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My pubic library creates a great list for summer reading and this is the list I need for my rising 2nd grader. As your child works up to chapter books, a great author for 3rd grade and up is Roald Dahl. I really like the Ivy + Bean series that gently presents issues of friendship mixed with sweet little adventures that appeal to little girls. When a little girl gets a plush stingray for her birthday, it befriends her other toys as they experience the world of real people.
Teacher turned author Suzy Kline uses her years in the classroom as the basis for her Horrible Harry series.
When her second-grade classmates are envious of the three students who are going away on winter vacation, the creative and ingenious Gooney Bird Greene thinks of a geography activity to cheer them all up.
My son spent a preschool year obsessed with dinosaurs and we read nothing by dinosaur books for an entire year. When Wilfong the wolf fails to blow down the house of the Pygg brothers, he stays outside their door all winter learning their games and listening to their jokes and stories, but although he claims to be reformed, the pigs are reluctant to offer friendship.
Any child who has had a beloved babysitter or nanny can relate to Eleanor, who misses her old babysitter.
Spending the whole summer at the beach, Daisy, who can communicate with animals, and her new friends, a dancing crab and two baby rabbits, join forces to help a dolphin in distress. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Great suggestions as it is hard finding the books in between picture books and chapter books. Want to start with Toys Come Home and Daisy Dawson at the Beach – I think both my kids would love those!
These books are great, I have introduced Amelia Bedelia series to my second graders, and they are enjoying it.
One of my favorite read aloud books for my new 3rd graders is Sideway Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. If your kid loves it, then there are loads more books in the series that you can go through.

My girls loved Rainbow fairies as well and devoured them but after I read, like 45!, of them alongside them, the repetitive plot and language started to make me crazy! It seemed like PickyKidPix‘s entire 3nd grade class was happily immersed in Roald Dahl that year. I have another list here with some classics that still endure like the My Father’s Dragon series. Her new babysitter is equally wonderful and helps her to understand that you can still accept and even love your new one. It’s a wonderful series to get girls reading but I really can not take more than, say, 15 of those books.
Let me know if I am on the right track for your daughter and I’d be happy to recommend more books. Picking the best chapter books for 2nd graders can be tricky, as each child might be reading at a different level. Other characters including Horrible Harry (who isn’t that bad of a kid) are compilations of kids she taught. The cartoon illustrations help to break up the text which makes this especially appealing to reluctant readers. Amelia Bedelia was a favorite series of mine as a child and I’m so happy to see that kids today like it too.
There are a lot of popular series but so many are mind numbingly boring with repetitive vocabulary and plots.
Some will easily breeze through the first few 'Harry Potter' books, while other children might just be starting out with reading on their own. Finding really good easy chapter book is tough which is probably why this list is so short. As an author who visits schools, Suzy talks about story seeds, a word or a two that she jots down in an ever present notebook that become the basis of her books.
I’m always trying to find books in this age category and my public library had a great list. Thanks also for Phineas MacGuire series which is new to me and I think I have a two of the Doyle and Fossey series that I never read to my son!

Pencil stub, yellow scarf, purple hanger, June Box are all actual story seeds that are now books in her popular Horrible Harry series which is now published in several languages. This list includes a variety of age appropriate chapter books for children who are entering, or already in, grade two, but it isn't complete. She currently loves the Rainbow Fairies and I was just curious why they’re not good, recommended books? If that was the case, I would be able to wholeheartedly recommend them but as a parent who read too many of them, it started to feel tortuous. Feel free to add your own book suggestions, and be sure to vote for your favorites, too.Some of the greatest books to read to children are included on this list.
My daughter is my oldest so this is my first go-around with school, chapter books, etc… Any advice would be appreciated. Not surprisingly, classics like 'Charlotte's Web,' 'Lassie Come Home' and 'The Boxcar' children are among the best choices for second grade reading. The second grade is a great time to introduce children to the joys of reading a series of books. Popular series' for kids around this age include the 'Magic Tree House' books (by Mary Pope Osborne), the 'Chronicles of Narnia' series (C.S. Lewis), the 'A to Z Mysteries' (Ron Roy), the 'Warriors: Powers of Three series' (Erin Hunter) and the 'Encyclopedia Brown' series (Donald J.
If a child reads the first book in a great series, he or she will be hooked, instantly, and they'll immediately want to read more!Are you looking for books for younger kids, too? Check out these lists of the best books for first graders and the best board books for babies and toddlers.

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