing things. The book gives advice on not only how to come up with ideas for new and improved things, but also has advice on how to continue working on the idea till it is complete. The crux of the book is that in order to be effective a person needs to be able to manage the people around.
Cultivating these people skills would help a person be more confident in interacting and dealing with day to day situations.

Developing and cultivating the habits that are mentioned in the book would take time, but consistent efforts would bring positive results.
If we understand this principle in terms of productivity and effectiveness, it means that a person can achieve 80% effectiveness by giving in 20% of the work, but this work should be done giving 100% sincerity and commitment. With more people opting to earn their living doing the things they love, by freelancing, part time, flexible work hours, work from home, etc., ways of earning a living is on the rise. If you are one of those who are not in the nine to five job, or if you are thinking of quitting that job in order to “do something”, this book is for you. It teaches you ways to create a distraction free atmosphere to achieve your best work, it also teaches you how to create ways of employment. The book separates the energy of a person in four different parts: body, mind, spirit and emotions.
The basic idea behind strengthsfinder 2.0 is that in order to increase the productivity and effectiveness, a person needs to stop doing things that they are not very good at, and focus on the areas that they are good at.
By focusing on your strengths, you would be able to be more productive, start enjoying what you do and decrease your stress levels. Unlike what the popular myth has you believe, a person’s talent and choices matter a lot to his or her productivity. If your inbox is overflowing with emails and your desktop has all kinds of random documents stored, this book is just for you.
The book tells you how to handle and manage the access information and how to learn to accept only what you need and keep the rest at bay. When faced with piles of emails, files and to do lists, faster reading with great comprehension skills comes in handy. This, and many other effective tips are given in the book that, if you practice, you would be able to considerably improve your reading speed.
Adult Coloring is the latest trend in stress relief and the good thing is that it is working well. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could find ways to increase our productivity both at the workplace and life in general? Innovation and creativity are the most important skill sets to climb the corporate ladder quickly. ABOUT USBest On Internet is a content research organization, where we do aggressive content research to find best stuffs for our users. Leadership expert and former Medtronic CEO Bill George takes you on a journey to discover your own true north which is the basis for consistent decision making and creating a vision.
This book highlights how the modern leader can you visualisation for clarifying strategy, running great and engaging meetings and much more. The strengthfinder is one of the well-researched ones, drawing on the deep knowledge of the Gallup organisation. Full of practical advice on the topic of leadership it is one of go-to books recommended by most authors and leaders.
To be a successful leader, you need to learn to communicate in a way that connects with others.

The truth, however, is that no leader would be great without the support and help of teammates. It is a rather simple recipe yet requires awareness, study, practice and mentoring to achieve.
Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts.
The next generation of the workforce no longer wish to work in the safe, but tedious, nine to five jobs.
The book teaches the basic difference in being efficient and being effective, and how you can work more in less time. Everyone has the same amount of time, but each person’s energy levels are different and they vary from time to time. The book discusses various ways to increase and manage your energies at all these four levels. A person would be more productive doing the work they like, compared to when they are doing the work they find boring or tedious. In order to be stress free and work properly, a person needs to be able to manage the constant inflow of information, and sort through only the information that is needed. If a person is able to skim through things while understanding all that is written, the levels of productivity would automatically increase. You can afford to skip a few words here and there and still get the general gist of the information that is required, if you have proper practice.
The simple exercises that if done again and again would turn into a habit, which in turn would make you productive by habit. A fast read but very powerful – it changed my approach in dealing with the members on my team. Buckingham does not go into this direction but highlights that management and leadership are two distinct and equally important functions in an organization. Buying this book allows you to take the online test which will highlight your unique strengths – and what strengths others might have. Participants are assigned a chapter per week with questions to discuss during that chapters review. Steven Covey has distilled 7 habits that we all can integrate into our lifes, in order to lead others and ourselves. If someone asks you to name a firm producing instant noodles, chances are you would name Maggi, even though you might be aware of brands like Sunfeast, Ramen, etc, you would have to pause to think about them, but Maggi was what came to you as it was “Top of your mind”.

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