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Whether you're five or 35, you and your child will be moved by these kid-friendly reads that remind us of what really matters in life.Tap here to view the slideshow. A Pittsburgh man is jailed after police say he put an Idlewild Park customer in a headlock and stole her car.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. ToggleTeen VogueSubscribe When you werena€™t old enough to drive and Instagram didna€™t exist yet, you spent a lot of your time reading books.
My first interaction with children’s books was at the hospital when I delivered my first daughter.
My first interaction with Indian authors for children was when the daughter was 18 months old. The way a lot of mothers choose books are typically at local book stores, book readings or must read book lists. A big thank you to Lubaina Bandukwala, a journalist by profession but a children’s writer and editor by inclination. Lights, action and Sunu along with stunning illustrations is what makes it such a favourite book among kids. This book by Geeta Dharamraj narrates the sad story of Dinosaur who is cursed by the three little children. An unusual book on travel through a child’s imagination- this one by Anushka Ravishankar portrays the story in verses.
This tale by Natasha Sharma portrays the story of Icky, Yucky, Mucky with illustrations by Anitha Balchandran and it will have your kids laughing and yelling throughout the story. The book is about a little girl who imagines her Mother’s Saree to be a river when its blue and a train when its red.
A book by?Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond, this award winning book is perfect for beginners and story time. This picture book classic by Maurice Sendak is based on a boy named Max, his fantasies and the consequences he has to face due to his mischief and all the wild things he does.The book continues to be one of the most loved books for kids and has even been a source of inspiration for movies and opera. A best selling book for kids by Bill Martin, Jr.and John Archambault, illustrated by Lois Ehlert.
A new age alphabet book that introduces kids to alphabets and adds up as an aid to imagination while playing dressing up.The Rhymes and the colourful illustrations make the book a must read for all Indian kids.
This book published in 1972 revolves around the story a boy named Alexander, as he wakes up with gum on his hair, and everything else gets worse as the day progresses. The story revolves around the lives of Gaskitt Family.The book has short chapters and great illustrations and funny moments which makes it hugely entertaining. A series of children’s books by Stan and Jan Berenstain provides a moral and safety lesson at the end of each story. This Classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett published in 1910, portrays the story of a 10-year old orphan named Mary, a spoiled brat.
This book by Robert Louis Stevenson published in 1883.This adventurous novel narrates the story of Buccaneers and buried gold. This is a book that most men will never read unless they find themselves being forced to for a freshman year philosophy credit, but it’s a fundamental text that serves as a cornerstone of Western thought. This actually isn’t a book, but since the Kentucky Derby happens to be this coming Saturday, we here at EveryGuyed decided to include it in the list. It is a picture book for kids, designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle, published in 1969.

The story begins with a pirate who has his favorite book along with Goldilocks and knight who have their own favorite book. Kids love the name Sunu Sunu and the little snail will create a space in your child’s heart forever.
Little Sophie has a tiger visiting her one day and the story is about how he manages to eat every morsel in the house leaving Sophie surprised and hungry.
The book talks about the journey of the Rabbit as he visits the library to borrow the book based on Wolves. The story revolves around a hungry little mouse and the difficulties one faces after the mouse shows up at your doorsteps. And, also it’s a story based on the love between daddy and his son, as such stories are very rare to find. Boskys panchtantra by Gulzar is a set of five different books comprising from stories from Panchtantra. Read this story that revolves around a boy, who with his purple crayon has a power to create a world of his own by simply drawing with it. The book is based on the two boys named Dick and Sally who are having a sad day, until a cat in the hat shows up and makes it an adventurous day.
There was a lot of argument, angry tweets and incendiary FB posts, but we stand by our choices. Working through topics like justice, government and political theory this text is essential reading because although you may never quote from it, the ideas and thought processes you take form it will likely shape how you think about the world.
McCarthy is a master of the written word, creating characters so real that even physical, let alone emotional reactions to the book are par for the course.
The main character Okonkwo is a man torn between a culture he feels deeply connected to and the pervasive changes which inevitably come as time passes. Of course after reading all over the web about how the child absorbs everything that he listens and sees, I wasn’t surprised that reading would begin soon for me and my kid. The global must read lists are great but it’s important to include the books by a lot of Indian authors who are doing a fantastic job in creating stories that have Indian values, culture and an urban Indian set up. I hope this list will serve as a guide in buying great books for your children and inculcate the love for reading early on. What we often miss out on and what I figured out much later is that it’s not just a book that you can use while the kids are young.
The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson is based on the story of a mouse, who is the central character of the story, taking a walk in the woods.
The story creatively gives wings to a child’s imagination- with volcano erupting out and fresh juices that freeze into ice-creams. A picture book for kids written and published in 1964 by Shel Silverstein is touted to be one of the most divisive book in Children’s literature. Here are our five more selections for this week, including at number 5 an essay with particular relevance this week. Being a fairly dense philosophical work, the process of reading is its own lesson in commitment and reward.
Reading Blood Meridian is to the be in the grip of something captivating, giving yourself up to the world captured in its pages. It’s a book that still maintains relevancy today as colonial actions are more pervasively taken up by corporations and the process of globalization.
Teaching lessons of life, love, and friendship, the Baby-Sitters Club series was one an all-time fave.

