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These days, it’s spectacularly easy to put vast amounts of studio power in the corner of your bedroom.
While you can learn nearly all you need to know these days from YouTube videos, the classic form of the printed word remains as important as ever.
For example, an online video may tell you to boost and cut particular frequencies on the distorted guitar playing muted power chords in a particular track, but what if your track features different instruments to the video? Equally, if you know the principles of analogue and digital audio, how they work, how to balance headroom with the signal to noise ratio for recording at a particular word length etc, then you’ll be able to set up appropriate signal paths and gain structures for virtually any setup, rather than just knowing how to do it for particular pieces of equipment. Also, there’s something just nice about having a nice couple of reference books sitting in your studio, there for, well, reference when you need.
With all that said, let’s take a look at some of our favourite books to make you an audio expert! Mastering Audio also contains a plethora of handy explanations and definitions such as the difference between level and gain, dBu and dBFS and plenty of the technical nitty gritty that you’ll want to know. Beginning with a great introduction into the recording studio and the business and covering everything from what sound is and how we hear it to the manufacture of the finished product, via all the important bases of studio acoustics, microphone placement, the digital audio workstation (DAW), dynamic range as well as a sections on the mixing and mastering stages of  the process, this book is a superb reference if you want to get your hands dirty and get up to speed with all aspects of recording technology and production. Of course, it also has tables full of all those things you want to know and covers areas such as analogue and FM synthesis, how to measure your room’s frequency response and how digital audio works.
A cracking read that, while having a fair few equations in it, doesn’t assume that you want to derive them from first principles. Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio by Mike Senior and The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook by Bobby Owsinski. With sections discussing how to begin your mixing session, from cleaning up your DAW session and getting organised, to compressing, eqing, volume automating and all that good stuff, Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio and The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook are both great references for the aspiring mix engineer.
Behind the Glass Volume II by Howard Massey gives you access to the production secrets of some of the world’s biggest producers. From indie guitarist to deep house producer via Northern Soul dj; producer and mix engineer for Eskview Sound.
The main difference between successful musicians and non successful musicians (alongside talent) is the ability to market themselves well. This ebook will be sent directly to your personal email address and you’ll also get new free guides sent to you twice a week.
Arguably one of the top 2 most helpful ebooks on this page; here’s a top ebook that will make the next 12 months your best in music so far!
Regardless of all the naysayers you’ll hear on the internet, it is possible to make a full time income from music.
In this book you can see some examples of real musicians who are making a full time income from music, and learn what they’re doing to reach that level.

This ebook looks at 60 steps you can take to building a good relationship with people and getting your first group of true fans.
Most of the guides on this site are by Shaun Letang - the founder of Music Industry How To. The Best in Class Comprehensive Band Method series is comprised of individual instrument method books and conductor's score. As the days left of 2012 dwindle down, Apple has opened up a new section in iTunes to commemorate the year. There are very few beginning band methods on the market written specifically for the elementary student. As an elementary director, I became frustrated with the fast pace and small print in the popular method books written by the big publishers. Additional books quickly followed with The Intermediate Band Fun Book, The Real Book for  Beginning Elementary Band Students, FUNsembles: Book of Easy Duets for Beginning Band Students, Fifty Famous Classical Themes, Thirty Famous Patriotic Songs and The Politically Correct Book of Holiday Songs.
Additionally, we have an entire collection of string books for students as young as Kindergarten. This book is comprised of more than thirty patriotic themes for clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, violin and guitar.  Chord changes are included in all books. While short video clips are great for learning how to do particular things in your DAW, or what EQ settings to use on an acoustic guitar, they can often be overly specific. With over 600 pages of information, there is plenty in Modern Recording Techniques to keep you going for quite some time!
They are simply both wonderful guides to the world of the mix engineer and how to go about getting your mix to take shape.
Daniel Lanois, Hugh Padgham, Jimmy Douglass, Bruce Swedien (best moustache in production), T-Bone Burnett and plenty more spill the beans on how they work. Between our 5000 square foot Edinburgh shop filled with an incredible range of products, and our London showroom in Clapham specialising in high-end instruments, dj and pro-audio, Red Dog Music has you covered from north to south and from performance to playback.
A must read for any one who wants to learn how to market their music and get their music to fans. Basically, if you can get 1000 fans that will buy everything you release, you’ll be able to make a good full time income from your music.
Here are 10 more examples of musicians who are making a full time income and what they’ve done to get there. I hope you’ve found it useful, if so please share this page on other sites where musicians hang out and let them download these free music books too. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and make people WANT to hear it.

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Easy to read over-sized notation includes two versions of each song – one with letters inside the note-heads and one with regular musical notation. If you know the underlying principles of EQing, you’ll be in a better position to make your own judgments and adapt to particular situations. Do you work on the drums and bass so that the rhythm section is tight before you get to work on the rest of the mix?
While they’re all available by searching around this site, many readers have missed them due to this site being so big. Learn how to effectively market your music however and your chances of getting where you want increases greatly. This book gives you 8 super helpful practical tips which will give your music career a serious boost, be sure to download it and read it in full.
This will give you plenty more ideas of what steps you can personally take to achieve this in your music career, so download this PDF for free now.
This incredibly successful beginning band method brings together over 65 years of band room experience. Each section is split up into several categories, such as types of apps and movies, and Apple lists the top sellers for every general category. Here is Red Dog Music’s selection of some of the best books for audio engineering, mixing and production to make you an audio expert! With a strong emphasis on unique problems encountered by students of the various instruments, this time-tested method has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier band methods available.
Or for an in-depth fool proof guide on how to get people to listen to your music, get our online music business course here. If you put into practice what you learn from them, you will see improved results in your music career guaranteed.

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