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Giving your child a head start with reading is one of the best things that you can do for him. Where I am from, I’ve recently heard from my sister who has two primary school (grade school) going daughters that their school expects the kids to be reading when they enter primary school.
Many schools now expect children to have a working knowledge of being about to sound out letter combinations, pronounce words and read with some level of ease. Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go (Richard Scarry) is a hardcover 72 page book that your boy will love.
Leonardo, the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems is the funny tale of a monster that isna€™t any good at scaring people. When he finally learns how, he frightens a little boy but then finds out that he doesna€™t really like scary people.
Your child will learn about airports, planes, safety and how airplanes are instructed by the air traffic control. Cowboy Small (Lois Lenski Books) by Lois Lenski is a 32-paged board book that little boys will love as much as they enjoy playing cowboy. DISCLOSUREPlease note that if you click on links on this website and purchase items, in most cases, the owner of this site will receive a small commission through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. This little picture book combines comforting rhymes with fun pictures including a little mouse which can be found on every page.
This sweet story with delightful illustrations is competition between two rabbits to see who can express their love more adequately – Little Nutbrown Hare or his daddy, Big Nutbrown Hare.
Another classic, this is the wonderful story of a confused baby bird who is trying to find his mother (he knows he must have one!).
A very hungry caterpillar chews through the pages of this book which teaches colors and counting and food names in a thoroughly enchanting way that encourages kids to absorb this information effortlessly. Make Way for Ducklings–this is about the longest book my boys will sit through but they ask for it again and again because of the cute story, the amazing illustrations, and the ducks! Lion Who Has Never Given Up is a story about a courageous lion named Leo on the way to find its true roar.
Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that go deserves it reputation as much-loved children classic book.
Guess how much I love you is about two hares telling story to show how much they love each other. Here is a huge list of the best phonics books, easy readers, and early chapter books for 5-year old boys and girls and 6- year old boys and girls beginning readers in kindergarten and first grade. From Blue Apple Books, these are the most enticing early readers – colorful, bold, and absolutely perfect for learning to read and learning word families.
They contain interesting plots, lovable characters, and engaging illustrations. The credit for this new beginning reader series goes to the writer, Dr. The exciting story of the iconic Star Wars: Episode IV movie, retold for young readers with their favorite LEGO® Star Wars® mini-figures and sets. Jessica Finch is a delightful early chapter book with exceptionally pleasing and colorful illustrations.
In the times of castles and kingdoms, Drake learns he is a dragon master (and that dragons are real!) He must train with the other kids to master his dragon, an earth dragon. Princess (her first name) Pink (her last name) accidentally enters a mixed up fairy tale land through her refrigerator.
The second book of funny Bink and Gollie (mis)adventures in friendship and life filled wonderful color illustrations. One of our favorite graphic novels, Zita the Spacegirl, is a true friend who not only saves her best friend but the galaxy! They're big because they're the oldest in elementary school and they've finally hit the double digits.  But they're little because they're still, well. An ALA Best Book for Young Adults winner, this graphic novel series is action-packed, exciting, and suspenseful. These books are quick reads packed with adventure, mystery, and fun, as Dan and Amy do what they can to solve the mystery of the Cahill family. A favorite of many 10-year-olds, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books are graphic novels that tell the story of Greg, a regular guy with a "regular" life. A 9-part series, the Bone cousins explore, protect, and defend life as they know it, fighting dragons, nasty weather, supernatural creatures, and more. The Babysitters Club of the mid '80s has received a new look and a whole new mini-series with the Friends Forever books.  There are dozens of books in this series, and kids love them. These books are flying off the shelves like hotcakes as they are released, because kids everywhere are devouring them.

