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This year was yet another great year for book covers, and it was pretty hard narrowing down my favorites. And yes, I know that Singing The Dogstar Blues was originally published in 1998, but it was re-released in 2012 with the cover pictured above, so I'm gonna let it count, as technically that cover is a 2012 release. Wer schon immer nach weiteren Emoticons (Die kleinen Graphiken, mit denen man die Gefuhlslage ausdruckt) in den Skype Instant Messages gesucht hat, hier lang (headbang).

Sadly, today's topic is only for book covers that were released in 2012, not just from books you've read in 2012, so there are a few great covers that won't make this list. Your comments are truly appreciated, and I always try to respond to each of you at your own blogs. But at any rate, that just narrows down my choices and makes it easier for me to pick my fave 10.

And Someone Else's Life and TPoLaFS (that book cover also got on to my list but in a different edition cover, hehe)!

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