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Starting in early June, Kirkus is going to publish our best bets for the new fiction and nonfiction that will delight you this summer. Walker (In Love and Trouble, Meridian) has set herself the task of an epistolary novel—and she scores strongly with it. Don Quixote is known as the father of the modern novel and has been translated into English more than a dozen times. The first line of Pride and Prejudice is, "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." In the story, a man fitting that description moves to town and falls in love with one of the five Bennett daughters, Elizabeth-but she's too headstrong to give in at first. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic coming-of-age story about a teenager and his slave, Jim, as they float down the Mississippi River.
The Catcher in the Rye is one of the most controversial books of the 20th century and it can often be found on the banned books list.
As I Lay Dying is told from multiple perspectives, all of family members, as they travel with the mother's dead body for several days by carriage to the resting place she preferred in Jackson, Mississippi. Ulysses holds the top spot in the Modern Library's list of the 100 Best Novels, as chosen by the Board of the organization. The Modern Library also created a 100 Best Novels readers'-choice list, and Atlas Shrugged was voted the best book.
Included in the Time magazine's list of All-Time 100 Novels and number four on the Modern Library's readers' list, The Lord of the Rings is a sweeping fantasy epic.
The Grapes of Wrath is a classic tale of family in the midst of the Great Depression, one of many books that earned John Steinbeck a reputation as a master of American literature. 1984 earns a spot on many of the previously mentioned lists, falling at number 13 in the Modern Library rankings.
For summer reading with your kids, why not stock up on Must Read classics especially when they are at bargain prices through Thrift Books? If I was stuck in a Groundhog Day moment and could only read one book every single night at bedtime, this would be it.
For a picture book to get you and your child rolling with laughter, try this picture book about a safety officer who takes his job very seriously and his new police dog partner who finds a way to lighten things up. The Eloise series is bound in this single volume making for a great bargain of the adventures of an indomitable little girl and her dear nanny while living in the fancy Plaza hotel. A precious tea set journeys through generations of the Polacco family from fleeing Russia to America where a single cup makes it intact more than a century later.
It’s not easy to find a timeless early chapter book and this wonderful series is bound in a single book for the price of a single volume.
Every child should have access to this wondrous fantasy series that has become part of pop culture.
My Multicultural Children’s Book Day partner, Valarie Budayr of Jump Into a Book, has a wonderful companion book to this classic that has activities throughout the four seasons to celebrate this book. This 1997 Newbery winner is perfect for middle school kids and is probably my favorite book by E. If you need a resource to buy inexpensive used books at the lowest everyday price on the internet, consider Thrift Books. Wish List – Wish List will email you the instant an out-of-print book you want comes onto our shelves. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Multicultural Children’s Book Day Jan 27thMulticultural Children's Book Day is January 27th! The inspirational author Og Mandino, a former World War II US Army fighter pilot and insurance salesman, overcame alcoholism, wrote 19 books and headed Success Magazine. This book is a collection of tips for people who wish to start businesses, or even, as author Guy Kawasaki claims, other sorts of projects, including nonprofit organizations. This book presents the results of a research project that authors Tom Peters and Robert Waterman conducted from 1979 to 1980.
In the book that gave birth to the self-help genre, writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie spells out his plan for getting what you want from other people by changing your behavior. This book is a wonderful collection of tips that range from the practical (how to prepare a resume) to surprisingly New Age-like mystical talk about the infinite powers of the universe. I just went to the Family Literacy Symposium at the Provo City Library last weekend and got lots of great new book recommendations (especially YA Fic) so 2011 is going to be a great literary year!
I did read the Adventures of Edward Tulane and liked it, but Hugo Cabret is still on my list.

