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This best-selling resource is completely updated, and still the most easy-to-use and effective high-yield review for USMLE Step 3. Presents updated case scenarios mirroring those on the Step 3 exam to keep you abreast of changes to the exam. Includes additional high-yield figures to be more relevant to recent administrations of the exam. Features tips on the computer-based case simulations to prepare you for essential elements of the exam. Draws upon the personal experience of the best-selling author of USMLE reviews, Adam Brochert, MD, for trustworthy tips on how to study for the exam. Organizes material logically and allows quick spot review using bulleted and numbered lists, as well as many tables throughout the text. We are proud that we have made a revolution in internal medicine ebooks all over the world!!!
200 Rules to succeed in the Residency Match - a results-oriented, thorough, and complete guide.

First Aid for the USMLE Step 3 provides busy residents with thousands of high-yield facts, mnemonics, and visual aids to help them pass the USMLE Step 3.
Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. In forty seven days, I’ll be taking that test, known by medical students around the world as “Step 1.” Luckily, my med school gave us some time off to study for it, so I’ll be studying full time as of now. Covering all specialties and subspecialties included on the exam, it’s perfect for the busy house officer who needs a review that hits all the important and commonly tested concepts in a concise format. You have to do reasonably well in medical school in order to get a good residency position, and you need a good residency slot to get a good job one day.
The recommended study schedule: three 3-hour study blocks per day, five days per week, with one weekend day reserved for review and one weekend day “off.” Intense, huh? Over 100 high-yield figures illustrate important concepts, conditions, and imaging modalities. The third edition features full color throughout the book, 35 pages of new material, and a complete revision to eliminate redundancy and over-information and highlight the most essential material for the exam.

The most important criterion residency programs use to evaluate medical students is an exam called the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).
Step 1 causes a lot of anxiety for many medical students, myself included, but I’m trying to maintain normal life activities like eating, sleeping, and exercising in addition to studying! Get tips, insights, and guidance on how best to prepare and what to expect with the reader-friendly, succinct, and engaging writing style of best-selling author Adam Brochert, MD. It is written by residents who recently passed Step 3 and reviewed by faculty for accuracy.

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