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I have many books on investing and the reality is that they have not been worth the purchase price and they certainly haven't helped me make money.
If we buy a stock and it goes up ten fold, we hang on to it believing it's going to go up anther ten fold. That's why I wrote the book and it seems to have struck a cord because a lot of the reviews and emails I have gotten come from people who held on too long and ended up taking a big loss because they wouldn't sell at a profit.
When First Mining made their $.35 a share offer, the market believed shares were only supposed to go down. First Finance did a one for one exchange so all of the Gold Canyon shareholders got exactly the same number of FF shares.
You are going to start hearing about a lot more juniors that have been totally off the radar for years. I was contacted by the management of Gold Dawn Minerals (GOM-V) a couple of weeks ago who wanted me to look at the numbers for a recent option they took out on a couple of gold mines and a mill in Canada that they are in the process of raising $10 million for. Golden Dawn intends to raise the $10 million via a financing consisting of a debenture paying 8% with a common share and a warrant for an additional share at $.40.
Rank Books publishes a range of investment books in the Singapore contexts for Singapore investors. Money Vol 1 & 2 and Handbook On Forex Trading and Handbook On CFDs Trading by Nicholas Tan. The Art of Expectations reveals the simple and objective Expectations Indicator, which gives us a clearer view of stock market timing. Louis Ebner retired from the finance industry in 2003 frustrated with an industry focused more on selling then actually advising clients. Privacy Policy - Terms and ConditionsThe above content represents the opinion of the author and do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any financial products. Let’s look at how hedging your bets differs from practicing investing fundamentals through Prosperity Economics.
Due to a well-funded advertising campaign, the stock market is now the favorite gambling casino of US investors.
Business Insider made a surprising observation two years ago when they analyzed the returns of the S & P 500 and the Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index in their article on the performance of hedge funds vs.
Whether you were betting on stocks, hedge funds, or a combination of the two, you endured a lot of volatility and drama for a mere 8.6%! Our favorite growth strategy is not subject to the roller coaster ride of the stock market.
Life settlement funds are not for everyone, but they can be an excellent choice for investors who can afford to put a minimum of $50,000 into an investment for 7-10 years. Some investors who are hedging bets have been buying as much gold as they can, particularly as rumors of the dollar’s demise circulate on the internet (especially on websites selling gold and silver). Instead of buying and holding gold or anything else on pure speculation, we recommend putting your money to work!
If you actually bought gold 5 years ago, you’ve experienced a small loss with no dividends or cash flow. It’s true that bridge loans CAN be risky if you are making loans yourself and are not savvy about who to work with and how to protect your principle! Our marketing writer, Kate, discovered that her grandfather got out of stocks and into bridge loan contracts after substantial losses in stocks during the Great Depression.

A third example would be hedging with cash, and we’ll explore how to do that more efficiently in a future article. Get your copy of Financial Planning Has Failed for free as part of our Prosperity Accelerator Pack today. Ready to begin your complimentary Prosperity Accelerator Pack?Simply enter your name and email and click the button below We will never give away, trade or sell your email address.
This entry was posted in ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS, BRIDGE LOAN INVESTMENTS, LIFE SETTLEMENTS, PROSPERITY ECONOMICS and tagged gold, hedge against dollar, hedge against S & P 500, hedge fund, investing fundamentals, investment hedge. Bob Moriarty's book is quite simply one of the best books I have read on investing and I feel will prove to be invaluable to any investor or trader. It's an important chapter because most investors buy what they think are good stocks but don't have any plan for selling.
Eventually when the lemmings have gone over the cliff and the stock crashes, we are forced to sell at half of what we paid originally and we curse the guru who mentioned it in the first place.
If you won't sell at a profit, you have to sell at a loss; there are no other alternatives. You could still buy shares at a 40% discount when I wrote my piece two days after the announcement. If your purpose in buying shares is because you want to make money, you have to sell at a profit. While lots of people are studying the tea leaves and trying to determine why gold went down and now why it's going up, actually it's a lot simpler. If Golden Dawn made this deal a year or two ago, it would have been a problem but it's far easier to raise money today than it has been in years.