But summer isn’t just for reading new books that have the most buzz; hot days give us time to waft in and out of the books we know we’re supposed to have read but never got around to. They're written with some of the most beautiful prose, though styles from one novel to the next will vary greatly. According to an article published in The Guardian, top authors say that this title is the greatest book in the world. The two seem as if they'll never end up together because of rumors, a potential new suitor for Elizabeth Bennett, and other circumstances.
The danger, rich characters, and seriousness veiled in humor make this one of the best novels ever written. It offers a form of clarity regarding the teenage mind, delving into alienation and disillusionment with the adult world that not many books achieve.
A man named Boo who supposedly never leaves the house leaves gifts for her and her friend Dill, and her lawyer father is defending a black man in court much to his white neighbors' dismay. Scarlett begins as a spoiled Southern belle, but as time passes, she is forced to rise to a number of unpleasant occasions. Joyce details a single day in the life of a common man in Dublin, Ireland, drawing parallels with the epic journey of The Odyssey.
The novel details Rand's philosophy of objectivism in a story of politics, economics, and the power of the human mind.
Tolkien created an enduring and captivating world that influences fantasy authors and literature fans to this day, as well as the millions of movie-goers who have enjoyed seeing the books come to life on the big screen. Radcliffe Publishing Course gave it the number three spot, it's number ten on the Modern Library list, and it was also included in the Time list of all-time top novels.
They make readers think, and they may inspire them to think about the world a little differently when they're done.
These are the books I would buy even if it’s a few years before my kids can read them.
The creatures grow more fanciful and you progress through the series and the adventures continue that careful edge of fantasy that does not induce nightmares.
All three of my kids have started out their third grade year with this classic story of friendship and miracles. In Half Magic, four cousins find a magic coin that grants half a wish leading to many adventures as it’s hard to figure out exactly how a half wish will turn out. We also show you how often we get copies of the title you want and how many other Thrift Books customers are interested in the same title.
The Greatest Salesman in the World is a story about an ancient merchant and his 10 mystical scrolls, each bearing a spiritual precept that is applicable to sales success. Kawasaki got his start in marketing at Apple Computer and went on to found several high tech businesses. The authors began each interview with an open-ended question designed to provoke an unstructured conversation about the meaning of success.
His classic text on strategy survived through the centuries and is still as applicable to war, politics and economics today as it was when Sun Tzu first drafted it. Author Hill was a former newspaper reporter, and he studied law and worked for Andrew Carnegie, whose ideas are reflected in Think and Grow Rich. I really enjoyed it and also read the other two books in that trilogy – all three books were great. This is a wonderful book for learning about Japanese culture, as well as beautifully written.
During this magazine’s 80-year history, our critics have had an enviable track record of knowing which books would become classics when those books were first published. The best classic novels stay with you long after you've read them, and sometimes may tempt you back into their world time and time again. It tells the story of a fearless knight, Don Quixote, and his adventures with his squire, Sancho. In the midst of the type of drama that large families do best, they have a chance to find out the truth about one another. According to Entertainment.Time, this book reached the top of the New York Times best-seller list in the second week following its publication and it is still loved today. To Kill a Mockingbird addresses not only prejudice and hatred between the races, but also sends a message to have patience and understanding for everyone. They fell in love, but class differences (she was rich and he was poor) kept them apart and she married Tom, a bully.
She meets them head-on and shows her inner strength, but she's flawed when it comes to relationships.

It is noted by scholars for its stream-of-consciousness narrative and experimental writing techniques.
In a bleak future where the government controls all thought, one man hopes for an alternative. In this book, Madeleine and her friends journey to London to cheer up their old neighbor, Pepito. This single cup is the blessing cup that brings good luck and lasting memories for her family.
Miss Rumphius is based on a real person; a little girl who dreamed of traveling the world and then went and did just that. What we love about the other books in the series is how Edward Eager weaves a multi-book plot to include entirely new casts of characters but always manages to have these original cousins make cameo appearances. Thrift Books offers FREE Shipping on US Orders of $10 or more and orders are shipped within 24 hours!
After selecting a sample of 43 companies from six major industries, they examined the firms’ practices closely.
The authors drew from these highly personalized revelations to extrapolate the qualities that high achievers share, particularly a driving desire to have meaningful impact. Many translations of Sun Tzu’s manuscript are available, but this one is both attractive and focused. His book is as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published more than a quarter-century ago. Carnegie developed these principles by drawing from examples of persuasive people in history, such as Abraham Lincoln, and from his own experiences.
Covey managed to repackage an ethical and moral tradition thousands of years in development and make it meaningful to a late twentieth century, secular audience. Recognized as the father of modern management, Drucker forecast numerous pivotal trends, including decentralization, privatization and the development of the information society.
Other favorites were The Shack, which you suggested :), The Secret Life of Bees, and the Robert Farrell Smith books. So before we divulge 2013’s hot summer reading titles, this week we give you 10 classics to catch up on.
Don Quixote has read so many books concerning chivalry, he's on a quest of his own to save the world from the wicked and help the good guys who need assistance.
The book holds the number one spot on a list of 101 favorite books in a survey conducted by Australian Bookseller Dymocks. In 2008, participants in a poll conducted by The Telegraph voted To Kill a Mockingbird as the greatest novel of all time. She's in love with a married man, Ashley, while pushing away charming, roguish suitor Rhett Butler. The book's concept of "Big Brother" still arises whenever government regulations get a little too invasive or restrictive. All four children are extremely intelligent, and they each have a unique way of seeing the world.
Or is it because it has become such a reference that other authors use it as a pillar to build and develop their own theory. Although they did this study more than 20 years ago, their results provide a model of eight core principles for excellence that are still true for companies today. Most of what you find in this book you will find in Aristotle, Cicero, Benedict, Tillotson and their heirs. He introduced the concept of the “knowledge worker,” a term he employs widely in this fascinating book. With that quest comes all the drama, elegance, and glamour that could be packed into a book of just under 200 pages. After he's left her, supposedly for good, Scarlett decides she needs Rhett in her life and sets out to win him back.
Since there are many great business books which already stood the test of time, picking only 10 books for our list isn’t an easy task, so forgive us if your favorite business book didn’t make the cut. Covey adds a few references to psychology, a twentieth century science, and many to Viktor Frankl, a sage of the Holocaust.

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