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Find out more about everyday life in ancient Rome and what it meant to live in this fascinating city at the height of its empire. This book informs of the daily life in ancient Rome and the fascinating places and experiences people had while living in the city. Has some good, basic information about ancient Rome and illustrations to share with the Latin students.
For beginner readers, this is a nice book for anyone interested in ancient Rome and the people and places that it entailed.
Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products. Discover ancient Greece and learn more about the palaces, myths, epic poems and philosophies of one of the world's greatest civilizations.
Greece has such an ancient and rich history that it can be difficult to include adequate information in an overview. Gr 3-5-Fourteen mostly double-page chapters cover topics ranging from the Minoans and Mycenaeans to city-states, from Greek myths to archaeology. Belinda Weber is an author and editor and has written many children's books about natural history, science, and history including includingThe Kingfisher Children's Atlas, The Best Book of Nighttime Animals, and Kingfisher Young Knowledge: Reptiles. Ancient EgyptBelow are lists of great children'sbooks about Egyptian civilization -- an endlessly  fascinating subject for kids, teachers, and parents. Greek & Roman TimesWe're working on our lists of the best fiction and non- fiction on Ancient Greece & Rome.
PiratesYou can't study the Age of Explorationwithout talking about the dreadednemesis of the great ships -- pirates! We know there are lots of other world history topics to cover, and as lovers of historical fiction books, we are eagerly reading all the great children's books that should be added to this list. Created by teachers who love teaching with the best children's books every day in their own classrooms!
One of the most comprehensive accounts of the rise and fall of the Civilisation of the Nile Valley from 120,000 bce to its conquest by Alexander the Great in 333 bce, to be published since Sir Alan Gardiner's "Egypt of the Pharaohs" in 1961. Essential sourcebook for anyone interested in the Royal families of Egypt including many less known royal family members covering the first 3000 years of Dynastic rulers. Aidan Dodson is a Teaching Fellow in archaeology at the University of Bristol, and Dyan Hilton works at the Roman Baths Museum at Bath. This is not a cheap publication and is intended for those with a serious interest in Egyptian medicine and laypersons with an interest in the subject. Although now considered out of date this book can be purchased very cheaply from any available old stock,(maybe less than LE 30,00) and is well worth trying to get hold of a copy. Now in its third edition, Ancient Iraq is probably one of the best source books for the study of Ancient Iraq and the political situations that existed between the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and Assyrians in relationship to Egypt and each other. This is an essential book for anyone interested in 'reading' Egyptian art and what it means. Michael Rice is a widely respected author on the archaeology and heritage of Egypt and the Middle East. The Who's Who of Ancient Egypt gives an easy guide to most of the known individuals throughout Egyptian history from monarchs to painters and writers. Monarchs of the Nile offers a concise account of the lives and times of the more significant occupants of the Egyptian throne. Joyce Tyldesley has a doctorate in archaeology from Oxford University, and is Honorary Research Fellows at the school of Archaeology, Classics and Oriental Studies at Liverpool University.
One could make the argument that recording historical events, capturing the fleeting nature of time in a more durable medium, was one of the primary reasons people started writing.

Reading about history is one of the best ways to ground oneself in a firm understanding of where we’ve been as people, as well as to help understand the mistakes and triumphs of those who have come before. Anne Frank, the adolescent girl whose family hid from the Nazis in the attic of their Amsterdam home before their eventual capture and imprisonment within a concentration camp, could never have known just how many hearts her poignant diary (kept during her ordeal) would eventually touch.
History is most often told through from the perspective of those in power, whether politically or economically. This Pulitzer Prize-winning book delves into the subject of why Eurasian civilizations were the ones to conquer other societies from around the world and colonize those regions instead of vice versa. Popular scientist Bill Bryson starts from the very beginning and breaks down the history of life and its formation on Earth as he discusses the history of geology and biology in lay terms, while also simply explaining complex themes such as subatomic particles. Every aspect of this great civilization is explored, from the bloodthirsty gladiators and the terrifying chariot races, to a day in the life of the wealthy, to how the powerful senators controlled their city and expanded its empire. I think students would love this book for learning about the gladiators, chariot races, as well as the life of the wealthy. Filled with wonderful illustrations, the reader will learn how Rome came to be and the eventual downfall that took it.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Chris Molan's breathtaking art brings the subject alive as the reader visits a great Mycenaean palace and many more ancient buildings and places. Weber has managed to hit the high points and has provided an adequate introduction to a subject that spans centuries. The material is organized in a loose chronological order, ending with a very short chapter on Greece today. Combining statements that range from ludicrous-"No one knows exactly what happened during the Dark Ages. She has a lifelong interest in wildlife and the environment and previously directed the Adopt an Animal fundraising program for the Zoological Society of London. If you teach world history to children, please check back soon to more books and more time periods.And, as always, if you know of a great kids book that should be added to our lists, please do let us know!
