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If you aspire to be among the best, read the best selling mystery authors and thriller authors who write on a consistently high level—but choose the authors who speak to you.
That does not mean you copy the best mystery thriller books or the authors’ writing style.
Dorothea Lange And the Censored Images of Japanese American Internment by Linda Gordon and Gary Y. They do things that may seem completely natural—easy, even–but a lot of deliberate thought and practice has gone into their work. Your best mystery thriller authors of the best mystery thriller books should appeal to you on a visceral level–you love their books.
I can relate to the biorhythms of their writing because on some basic level, we are similar.

It means you try to see what they’re doing, why their writing is effective, and how it fits with your own style. Like pilots who need a certain number of man-hours in the cockpit, these writers have developed their craft and you can rely on them to fly straight and true.
Of course there are many different kinds of mysteries: crime fiction, crime fiction thrillers, thrillers, and so on. I have a comfort level with these writers, and that encourages me to write stories in a similar vein. You can’t get there from here unless you work hard, and the best way to get someplace is to see where you’re headed. Set in a damp village in Scotland in the early 1960s, the main character is a young girl disastrously besotted by art and the wrong man.

Throughout his many world-spanning travels and conversations, Rosenbaum makes a stirring case that not only the arguments about original spelling and folio dating matter, but that Shakespeare himself vitally matters.
In the course of this biography, she convinces readers of the truth of that swaggering title.
In 1874, Beecher was publicly accused of "criminal conversation" with his best friend's wife, and a sensational trial ensued.

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