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I’ve finally compiled a collection of my most personal coaching advice in one volume…Everything I always wished I knew but had to learn along the way. It has always been my practice to share the secrets, strategies and systems from my own life to help others duplicate my success. I have found that the most impacting strides were made with clients just by giving them a peek into how I live, where I shop, how my family functions and more.
My Life In Style is a visionary book, a prototype of what’s in store when you open up your mind to DREAM BIGGER. What you will find in this book…is wonderful inspirations and life-coaching lessons that came about from a lifetime of girl talk with thousands of women. I can’t take you all with me everyday…but I am making my life available to you….I am literally an ‘OPEN BOOK’.
I’ve been asked just about every question in the book and I am determined to lay it all out for you right here.
Life-coaching lessons that came about from a lifetime of girl talk with thousands of women.

My Life in Style will enlighten the ordinary woman to reach beyond her circumstance and strive for nothing less than extraordinary.
The coaching lessons in each chapter will help you develop your own personal point of view. I invite you to freely enter into my world for inspiration, then become motivated convert that inspiration into your own style, your life and your world. Remember, to inspire comes from the word meaning “to breathe into,” so as I show you my life I hope it becomes a simple wind of change—a breeze that floats through, refreshes and maybe blows the dust from your style files and translates into true transformation. Design the stylish life of your dreams today by clicking the order button below and placing your order. Take the book everywhere you go by downloading it to your Ipad, Kindle, Iphone, or whatever your favorite e-reading machine!
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Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request.

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