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Almost 5 years ago, Estelle & Magan met at a wedding — where M was the photographer and E was a bridesmaid for her best friend's big day. Since then, we’ve shared our love of books, Zac Efron, and shopping on this blog, changed jobs, had babies, moved, visited DC and Disney World together, and constantly stayed connected -- despite the miles between us. Share book reviews and ratings with Magan (Rather Be Reading), and even join a book club on Goodreads.
The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr — Death and betrayal lead Lucy to walk away from being a concert pianist. Reboot by Amy Tintera — I met Amy at ALA Annual this year and she’s the sweetest little lady! Return to Me by Justina Chen Headley — Life changing news + a girl on her way to college. Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi — I am so anxious to learn more about these characters.
The book I hadn’t heard of but is now on my list thanks to your post is Return to Me. Jamie - Love how our lists are so similar (obvi because we have great taste in books ?? )…ahhh how did I forget Requiem (like major fail…you know how excited I am) and This Is What Happiness Looks Like??!
Cynthia - I’m soooo lame, totally forgot to add This is What Happy Looks Like and Falling for You to my list. The Reading-ista - Return To Me was not on my list, but I am looking forward to that one too. The story of the girl shot by the Taliban for speaking up for women’s education is one of idealism and stubborn courage, and a reminder that women’s rights and many children’s rights to education are continually threatened. Barr’s moving, funny, inspiring memoir of growing up gay in Motherwell is a virtuoso piece of autobiography that paints a vivid portrait of our country’s recent past.

Through the life of radical poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, we gain a vivid portrait of how post-World War I Europe led to fascism. Heartbreaking but not without hope, this is a beautifully written love letter to the family lost in the 2004 tsunami and an account of grief and living with it. A 13-year-old Japanese autistic boy’s explanation of how he sees the world is fascinating and insightful. This fascinating account of Britain’s biggest imperial disaster, the first Afghan war, is a lesson for our times. Hastings’s immensely readable epic history runs from the outbreak of war until Christmas 1914.
Laing explores why six masters of American modernism might have been so haunted by alcoholism. Solomon writes about the challenges of families who have been marked out as different by disability, illness, circumstances or desire.
A book about the lives of others and others’ problems, clearly and persuasively written by a leading psychoanalyst, that may tell you a great deal about yourself.
This lavishly presented selection of works ranges from 1989 to 2012, across genres and continents. As gripping as a Le Carre thriller, this is the remarkable story of two Germans who took radically different paths in life that converged when one tracked the other down as part of the British War Crimes Investigation Team. An engrossing compendium tracing transatlantic pop from the post-war youth explosion to the digital revolution.
The winner of the 2013 William Hill Sports Book of the Year award is a cracking yarn that brings together a criminal underclass, drugs, sex, gambling and royalty. Fantasy books took a majority (6 out of 10) of the spots, including top choice Glass Houses, the first book in Rachel Caine’s highly-acclaimed and widely popular Morganville Vampires series.

Despite being published over a decade ago (1999 and 2000 respectively), the journey of the boy-wizard continues to enthrall readers of all ages. RBR has been the our own version of a coffee date, our way to mark the time before we can hang out and gab in person again.
I’m back with another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the awesome crew at The Broke and The Bookish.
I am trying to branch out of dark and twisted murder stories and experience more light-hearted fiction, so I am definitely looking forward to This is What Happy Looks Like.
A few that didn’t make my list but are still must-reads for me are Falling for You, The Moon and More, and Return to Me. I have This Is What Happy Looks Like, Through The Ever Night and Requiem on my top ten as well!
I have heard of it, and it’s on my want to read shelf on GR, but I just wanted to say again that it sounds AMAZING. In 1982, the straight-talking Stibbe arrived as a nanny to a literary family in north London.
Running from her 1925 birth until the end of the Falklands War in 1982, this is a fair reminder of just how extraordinary Thatcher’s achievement as a woman was.
Vampires remain popular in children’s fiction, with both Twilight (#3) and The Dead Girls Dance (#5) taking another two of the top five spots. I could hardly narrow this down — do you guys realize how much amazingness is coming out in the next year?

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