It is very good, very enlightening, and written in a very plain and understandable language. How to construct, track and use the Expectations Indicator that identifies likely changes in trending stocks.
The Expectations Indicator takes the mystery out of the market and identifies crucial pivot points in the stock market.
Hedging is typically betting against the market, often at the same time with the opposite hand.
Getting back to the basics means saving and investing with time-proven strategies and investments that aren’t based on speculation, but deliver consistent, predictable results. Our focus is on Prosperity Economics – true investment fundamentals and time-tested products and strategies that have preceded the financial planning industry. Life settlement funds allow investors to participate in the secondary market for life insurance policies.
A Supreme Court decision in 1911 ruled that life insurance policies were assets that could be bought and sold much like a deed of trust. If you bought gold at almost ANY point in the last five years (the exception being about six weeks ago), it has lost value compared to the US Dollar. One way is to invest in bridge loan funds that provide temporary financing on commercial properties for accredited investors. We only work with companies with a proven track record of managing bridge loan portfolios with many protection for investors’ dollars.
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The debenture has a five-year maturity and is fully secured by all of the assets of the Greenwood Gold project. Some of your money will be working for you, and then the winning bet has to absorb the lost opportunity cost of the losing bet. They can invest in funds that have purchased life insurance policies from elderly people who no longer need or want their policies. Institutional investors began purchasing policies a few decades ago, and now there are funds available to qualified individual investors.
Bridge loans can generate better returns than our 50%-in-five-years hypothetical example (only an 8.45% annualized return), while delivering cash flow in predictable monthly payments.
You’ve also lost control of the dollars you used to purchase the gold and the opportunity to do something else with those dollars, while wasting time watching gold prices. Notice if banks are more likely to lend money against A) real estate or B) purchases of stocks and commodities.
As we explain in our book, Financial Planning Has Failed, the financial planning industry has been more successful at creating a false sense of security than creating actual financial security. You’ll get an overview of Prosperity Economics solutions that can protect you against taking unnecessary risks in the first place.
If you were the guy smart enough to buy at the low of $.60, are you smart enough to sell part or all at $3.10? The debenture holders may request payment in gold at a price of $1295 per ounce USD after holding the debenture for three years. With a market cap of under $6 million Canadian and near term production in the cards, Golden Dawn offers gold bugs a cheap lottery ticket with a nice potential payoff no matter if they invest in the financing or simply buy shares near the yearly low. It's a pretty simple story and you need to be responsible for your own investment decisions. Rather than investing in and hedging against volatile markets, a better alternative is to save and invest in low-risk vehicles with reliable returns and to maximize dollars through strategies that increase efficiency. A recent study by a Harvard professor demonstrated that this asset class has averaged returns of about 12.5% annually.
Of course, real property and speculative investments are viewed quite differently by lending institutions. If you watch the markets for any length of time during the day, you know what I am talking about.In the “old days,” a “rigged market with crooks” meant the Wall Street Investment Banks traded inside information, information not available to the public, and used CNBC and other talking heads to move stocks in their favor for profit. The “insiders” like Goldman Sachs would also front-run the public’s stock trades with their own trades and occasionally would get caught. Investors typically used fundamental analysis, the analysis of a company’s financial data, to determine which companies to “invest in” for the long haul. Traders typically used technical analysis to enter and exit a stock based on chart patterns, with the charts patterns themselves generated by “market psychology.”These days, neither fundamental nor technical analysis can be used with any high degree of certainty. Two primary reasons are:1) The stock market is now completely controlled by the Federal Reserve (which is comprised of the Too Big To Fail Investment Banks), so why waste time wondering if Apple (AAPL) is going higher – buy that sucker!!!2) 70% of the stock market volume is generated by computerized trading, which doesn’t know bounds. The computers simply see where the open stock trades are, then go and get them.Fundamental analysis went out the door with the Internet Boom of the late 1990’s – when the Yahoos of the world traded at 700x earnings.

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