They answered the ad, "ARE YOU A GIFTED CHILD looking for special opportunities?" Now follow Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance as they embark upon numerous challenges, tests, and adventures that test their smarts and strength.  Okay, so this is number eleven series, and I said I was only sharing the top ten. Get the latest advice, tips, and resources on helping your child read at every age and every stage. USDA – Food Safety Fun!Family activities and resources to practice food safety in your home. Cars and Trucks and Things That Go: Actually we are into all things Richard Scarry right now, but this one takes the cake.
Little Blue Truck Leads the Way: I guess this is part of a series, but we have never read the first one. Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes: Do you have kid’s books that you secretly love so much you constantly suggest reading them? Not only will you help improve his vocabulary and reasoning skills, but youa€™ll also give him the tool he needs to succeed when he enters school. So yeah, if your kid is already equipped with reading skill, he’ll start off on good ground.
Page after page is filled with busy illustrations of transportation vehicles that will hold your little one’s attention. The Richard Scarry books always tells several stories within a story and in this one, one of the questions centers on if the officer animal will catch the animal that hea€™s chasing.
In this 32 page story, your child will follow Big Frank as he goes about his day as a fireman.
So the monster does his best to discover how he can improve his ability to make people afraid.
This 48 page book will delight your son with its great illustrations and easy to read story format. The story is told in rhyming sentence format which helps a child pick up new words as well as learn sight words easier. It tells the story of Cowboy Small and his faithful horse, Cactus and all the jobs they do together.
I’ve visited your page and I believe your growing list of book choices that come with ratings will give parents a lot more choices to choose from. This is a classic which has stood the test of time and is still loved by children and adults. More and more people and animals crowd onto the same bed – with completely predictable disastrous results. Simple language and repetition make this story fun to read and re-read, It is an excellent book for beginning readers as well. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
The top 10 best books for 3 year olds is whole-hearted designed for chilren’s natural growth and helps parents to enjoy leisurely moments with their lovely kids. Your children will easily learn colors, numbers naturally from pages to pages with repeating words. She loves the little rabbit so much that she almost can retell the whole story by herself now. The travel story with a young guy is perfected presented as poetry to kids with rhyming text. Your kids will find it very interesting world of cars and trucks that best develop the children’s imagination.
It will catch your kid’s attention at once because this book is designed with nice sound of snoring bear.
This is one of the most recent books in the series with Piggie making her favorite food, slop. These two dog friends with opposite personalities (and intelligences?) sail on a fun and silly pirate adventure. The text actually works quite well for a beginning reader because who needs proper sentence structure when you’re less evolved cave kids?
My Vida Loca is a warm-hearted beginning chapter book about the adventures of a spunky girl named Sopha — from her singing (that annoys everyone except abuela) to a cooking mishap of arroz con leche that her familia helps her fix. This is a fun chapter book that will interest almost any child as it has just the right amount of conflict, adventure, and excitement.
Especially when he discovers that the school is ALIVE and trying to harm he and the other students. Clyde turns into a mischievous monkey when he gets excited – which ends up being a big disaster when he’s in school.

Captain Awesome, comic-book and superhero fan, save the town from villains without revealing his secret identity? Putter, she may also like all the Henry and Mudge books by Cynthia Rylant, the same author as the Mr. Rowling about the brave, young wizard Harry Potter, then the seven-part Harry Potter book series that must be conquered! This book gets read most nights because there are a few words like “Beep”, “Zoom” and “No” that Silas can “read.
If you’re looking for books for a 2-year-old boy, be sure to check out my book list here. The book illustrations label items that a firefighter uses including the different vehicles. It contains a glossary to help your child learn Cowboy Smalla€™s vocabulary words including labeling the cowboya€™s clothing items.
Snuggling on the couch with a young child and introducing him to a silly or sweet book creates priceless memories for both of you. Each page in this book features the same animals (dog, cat, mouse, flea) which can be found in every picture as they move around. And, while that might sound a little boring, the humorous situations that lead to the quiet times and the emotional drawings make this book thoroughly enjoyable. Read it with different voices, bounce your kids on your lap when you are reading about the critters that like to hop, whisper for the critters that are quiet and yell for the loud critters, and you will have a captive audience. Like I said in my post for best books for 2 year olds, books open a window to the world around your toddler — and offers guaranteed cuddle time for you!Here are my picks for the best books 3 year olds love. This colorful book and its accompanied video book are currently available with a couple of dollars.
This book is featured with punched pages just like being eaten gradually by the caterpillar. The simple rhyming text makes it easy to follow and interesting to predict the next pages to come. Wood, former director of the Jeanne Chall Reading Lab at Harvard Graduate School of Education. I love the bright pink text that indicates the Spanish words (maybe 1 or 2 a page). Illustrations are fun, capturing the emotions and action perfectamente. But when his sea-faring family of pirates is captured, Shivers is their only hope for rescue.
I will never recommend any product that I have not personally used or any book that I have not personally read and loved. The best illustration draws the children’s attention and helps them get engaged in the reading progress throughout the entire story. This “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see” is a must-have for your kid’s book collection.
My daughter knows how to help other people without being afraid of possible difficulities and punishment.
I wondered if the illustrations would be a turn-off for JJ but she liked them — and LOVED them on the iPad because reading the word correctly meant the pictures got colored in. When a misunderstanding happens with her best friend, Judy Moody, she learns a valuable lesson about not making assumptions and calling people names. Luckily he meets the daring and adventurous Margo who gets them off of dry land, teaches Shivers about sword fighting, and helps him find and rescue his parents. Then, he sees his new neighbor’s house being burglarized and finds the robbers, saving the day. The drawings, the repetition, the song and the “message” at the end is awesome for kids and adults. Check out my whole series!)I like to make it a routine to read a book or two before naptime and before bedtime. Can MO and Jo run faster than the skunk?” is the narrative text while the dialogue bubbles on the same page are “Uh-oh! So in case you are trying to make a readers out of your preschool boy, I thought I would share our favorites. You will get a kick out of the pig doing handstands and other animal silliness!Do you have any favorite picks for the best books 3 year olds love?

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