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Every once in awhile a movie strikes a chord with us and no movie in the history of the Movie Madness Podcast has sparked more discussion before it came out than Guardians of The Galaxy! It seems like every year we get more and more comic book movies coming out, which is great! Guardians of the Galaxy has been our most discussed movie here at the Movie Madness Podcast. We love Comic Book Movies and there has been so many good Comic Book Movies come out in recent years and each one of us has our favorites! As usual, movies took inspiration from books this year, and not just the YA stuff either (OK, there was lots of YA stuff, but it was good stuff!). Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock was helped by some pretty awesome effects for his mechanical tentacles, but he had movie villain experience. Michael Fassbender did fine stepping into big shoes, but this nod goes to Sir Ian McKellen’s original. Jack Nicholson is always playing Jack Nicholson first and foremost, but he was indelible in Tim Burton’s first Batman movie. We're always looking for a good book to read, and Hollywood has a pretty good line into the next hot novels, since they're always in the process of adapting so many books for the big screen.
What it's about: The love stories of two couples — an elderly one and a young one — are intertwined in a North Carolina setting. What it's about: A former policeman, Leo Demidov, gets tangled up in tracking a cruel killer of women and children in Soviet-era Russia, which is based on a true story. Who's starring: Tom Hardy is playing Demidov, Noomi Rapace plays his wife, and Gary Oldman also stars.
What it's about: A young woman named Bathsheba Everdene has to deal with the difficult, sometimes tragic consequences of being in relationships with three different suitors at the same time. Who's starring: Carey Mulligan, Tom Sturridge, and Matthias Schoenaerts will star in the film adaptation. What it's about: Emma Bovary marries to escape her father's farm, but she soon tries to leave that behind too via her affairs and the glitter of high society.

Who's starring: Mia Wasikowska is playing Emma, opposite Ezra Miller and Logan Marshall-Green. What it's about: Two awkward high schoolers, Greg and Earl, befriend a terminally ill girl, Rachel. Who's starring: Olivia Cooke is playing Rachel, with Thomas Mann as Greg and RJ Cyler as Earl.
What it's about: The Fault in Our Stars author Green tells the story of Q and Margo, childhood friends united by a mystery. What it's about: In this love story, young Louisa forms a bond with Will, the paralysed man she is employed to help. What it's about: The second instalment of the Maze Runner series continues as the Gladers and Thomas have escaped the maze, but find themselves in their next test. Should you decline I would suggest keeping an eye out for blue girls, white faced guys and maybe an older gent with a weird helmet waving his hand at your car. We were in two camps, Doug and Craig had predicted a critical bomb and only a mild box office success Jeremy was the lone champion never wavering in his full support of The Guardians both critically and financially!  So who was right?
Not only do we get to talk about our most anticipated movies of the year, we also get to put our reputations on the line! Whether it’s a beloved franchise brought back to life or the continuation of an epic story line we can’t wait for what comes next!
American classic The Great Gatsby made it to the big screen, another Nicholas Sparks novel was adapted into another romantic tearjerker, and, of course, big-budget hits like Catching Fire and Ender's Game came to life.
Released after his death, his giddily anarchic take was what made this the best superhero movie ever. There are a lot of books becoming movies right now, and a lot of them will finally hit the cinema this year. As he was about to be fired for fabricating details on a big story, Finkel learned that an arrested mass murderer named Christian Longo had posed as Finkel while he was on the run. Building on the already amazing Marvel cinematic universe Marvel has once again set the bar for what not just a comic book movie should be but any action movie should be!

As comic book fans we’re always on edge about how Hollywood will treat our beloved characters. So we decided we had to do something special and I hopped in my car along with my son Kirby drove two hours to Indianapolis to see Guardians of the Galaxy with Jeremy and his family in IMAX!
Tune in to our Top 5 Surprising Movie Deaths episode and find out our absolute horror at the death of Alan Tudyk and which movie it was.
Christopher Nolan wraps up his trilogy with a very, very important villain in Batman lore: Bane (played by Tom Hardy). For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, About Our Ads and Terms of Service.
Check out this list for the hot adaptations being released in 2015, and add some new titles to your bookshelf too! Doug, Jeremy and I chose the most despicable raging lunatics, madmen and maniacs (not including yours truly of course) to round out our individual favorites. Craig has a review of Get on Up the James Brown bio pic starring Chadwick Boseman, Nelsan Ellis and Dan Aykroyd. Get it wrong and its like crushing our hopes and dreams so as happy as we are to talk the best comic book movies we thought it would be fun to name The 5 Worst Comic Book Movies! Craig thinks there’s Oscar potential in Get on Up so listen in and find out more about this gem that might get missed amongst the blockbusters. Now I know you think your picks are better than ours but how are we to know if you don’t send them to us.

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