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Lots of bestselling books were turned into movies this year, some with more success than others.
The Best Book Design from all over the World is an annual competition held in Leipzig since 1963.
The other one is the poetry book Form of Forms, by Mark Goldstein, designed by the author himself.
Hosted by World Soccer Talk, this is the sixth annual World Soccer Talk Awards where we recognize the best of the soccer season from players to blogs, podcasts and much more. When it comes to getting publicity for books, an author can’t put all his or her eggs in one basket. Semifinalists – (Announced July 1, 2014) If your book passes the “pre-screening” round it will become a “Semifinalist”.
Finalists – (Announced September 1, 2014) The top five books in each category will become Finalists. Winners – (Announced October 1, 2014) The top book in each category will be named the winner and receive the prize package (listed below). Posted in Best Kindle Book Award, Contests and tagged A Writer's Life, Contests, Indie Writers on April 2, 2014 by michaelwp.
Margaret – I think I misread your comment and just realized it after I responded to another commenter.
I think the reason this contest has this requirement is because the organization doesn’t have a huge staff.
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When putting together last year’s best book club picks, I mentioned looking for titles that could spark discussion around interesting topics or debatable characters and the same holds true for 2014. I feel like I’m constantly pushing for book clubs to give nonfiction a try because it can lead to some of the best group discussions. Short story collections can work well for book clubs, as they allow for discussion around common themes as well as individual stories.
An Untamed State can be a difficult book to get through on your own, which makes it perfect to read with a supportive group. But the novel also begs to be talked about upon finishing, as it touches on numerous challenging and important topics. Another great piece of nonfiction, Dataclysm focuses on breaking down and finding patterns in the data gathered by different social media networks. Just before How to Build a Girl was published earlier this year, I took part in a readalong with several other bloggers. One thing guaranteed to bring a group of people together is looking back to the whirlwind of adolescence. After a crisis wipes away the world Cal and Frida once knew, the pair seeks shelter in the California wilderness. I wasn’t in love with it either (there are actually a few on this list that I was so-so on), but I really wanted to talk about it!
I really wish I had grabbed it at BEA, too (among several others!), but I just ended up with a library copy because I wanted it so bad!

I could see Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes, To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris, We Are Called to Rise by Laura McBride, The Blazing World by Siri Hustvedt, J by Howard Jacobson, Orfeo by Richard Powers, and The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber all making good book club picks.
I think Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern reach trilogy would be good for a bookclub, only because you need other people to hep you unpick what the hell is going on! You’re the second person to mention Life Drawing, so it sounds like I need to take a peek at that one! The Raven Nevermore series is in-part inspired by Gothic tales, and part of the carry over from that influence came from the wonderful woodcut art found in late 19th- and early 20th-century public domain books and collections.
More than anything, Casal’s beautiful covers helped give me the confidence boost I needed to complete the 272 page comic project.
I couldn’t be more proud to see his art picked and listed along side Darwyn Cooke (Batwing), Rafael Albuquerque (BPRD), and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) whom I personally consider in the top echelon of cover artists in the comic industry.
While certain adaptations were strikingly loyal (Gone Girl), some films strayed a little from their source material but were still great (Mockingjay). One of them is Love and the Mess We’re In by Stephen Marche, designed by Andrew Steeves, from Gaspereau Press, which got the first prize in the Prose Fiction category in the Alcuin Book Awards. It was awarded a Honourable Mention in the Poetry category by the Alcuin Society for its unusual layout.
The Alcuin Society submitted 41 books, that were winners of the 2012 Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. And while the biggest thing going on in my world right now is the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, it would take a little bit of luck to go win it.
In this round, KBR is looking for books with a compelling book description, but more importantly, books that “grab them from the beginning”.
A maximum of 20 books per category will make it to this round where KBR reviewers will read the entire manuscript. When I tried to upload my manuscript using the same version I uploaded to Amazon for the Kindle edition, I keep getting a message that says it only accepts Mobi.
Are you saying that you never created a .MOBI file to begin with and that you uploaded a Word or PDF to Amazon which took care of the conversion?
They can’t handle the volume of conversions they would need to do if people submitted various forms of documents.
I will try your suggestion and email the guy who is running the contest (if I can figure out who that is).
Each book has an element that will get readers standing up for their opinions, questioning conventions or searching for answers.
In On Immunity, new mother Eula Biss examines the fears, truths and myths around modern immunization and how those ideas impact society as a whole.
Stone Mattress is perfect for this, as the collection’s stories are incredibly strong on their own but are also bound together by several different themes. Though it sounds technical and dry, Christian Rudder presents the information in a way that will have you itching to discuss his findings with someone else. Based on our weekly talks alone, I can attest to the fact that Caitlin Moran’s sharp, funny novel on growing up is perfect for reading with a group.

Brutal Youth follows several teenagers as they navigate the bully-infested waters of their early-90’s high school. When Frida discovers she is pregnant, they are forced to make decisions about their future that will have groups asking questions, making predictions and puzzling out answers.
The only one of these I’ve read is California and I think that would lend itself well to book club discussion. I haven’t read it, but my husband actually has, and I could tell he would have liked someone else to talk about a few things.
He was able to take the conceptual directions I gave him for each cover and roll out all 9 covers in record time, each one superb.
Voting closes on Sunday, May 25, 2014. The winner of each World Soccer Talk Awards category will be announced on World Soccer Talk on Tuesday, May 27. Receive: [1 Monthly Email] + [Cover Reveals, Giveaways, New Novel Alerts] + [Provoke Not The Children excerpt]. Both the characters and the challenges they face create ideal opportunities for discussion and flashback. What Are You Reading?I Can Spot a Favorite in the First Ten PagesIt’s Monday, July 11th.
The aesthetic he captured in his art immediately triggered every desire in me to reach out and make a connection. But I thought the entry cost was low enough, the prizes large enough, and a win something I could utilize well-enough in future marketing campaigns to warrant an entry. Without seeing the file, I can’t really venture a guess as to why that would be if it works just fine on the Kindle.
I’m assuming you uploaded a Word file or PDF file to CreateSpace and Amazon did the conversion for you?
It’s definitely discussion-provoking, but I liked how it felt like a lighter read at the same time.
I had 4 other issue #1 pieces completed and submitted, and although I enjoy them as well… my gut screamed to hook in Casal.
This love I had for these old woodcut illustrations made my attraction to Casal’s art a no-brainer. I heard about it largely because I’m a huge fan of Hugh Howey (all the campaigning he does on behalf of self-published writers, that is. My suggestion would be to use a free program (well, you get a 30-day trial for free) of Scrivener. Find a couple YouTube videos and a few articles that explain the process, and then give yourself 10 hours over a weekend to fight through the frustrations.
You can do it and it’s very liberating when you finally pull off a version that shows well on a Kindle.

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