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AnaJuly 1, 2016 at 5:38 amMary, you are not the first one to recommend Radiant Road, actually! 1 : a book review blog specializing in speculative fiction and popgeekery for all ages since 2008. The Book Smugglers purchase books for review on this site, but also receive free review copies from authors, publishers, and other third parties. Hard, in terms of workload–what with Book Smugglers Publishing, and the Day Job, and other responsibilities, it has been hard to find time to read and review.

As a child of the conquering Sanndai, he is hated and feared in his isolated Torvik village.
But, when he is struck by lightning, he begins to remember a past life– a life in which he had a strong connection to a lifeform three, that is, a horse. Sullen and resentful, he ends up working as a servant for the very men who drove the Sanndai out–and finds his life in danger. She works with translations in RL and hopes one day The Book Smugglers will be her day job.

This year has been HARD with not only a lot of personal shit going on but also ailing members of family, so it’s not a huge surprise this all-time low. I have a TON of ground to catch up, but in the meantime, here is my list of the Best of 2016 (SO FAR).

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