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Instead of beating around the bush and teasing you with clues about what I think the best book for stock market investing is, let’s just get to the point. There’s one simple reason The Intelligent Investor is the best book for stock market investing.
The Intelligent Investor does a fantastic job of illustrating this concept of investing (for value) and then showing you how to find stock ideas and investment picks where the price is less than the value. Finding these under-valued bargains is the main thesis of The Intelligent Investor and what (in my opinion) makes it the best stock market investing book. Below is an excerpt from The Dhandho Investor (another great stock market investing book from the same school of thought) that explains  what Buffett loves most about this time-honoured stock market investing book. Here’s why Warren Buffett thinks The Intelligent Investor is the best Stock Market Investing Book.
If you are feeling a little bit curious to learn more about the best stock market investing book, I really recommend you read this Intelligent Investor book review. This entry was posted in Stock Ideas and tagged best stock market book on May 15, 2014 by Jworthy. Stock Ideas is a personal website intended for educational purposes only.
The Best Value Investing Books are the most effective way to improve your own value investing knowledge. Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders are the best written example of seeing value investing in action.
The best value investing books are incredibly helpful in getting you up to speed with value investing. Using fundamentally-focused value investing as your approach to the stock markets helps bring conviction to your investing ideas, even if you’re a shorter-term position or swing trader.
This entry was posted in Stock Ideas and tagged best value investing book on January 7, 2014 by Jworthy. Market then the best book for stock market investing is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

While you can certainly make money at this type of trading, it’s not truly investing. That will give you an idea as to what you can really expect from this amazing book, and how it will help you as an investor. You’ll also get weekly updates with the best tips and tools to help you improve your investing and trading decision making.
I'm a value investor but, I use swing trading techniques to manage my position sizes and risk.
Nothing on this website is a recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise interact with any security. Whether you have been a buy-and-hold investor your whole life, or you are just getting started out with stock picking, value investing is an amazing way to kick-start your investing education. By browsing the time-tested value investing books below you’ll be introduced to the most respected thinking on the subject of value investing.
Please note the list of value investing books is presented in the order of usefulness for value investors. The author Joel Greenblatt does an amazing job of applying value investing philosophies to creative situations. This book is basically a bunch of quotes and excerpts from the world’s best value investors. There is no better way to learn about the financial metrics, capital structures and earnings expectations that all influence the value of an investment. And if you’re investing for the long term then investing in the books above will be much cheaper than trying to learn the lessons of value investing on your own. Let me know if there’s any other value investing books you’d like to see included in this list of the best! For a complete terms of service please see the privacy policy and terms of use. Reading these books is the easiest way for you to get you up to speed with the philosophy and methodology of value investing.

And despite an original publication in 1934, the book has stood the test of time making it the bible of value investing. And this value investing book does an even better job of showing you how you can find these unique investing opportunities for yourself. He takes a very straightforward approach in explaining his investment decisions and the value investing philosophy of Berkshire Hathaway. That’s because Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits discusses the value case for growth investing. The quotes are all organized into the major factors that determine value investing, from analyzing value, controlling risk and when to sell your value investments.
And the book also contains a number of very helpful stock market analogies and thought experiments that make it easier to conceptualize and apply the value investing methodology for yourself. These letters are literally a 50-year case study of how value investing has been applied successfully.
Warren Buffett has said The Intelligent Investor was the most important he book he ever read.
This value investing book is really helpful for learning how you can spot value investing opportunities yourself. So if you’re looking for the best value investing book of all time, look no further than The Intelligent Investor. Additionally, Bank ofAmerica's stock is still trading below its book value of around $21.50.

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