Richa Sethi, mom and co – founder of The Junior Writers Bug  for taking out time to share their best books for Indian kids ( Indian authors included).
The book is a joy to read and an eye-opener for many young kids who don’t respect their older ones.
It was easy to latch onto one girl as your favorite (wassup, Claudia) and when America finally wised up and made the books into a movie, who wasn't ecstatic?!
First it’s a story, then you learn about different foods, different colors, counting, days of the week and finally about match concepts about small, big, bigger and finally about the life-cycle of a butterfly. With many different stories and experiences with activity books as well- Gruffalo makes a soft spot in your heart forever. We grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and still consider the trio to be some of our most faithful friends.The Bunnicula SeriesTold from the perspective of the Monroe familya€™s dog, Harold, Bunnicula chronicles the tale of a vampiric rabbit who instead of sucking blood, drains the life out of vegetables. Whose mom didn't throw a salty side eye their way when they refused to finish their brocooli? Providing readers with insight about how our awkward years don’t last forever, Fey’s humble beginnings on her path towards fame are actually pretty relatable. Better yet, who didn't fervently wish that Bunnicula was real and would take care of their greens for them? Captain Underpants soared through the air with the greatest of ease, and made us wish we had super powers of our own.
Lemony Snicket shook up childrena€™s literature with the creation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Using 13 novels to tell the story of the orphaned Baudelaire children a€” Violet, Klaus, and Sunny a€” and their search for the truth, these stories were fresh, exciting, and kept you on the edge of your seat. Although it discusses the challenges that women face in the workplace, it also addresses the need for men to participate in the conversation.
Who knows, Count Olaf could still be out there lurking in disguisea€¦ Sweet Valley HighAlthough this series technically began in the '80s, it was published all the way until 2003. The hijinks of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield captivated every girl and made us all wish desperately for a twin sister. Even though the chapter books terrified you, you did learn some valuable lessons, like never go into a basement alone, stay away from ventriloquist dummies, and never touch mysterious goo.A Light in the AtticAlthough not technically a series in its own right, A Light in the Attic was a collection of poems that made young minds feel curious and creative. Featuring a mysterious classroom on the 30th floor, evil teachers, and students who all have something slightly unusual about them, the Wayside School series made you feel like maybe your elementary school wasna€™t so bad after all a€” or that interesting.RamonaWhether you were a little sister or a big sister, you could relate to Ramona Quimby.
Spunky, inquisitive, and always hot on the trail of her older sister, Beezus, there was a piece of this lovable protagonist in all of us. Beverly Cleary wrote tons of books about the clever younger sister, and she was always finding her way into shenanigans (like getting duped into eating cow tongue by her mom).Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkEven from a young age you knew there was something deeply disturbed about the writing of Alvin Shwartz.
The three-book series played upon urban legends to haunt your dreams, and keep you up late into the night asking your mom to rub your back until you fell asleep. It was recently announced that the series will be adapted into a movie by Guillermo del Toro, meaning your childhood fears can now be revisited.

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