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I chose a collection of some of my favorite chapter books and picture books for second grade read alouds.
I researched lists from 2nd grade teachers and I wanted to warn you that my list leans a little towards chapter books and multicultural picture books to reflect their country studies. Set during the Reconstruction Era, freed slaves are finally able to go to school and Virgie, a girl, wants this privilege as well.
In second grade at our elementary school, the students study three countries: China, Ghana and Mexico.
My son said that it was a read aloud in third grade last year, but I remember reading this with my girls in second grade as their first introduction to historical fiction. My son said that they read a few Roald Dahl books in 2nd grade including Matilda and Fantastic Mr. Another favorite Dahl book of mine that is lesser know but makes a great read aloud is Danny The Champion of the World.
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Great list, personal fan of Jackie’s books and my oldest was a big fan of anything Dahl.
Now that the Lil Divas are both reading (yay!) and we have moved beyond just picture books to leveled readers and chapter books. Young Cam Jansen and the Ice Skate Mystery - This series is great for transitioning readers who are reading well and nearly ready to make the move to more advanced chapter books.
Curious George: A Winter's Nap - This is a level 1 reader but has some big words like hibernation that may require some help to read. Eloise and the Snowman - Little girls love Eloise's spunk and antics so these books are always a favorite. Nate the Great and the Snowy Trail - These simple mysteries are fun for kids to read and try to figure out along with Nate. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #5: Case of the Sneaky Snowman - Nancy and her friends build a snowman only to have it disappear. Magic Tree House #32: Winter of the Ice Wizard - The Ice Wizard has captured Morgan and Merlin and it's up to Jack and Annie to find the Ice Wizards eye to save them.
Katie Kazoo Switcheroo #22: It's Snow Joke - This series is for 2nd grade and up or more advanced younger readers. Here on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas you will find mom talk, family fun, learning ideas & resources, creative crafts, playtime fun, product reviews and giveaways and plenty of Lil Diva antics!Being a mom is its own unique kind of adventure!
The conjunction at the beginning of the sentence, “But”, may not be appropriate for formal writing. Truth be told, I don’t really remember exactly what books my kids were read to in the classroom during 2nd grade. She’s starting seventh grade this fall, but she will still ask me to buy every new Clementine book that comes out.

Piggle Wiggle as a child so I was so happy to see that other 2nd grade teachers also use this series as a read aloud!
The adventures of an arrogant and cold-hearted beloved toy china rabbit as he learns about fear, humility, and ultimately love. She actually wants to be there and she finds a way to connect education with what life is really like for the Athabascans in Alaska during 1948.
Fox but I chose Matilda because almost every third grade kid in PickyKidPix’s class raved about it because they thought it was so funny!
I plan on sharing it with my 2nd grade teachers (I am a principal) as well as my wife, also a 2nd grade teacher. My 6th grader, PickyKidPix, still wants to read every new Clementine as they come out as she still loves them!
I really loved What the Moon Saw; it just came out but it touches on so many different elements in one moving book! We just made our first trip to the library for this school year and had such a hard time picking books on my oldest’s 2nd grade level.
Kids love to read about George's antics and this book is short and helps to teach about hibernation in a basic way that will appeal to younger readers. In this story, Rosamond loses Nate's birthday present and he and Sludge must find it in the snow. Frizzle takes her class on an adventure through the North Pole where they come face to face with all kinds of arctic animals, ride a dog sled and even spend time in an igloo. Katie goes skiing during winter break for the first time and in true Katie Kazoo fashion, mishap ensues when she turns into the ski instructor. Picking the best chapter books for 2nd graders can be tricky, as each child might be reading at a different level.
Clementine is spunky heroine who gets in a little bit of trouble despite herself, reminiscent of Ramona The Pest, but at an easier reading level.
Sam gets lucky money for Chinese New Year from his grandparents and wants to spend it in Chinatown.
By creating materials of her own, she finds a way to teach each and every one of the kids, including learning sign language to help a hearing impaired child. I think the length and the large amount of dialogue made it a challenge for some of my students.
We still enjoy reading great picture books together but each Lil Diva has books that they read daily geared towards their individual reading levels and ability. Children will delight in the rhyme and being able to read this one on their own will be a lovely confidence builder. This series is full of sight words, longer sentences, color photos, fun characters and plots making them great for readers who are transitioning from easy readers into chapter books.
These books are great early chapter books because they have a certain level of difficulty without being too hard or discouraging.
Some will easily breeze through the first few 'Harry Potter' books, while other children might just be starting out with reading on their own.

My kids never got into them but I LOVED them as a child and I worried that they were too old fashioned for kids these days! Here are some fun winter themed books that we have enjoyed for readers in K thru 2nd grade. There's lots of fun extras at the end of the book from how to make ugly cat cupcakes to funny cat jokes that kids will enjoy. These early Magic Tree House books are perfect for children who have transitioned into chapter books because they still have lots of illustrations and the chapters are just the right length - not too long and not too short. These books are fun to read because Katie switches characters with someone new in each book. From quiltmakers to wordsmiths, the Woodson women were indomitable, showing their family the way.
This list includes a variety of age appropriate chapter books for children who are entering, or already in, grade two, but it isn't complete.
I already love many of the books on your list but it will be fun to introduce my students to some I've neglected. Feel free to add your own book suggestions, and be sure to vote for your favorites, too.Some of the greatest books to read to children are included on this list. Not surprisingly, classics like 'Charlotte's Web,' 'Lassie Come Home' and 'The Boxcar' children are among the best choices for second grade reading. I'm going to have to tuck away all these early reader suggestions for next year when my preschooler is reading.
The second grade is a great time to introduce children to the joys of reading a series of books.
Popular series' for kids around this age include the 'Magic Tree House' books (by Mary Pope Osborne), the 'Chronicles of Narnia' series (C.S. Lewis), the 'A to Z Mysteries' (Ron Roy), the 'Warriors: Powers of Three series' (Erin Hunter) and the 'Encyclopedia Brown' series (Donald J. If a child reads the first book in a great series, he or she will be hooked, instantly, and they'll immediately want to read more!Are you looking for books for younger kids, too? Check out these lists of the best books for first graders and the best board books for babies and toddlers.
Correct: Many people fear crashing in an airplane, but driving a car is actually more dangerous.
Before bringing their new treasure home, try using the five-finger test to help them choose a book at an appropriate level. Commonly used circumlocutions in oral communication often become excessive in written communication. Phrases like “the reason that”, “considering the fact that”, and “due to the fact that”, are better replaced by one or two words.

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