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What can I say? This is one of those books that are perfect to take with you on a summer’s day to the beach.
This novel combines a prison setting with the claustrophobic atmosphere of life in a restrictive cult.
How could I not? Simon is the absolute cutest, fluffiest, happiest-making book I’ve read this year.
So multiple people have been pushing me to read this series, namely Ellis, and I’m so glad that I did because this series totally broke me. This was part of required reading for school and I was so scared that reading this for school would take my enjoyment away, but I think it made me like the book even more, for once! Subscribe via email to receive new posts on book reviews, bookish giveaways, discussions and more! I may or may not have squeed a little when I saw Scorch under Mel’s picks ?? I keep recommending it to everyone because I love it so much! There are so many books on here that I need to read – Cress, The Orphan Queen, Crimson bound.
Mel I’m thrilled to see Red Queen made it your list, this book has been a real hit or miss with readers which is a real shame, as I ended up thoroughly enjoying this one. MEL, GOOD NEWS, I HAVE PURCHASED MADE YOU UP AND THE SUMMER OF CHASING MERMAIDS AND I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED TO READ THEM. Thanks, Eri Anne is such a wonderful classic that I know for sure that I’ll be rereading. VANE YOU NEED TO DROP EVERYTHING AND READ MADE YOU UP LIKE WHY ARE YOU NOT READING IT ALREADY HUH HUUUUH??!?? I’ve got Girl at War out from the library and am debating whether I should bring it on vacation. I was just updating my ongoing list yesterday when I realized that we were halfway through the “new” year already! I’ve been hearing a ton of great things about The Library at Mount Char over the past few weeks! There’s no doubt in my mind that A Little Life will be on my list at the end of the year, too!
I have The Beautiful Bureaucrat marked to read after it releases and am so happy to see A Little Life and Hausfrau on your list because they are probably in my top five of the year. It’s the middle of 2015 and we’re here to talk about our favourite reads of the year so far!
The Martian is about a man called Mark Watney who gets left on Mars by his crew and so he has to find a way to survive.
This was a reread for me as I had already read it a few years before, but it was still just as great as I remember it being. All of the above for Locke Lamora except with added HEISTS, world-building, relationship progression and PIRAAAAAAAAAAAAATES. So basically everything in here is in my TBR for a long time now except for To All the Boys which I read last year.
I completely agree when it comes to A Darker Shade of Magic, it was a fantastic read and made it on to my top 10.
2015 hasn’t been a great year for my personal life, but one thing that HAS been stellar is my reading. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Journal reviewed best-of lists from 12 sources to discover the most-cited books of 2015. Within the lists the Journal reviewed, only four nonfiction books received multiple mentions.
Paula Hawkins's The Girl on the Train came out on top in the mystery and thriller lists with five mentions. Two novels, Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen and I Was Here by Gayle Forman, topped the young adult lists with three mentions each. The Wall Street Journal's top 10 fiction, nonfiction, mystery and children's books of 2015. The WSJ asked 50 friends —from Marco Rubio and Indra Nooyi to Doc Rivers—about their favorite books of 2015. When you've finished your list, select the icons on the right of the reading list to share your selections. This is your customized reading list from The Wall Street Journal, sourced from the most-mentioned books on the best-of lists released so far this year. I seriously adored this book and have upped it to 4.5 stars because I still cannot stop thinking about it. The main character is hands down (oh my god I’m a horrible human, pun obviously not intended) one of the most strong and well developed I had the pleasure of reading.