Contains 27 special genealogical tables showing connections between various royal dynasties. G.Roux has had a very keen interest in Assyriology for many years, and his research work in southern Mesopotamia,and the articles he wrote for specialized periodicals such as Sumer and the Revue d'Assyriologie have won him admission to the restricted circle of professional archaeologists and assyriologists. Wilkinson lectures in Ancient and Egyptian culture and Egyptian hieroglyphs at the University of Arizona, and is also author of the companion to this volume "Symbol and Magic in Egyptian Art".
Not as in depth as The Complete Royal Families, but is a useful reference book for general all-round use. In this books she covers such points as cases of grave-robbing in antiquity, false embalming and necrophilia and other more mundane matters like property disputes.
While ancient times saw the mixture of history and folklore, of science and superstition, even the oldest, most esoteric writings provide invaluable insight into what it meant to be human in very different eras.
Possessing a mind beyond her years, she recounts both a first-hand account of the looming nightmare of the Third Reich, and also chronicles the various thoughts and musings of an adolescent who, despite the horrors around her, is still a precocious young girl.
To help buck that trend, historian and political scientist Howard Zinn wrote his compendium of U.S.
Diamond offers evidence that the geographic locations of the conquering civilizations had much to do with this, allowing them to produce guns and steel and develop resistances to deadly germs. Focusing largely on the development of Homo sapien life, Bryson also delves into the historical accounts of global catastrophic events, including earthquakes, massive storms, and volcanic activity, while speculating on how life would react to another global event like a meteor strike. I found all the pictures and descriptions very interesting and gained a knowledge of the roman empire.

The majority of the text is taken up with full-color illustrations of places, buildings and people of Ancient Greece.
The story of Troy is summed up handily, with a large full-page depiction of the Greek army emerging from the Trojan horse. We think that people no longer learned to read or write, and that is why they did not keep written records"-to merely vague or contradictory (did the Mycenaeans inhabit one city, or several? Also author of Akhenaton: the Heretic King and many other works on archaeology and Egyptology. He teaches and lectures in England, Egypt, Canada, the United States, at the British Museum and on Nile Cruises. Below you will find some of the best history books from recent decades, with a focus on the history of broad events and trends rather than specific biographies. Despite the fact that she died in an concentration camp, Anne Frank’s spirit lives on in every page. Diamond’s book helps to further dress down any latent notions that genetics or inherent intellect played a role in world conquest. The book also draws its narrative style from literature, traditions and even letters from the era that unlock a vibrant view into the world of both those in power and those they ruled. The actual text accompanying the illustrations is brief and targets several specific topics in the illustration.
Short sentences and large type together with interesting facts make this a quick, enjoyable read, and the full-color artwork is a powerful draw. Depends on the page.) with often-indistinct paintings featuring views of generic, discreetly posed men, women and gods, this scattershot survey ranks well below the likes of Anne Pearson's Ancient Greece (rev.
PhD, FRCS, FRCA is retired but was head of the anaesthesia division of the Clinical research Centre, Medical Research Council. These are our picks for the best books for understanding the history of the human condition. The individual cultures are made even more vivid when their connections to others are shown.
Beginning with the Minoans and Mycenaeans and continuing on with brief looks at Troy, Sparta, Athens and myths and legends, Weber provides the most basic information on each topic as well as brief looks at archaeology and modern Greece.
The images are abundant and eye-catching, particularly the huge statue of Athena inside the Parthenon will be awe-inspiring. He is author of a number of medical monographs and textbooks which have become standard works. The language is simple and easy to understand and gives just enough basic information to point children in the proper direction for more research in suitable resources. He is also a member of the Egypt Exploration Society and has been studying Egyptian Hieroglyphs for over twenty five years.
While there isn't enough detail on any one subject for substantive reports, teachers looking for a way to hook students on ancient Greece will find that this title does the trick.
Perfect supplementary classroom material.-Anne Chapman Callaghan, Racine Public Library, WI Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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