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October 13, 2014 By Nicole Avery Tagged With: children's booksI am very thrilled to have this guest post on the blog today.
Part fantasy quest, part peril on the high seas, Race to the End of the World is rollicking fun. The idea for The Mapmaker Chronicles came to me over the course of several conversations with my two boys, now aged seven and ten.
In the case of The Mapmaker Chronicles, we were talking one night about space – how far it went, what was at the end – one night, and explorers the next. And, in an instant, I could see a race to map the world – and a boy who would really much rather have stayed home.
When I sat down to write The Mapmaker Chronicles, I knew exactly what kind of book it needed to be and I set out to write a tale that was fun, adventurous, full of action and surprises and, as Mr10 put it, ‘a little bit funny’. This is great, my 2 girls aged 8 and 11 yrs are constantly reading, and don’t like the traditional sort of girls books. Check back in again next week Alicia as Allison has written another great list which I think you will like too!
Thanks for the suggestions Angela, from your list we have only read the Tashi series, so more new books to explore for us!

We are lucky to be reading the first Map Maker Chronicles book at the moment – I am reading it out loud as my three big kids couldn’t agree on who would read it first! In this list, Pragmatic Mom has arranged Newberry award-winning books by grade appropriateness. In this post from Afterschool for Smartypants, you’ll find fiction, nonfiction, and poetry recommendations. This series of nonfiction books was very popular in my classroom of third, fourth, and fifth graders. Not only does it give me a list to print out for the 8 year old to take to the library with him this week, but it is also a chance to highlight the first book in a new series written by Australian author A.L. Not since Emily Rodda’s Deltora Quest series has there been such an exciting adventure tale from an Australian author.
I am lucky that they are both enthusiastic readers, and we often discuss such things as which dwarf from The Hobbit we’d invite around for a dinner party (my answer: none) and which wizard you’d want on your side in a crisis – Gandalf or Dumbledore (this is a very lengthy conversation). I am always on the look out for more books for them, I can hardly keep up they read so much.
Recent successes include Sophie’s Misfortunes, Skulduggery Pleasant and The Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Echoes of Robinson Crusoe make this feel like a classic with a new twist, and it’s perfect for readers aged 8 to 12 who are looking for some escapism in the sea of contemporary stories.
I hope you find something for your boys (and girls, because, really, what’s not to love about any of these for girls?) here. Tait is the author of The Mapmaker Chronicles, an exciting adventure trilogy for boys (9+). Monsters, stowaways, jealous courtiers and lost islands – this is a great start to a series that promises a lot to come. The first book in the series, The Race To The End Of The World, is on sale now, and you can find out more about it here. Tait to write this list as I find there are certain types of books my boys have been drawn to and love having lists to keep them reading.

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