Mim Malone is utterly complex and her inner thoughts resonated with me on such a deep level.
I did read both Scorch and Rogue (books 2 and 3) this year but I’ve chosen book 2 because I liked it slightly more than the last book.
This is one of those books that just need to be analysed and thought over, and that certainly furthered my reading enjoyment. While they’ll never be as fabulous as the TV series, the books are still pretty satisfying. Cress is my favorite installment out of the series so far, but really all of the books are amazing. I really haven’t read much John Green but managed to find myself identifying with the concept at hand- boy who builds up this dream girl to unbelievable proportions. There is a reason this may be my all-time favourite series (aside from HP of course), which yes is a bold statement to make but I mean it.
The books are my favorites, and the first two movies really do the first few books justice.
I’ve also been meaning to get to Made you Up for a while now too, so I’m excited to see both you and Celine choose it as one of your favourites! Red Queen is one of my favorites this year and I’ve always loved Anne of Green Gables Saving Francesca is amazing and I agree that Melina Marchetta is brilliant.
Will be starting with The Shore (hope I get to the top of the library list soon), Sweetland, and A Little Life. For me, My Sunshine Away is still a standout for this year, as well; so many great ones on this list!! I’m hoping to only bring two physical books with me and stick with my Kindle for the rest, but that could also change at the last-minute.
I’m just at the beginning of A Little Life, but expect it to rank among my 2015 favorites. This wasn’t particularly hard for me (Amber) because I have only read a handful of AMAZING books, so it was easy to pick out the best ones of the bunch. Locke and Jean are two of my favourite characters (and SHIP) and Lynch incorporates his hilarious sense of humour into this series.
As for The Rest of Us Just Live Here Now, Lies of Locke Lamora and Ready Player One, I want to read them even more now.
I recently read Red Seas Under Red Skies too -and the part with the creepy things or ghosts was so… terrifying. The Unraveling of Mercy Louis by Keija Parssinen. A shocking discovery in a Texas oil refinery town shakes up the community and casts suspicion upon the teenage girls. Our Endless Numbered Days is waiting on my bedside table, and Dietland definitely looks intriguing. My husband is reading Americanah right now, and I’m hoping to pick it up soon as well.
I have seen Our Endless Numbered Days on so many lists today, I think I need to get that one as well! I'm Leah, a mid-twenties Buffalonian with a penchant for offbeat literary fiction, outdoor adventures, and making as many Hamilton references as possible.
Nothing is better than a sunny day outside with a book in hand or a long list of good reads for your upcoming vacation. Among the year's best novels, Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies came out on top with seven mentions.
Appearing on eight lists, Ta-Nehisi Coates's Between the World and Me was not only the most-cited book in the nonfiction category, but also the most-cited book of the year.
We have rounded up some great books coming out this month that will inspire you to be incredible both at home and in the workplace. Her story will undeniably have you captivated into reading during the late hours of the night. She’s got raw humor down to a tee and it perfectly juxtaposes the roller coaster ride of emotions Mosquitoland is. I’ve read a few revenge books this year and none of them have come close to Vengeance Road. Simon is a character I LOVE and I love all his friends and THE SHIP and never mind me being incoherent while Larissa and Mel are so eloquent. The characters are all so amazing, you’ll definitely fall in love with each and every one of them. It is this idolization that drives me off the deep end and I’ve unfortunately experienced it. You will also have all of the feelings for the characters, whether extreme hate or love. I really do need to read more by this author because Out of the Easy is one of my most favorite historical fiction novels to date.
She is normally found binge watching TV series, reading , blogging, procrastinating or fangirling about how Percabeth is the best ship ever.

I also have Vanishing Girls and The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, so I hope to read tehm soon. Also The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins, which I need to write up my review of, and All Together Now by Gill Hornby, ditto. I was PUMPED to snag a copy of The Animals from a used bookstore, and have been eyeing it up on my shelf lately. What Are You Reading?I Can Spot a Favorite in the First Ten PagesIt’s Monday, July 11th. And then Andy Weir came out with quotes like “But really, they did it because every human being has a basic instinct to help each other out. And I have never read ANY of Patrick Ness’ books and everyone is saying he is amazing.
Southern Gothic with a hint of magical realism, this short story collection is delightfully weird and deeply meaningful. Seeing his mother walk off into the woods with a gigantic, hairy hominid sparks a life-long obsession in a nine-year-old boy.
Following two young Nigerian expats who are separated by immigration difficulties, Americanah is at once a tender love story, a glimpse into the immigrant experience, a fascinating tale of two countries, and a thought-provoking contemplation of  race and identity. This book gave me a lot to think about as I consider what shape I want my own life to take.
This collection of prose and poetry catalogues the microaggressions and blatant racism black Americans face on a daily basis. Although it make look like fluffy commercial fiction on the outside, Dietland subverts the status quo with a feminist guerilla group and a bold, daring take on conventional beauty standards and self-acceptance.
We've got the 25 sweet and sexy books you need to get your hands on this month, from magical and fantastical love stories to high school romances and novels with beautiful beach settings.
In some cases, a publication would include the same book several times; these were counted only once per list. This book will grip onto you and never let you go till you finish it, that’s for sure.
If you are looking for a quality LGBTQ themed contemporary that will make you feel, this is the one.
I can’t believe that this novel is a debut, and Lee is now an author I most certainly will be keeping my eye out for. It honestly reminded of a movie, and way the book was written I could definitely picture all of the awesome action scenes. I would recommend watching the TV series, then the movie, THEN reading this book to appreciate it fully. You know all about my feelings on The Shore, so that and Hausfrau didn’t *quite* make my list (though I considered them both). Still reading a decent amount of it, but it also hasn’t been as quality as the non-fiction. The Unraveling of Mercy Louis is both a wonderful coming-of-age story and a cutting criticism of the patriarchy. An intricate puzzle, this book pulled me in, refused to let me go, and smashed me on the rocks. Books like this are always important, but Citizen feels especially relevant in light of the recent violence in Charleston and Baltimore. The retelling elements present in this series are so creative and I can’t wait for Winter to see how the series will come to an end. And then she describes depression in multiple forms so beautifully and truthfully and i just c a n n o t. You get a look inside of the head of a supervillain and a superhero – but is the villain completely evil? Decades later, her neighbor looks back on that summer, contemplating the mystery of who did it, growing up and the loss of innocence, and the weight of guilt. Stunning and nostalgic. I want to force everyone I know to read this book and reflect on their own actions and attitudes. HONESTLY, THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL: EFFED UP BUT BEAUTIFUL CHARACTERS, A BEAUTIFUL ROMANCE, EQUALLY FANTASTIC SIDE-CHARACTERS AND A WELL-RESEARCHED PORTRAYAL OF SCHIZOPHRENIA.
Really though the love interest was completely adorable and the way their romance carried out was beautiful to see.

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