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I had the privilege of meeting two Native Americans at the NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Diversity Council) Advanced Management Education Program at Kellogg a few weeks ago. Malian is an Abenaki girl during the mid 18th century and this is a fictionalized account of the true story of  how the Abenaki people survived an attack by the English conducted by Major Robert Rogers which destroyed their village. A sweet picture book depicting the Ojibway Indians of the Great Lakes and their traditions including  warding off bad dreams using dreamcatchers created from nettle-stalk twine stained dark red with the bark of wild plum.
Curly, as Crazy Horse was known as a young boy due to his curly hair, is portrayed in this picture book by Bruchac as a leader even as a young man.
The author is a mixed-blood member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and this is a gentle tale about a contemporary Native American girl who turns to her family to help her find her dancing voice via rows of jingling ornaments on her special dance costume for the powwow. Lest you think that all these stories are of the Native American as a victim of forced relocation, this picture books depicts them as the brave warriors they also are. A gifted story teller and a descendant of the Abenaki people, Joseph Bruchac is a prolific author of more than 70 books that reflect his heritage.
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I am Pueblo Indian, a former schoolteacher, currently a professor in American Indian Studies, and, I study children’s books.
I am hoping that Debbie Reese will agree to create a Top 10 list for me on the American Indian Children’s Books she likes. Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th! The Chinese immigrant experience is one with a long history in America resulting in becoming the largest Asian population in America today. The Year of the Book is a subtle and realistic portrayal of what it means to grow up as a second generation Asian American. If there is one book that I would single out as THE seminal Asian American coming of age story, it would be The Great Wall of Lucy Wu.
I chose this picture book as much for gorgeous traditional Chinese paintings as for the story which is about the life of painter Han Gan, who lived in China 1,200 years ago.
This is a Great Books for Girls by Kathleen Odean selection about a nun who is a master of Kung Fu and helps a village girl avoid a unwanted marriage. Millicent Min is an 11-year-old girl genius with no social skills or friends except for her Grandmother Maddie.
Jon Muth manages to take Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu and distill it into three stories that both children and adults can relate to.

This book is full of vignettes that includes a few facts about earthworms and their behavior, all mixed with a humorous attitude. There’s no drama like wedding planning drama, especially when Sister Betty Sarah Becton and trustee Freddie Noel decide to jump the broom. Fifteen years after her high school cheerleading days, Carissa Wayne is more fluffy than lean and her extended Louisiana family manipulates her into being a contestant on a weight-loss reality show. Partnering with a Colombian drug cartel has boss-lady Fancy Lane nervous, but the rags-to-riches leader of her New York drug empire should pay attention to her lovers. Noire’s third series installment is as fresh and saucy as its predecessors (Natural Born Liar; Sexy Little Liar).
SELF-e is an innovative collaboration between Library Journal and BiblioBoard® that enables authors and libraries to work together and expose notable self-published ebooks to voracious readers looking to discover something new. Most of the books on this list are in the urban fiction genre and continue to perpetuate a stereotype that is being peddled as black literature.
The focus of my selections was to balance popularity with an engaging writing style and to give emphasis on titles not covered by mainstream publishers. Grumpy Bird would make a good addition to storytimes with themes of emotions or imagination.
The book’s main concept which it tries to teach the children is importance of sharing.
This book is also great for parents who like reading the text in different voices, voicing the noises.
For 4th grader Anna Wang, it means being on the sidelines at school while her once best friend trades up socially.
What is unique about this story compared to all others is that the Chinese American family is an assimilated 3rd generation family without the usual Asian stereotyping. We have Zen Shorts which is lovely, but I am looking forward to sharing some of these with my daughter. It was originally published in 1943 and its a sweet story about the adventures of a little Chinese doll. As the big event approaches, sinners and saints get into down-home humor, scripture readings, and outrageous trash talk.
Carissa is a solid Southern woman with a lovely heart, and readers will cheer her campaign for a happily-ever-­after life.
All the allure of street lit is found in this wicked brew of hot sex, gruesome torture, and hard-hitting revenge.

Mink and sidekick Bunni know how to handle risky business in and out of the bedroom as they concoct a scam to fleece a wealthy Dallas family. Finally, a simple and effective way to catalog and provide access to ebooks by local authors and build a community around indie writing! I would love to read more articles on self-published and independent authors such as myself. Each scene consists of sketches of farmland or trees, layered over photographs of real farms and trees. The book creates an atmosphere full of suspense, source of this is Big Hungry Bear’s arrival.
The illustrator’s drawings give the creatures lots of personality without completely anthropomorphizing them. This closed-room mystery asks whodunit with an inner-city vibe as Weber balances street scenes, sex, and romantic relationships with a skilled hand.
But this ambiance is destroyed quickly by the humorous facial expressions of cute Little Mouse. Especially suitable for this kind of reading this book will make your baby very happy and you will have great time together.
This funny illustrated book by New York Times bestselling author Doreen Cronin and New York Times bestselling artist Harry Bliss shows the routine life of a small worm in a big worm world. The use of different perspectives will have kids looking at the pictures to identify objects and locales.
The animals are simplistic cartoons with thick black outlines and comical facial expressions. The book also cleverly introduces basic math concepts such as one being cut in two, then sharing half. Books, family and friends make up the triad that define Anna right now and this is the year of the book to learn how to balance it all.
The grumpy bird with the help of a little exercise and companionship shakes his bad mood.The walk turns into a game of follow-the-leader, and Bird finds himself having so much fun that he forgets to be grumpy.

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