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Today Best Design Books will give you a sneak peak at the July issues of some of the best design magazines. Today, Best Design Books will share with you an interesting post found on Interior Design Magazines Blog.
No matter if you like or not, fashion and celebrities, when you think “most famous magazines in the world” Vogue always comes to mind. Some of the articles and covers of Vogue have such an impact on our society that we can’t forget some of them! Throughout the years this publication has created some of the best, most iconic covers  of all time. Vogue‘s covers are expected by millions of fashion lovers. A teenager turns her babysitting service into a call-girl service for married guys after fooling around with one of her customers. I had never heard of The Babysitters before, but thanks to the wonders of Netflix and the fantastic ability to stream movies and shows directly to my Xbox, my viewing options have grown drastically.
The lead girl, played to perfection by Katherine Waterston, undergoes a slow transformation from mild-mannered nerd to intimidating pimp, and it’s a fascinating one at that.
This was an excellent indie-film, but I’m now more terrified then ever of having a daughter someday. 303 - Lobster Johnson A Chain Forged In Life, Sabrina 4, Shrinking Man 1, Star Wars 7, Copperhead 8!

Episode 279 - Spoiler Alert - Hellbreak 1, Howard The Duck 1, Ninjak 1, Becky Cloonan's Southern Cross 1, Spawn Resurrection 1, and Thor 6!
Episode 238: Multiversity 1, Sensation Comics 1, Teen Titans 2, The Delinquents 1, and Supreme Blue Rose 2! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A couple of bloggers I follow are currently doing this same challenge and I am enjoying every single post. As you will see Summer is the main theme of almost all of these incredible magazines full of advices and tricks for your home.
Then you must check this issue of Living ETC. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get the summer vibe and ideas for the home.
Whoever has the privilege to be featured on Vogue‘s cover…it will have an instant increase of popularity! But I was flipping through the movies and the cover caught my attention, honestly because it had an image of a girl taking off her shirt.
The dialogue is believable, the acting is all superb, and the tone kept me worried about how it was all going to go wrong, which it invariably had to.
Take a look at the video to discover what else you can read in the latest issue of the magazine.

Then I read the synopsis and thought, well this might be enjoyable if only for some mid-day smut. Wives, a word of advice from your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer: Never let your husband drive the babysitter home by himself. The challenge asks single people to discuss how single life is but doesn't ask "taken" people to discuss how their lives are.
This was a well crafted story that sort of harkened back to the 80’s when the then teenaged Tom Cruise was hanging out with prostitute Rebecca De Mornay in the now classic Risky Business. Everything is shot with a minimum of exploitation, especially considering this could have been the plot to a porn film. Cynthia Nixon is excellent, if not a little short-changed in her role as the cheated-on wife and recovering alcoholic mother of the babysat. It’s nice to know he can act, considering I know him mostly from films like Spawn and The Pest, both of which are god-awful.

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