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EYEWITNESS TO WORLD WAR II takes a comprehensive look at the entire history of World War II — from the key events leading to the clash to the final moments of the war. The book begins with the causes of World War II, when Hitler invaded Poland, and provides snapshots of the state of China, Spain, Italy and other countries, which allows readers to contextualize the geopolitical realities of the world just prior to the war.
EYEWITNESS TO WORLD WAR II brings readers closer than ever before to the greatest challenge a generation of Americans had ever faced. Editor Neil Kagan heads Kagan & Associates, a firm specializing in innovative illustrated books. National Geographic Books is a global publisher of 125 new books annually in Adult and Children’s combined, as well as a publisher of digital content and services with more than 50 partners who translate our books.
The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. American authors wrote a surprising number of excellent books about World War II, more so than any war before or after. One of the amazing things about World War II was the vast number of completely different stories that are buried within it. You get the picture behind the guys in C-for-Charlie company and Guadalcanal in this war book; what the war feels like for someone that hates it, but still tries to fight their best. This book is a bit more of a soap opera than the typical Wouk novel ? not in it's plot and drama, but in it's broader cast.
A not quite as good sequel to Wouk's The Winds of War, it's still worth reading if you read the first. This is one of those sweeping, epic war stories that reek of the 1950s and are so darned fun to read today.
I've always been interested in topics of every kind, so what the heck, I built this website to recommend books of every kind. You sprinkle in a little China, Pakistan v Iran nuclear exchange, and of course those gruesome scenes from India and you have yourself a winner, precisely because the human characters in those stories are easily the best part about it. I don't know how will they show the fucking terrifying tactics that we eventually use against Z.
I've never been able to figure out whether Ann Colter is screwing Bill Maher or John Stewart in that segment.

The Battle Of Yonkers is a very important set piece (for the eye-candy if nothing else) but the Battle Of Hope doesn't really work without seeing the army get bitchslapped in New York first. Is where the suburban families head north without a plan and after a week or two turn into cannibals. Dude, the Prometheus pics are like 50 times cooler than these WATERED-DOWN World War ABCXYZ pics.
It's such a great part of the book because, you shake your head at how fucked up extreme the Redeker Plan is, but at the same time, you understand how it is a logical solution in a fucked situation. That fucking cunt will become a millionaire for killing her daughter and getting away with it. Even if she hadn't killed her daughter, wouldn't she realise that she would have a hard time explaining why she behaved the way she did with her daughter missing? This book includes words and thoughts of those who lived during this historic time — both on the front lines and the home front.
The next six chapters follow the war action around the world, from Pearl Harbor to the Bataan Peninsula, from North Africa to Normandy. Incredible, first-person stories, moments of heroism, arresting rare imagery and rich maps bring the entire history of World War II into sharp focus.
During his career at Time-Life Books, he spearheaded multiple historic series and has produced “Eyewitness to the Civil War” and “Atlas of the Civil War” for National Geographic. Founded in 1888 to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge,” the Society’s mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. There was something about the war that attracted writers: maybe because World War II was the largest conflict the world had seen, or the fact that 50 million lost their lives. It deserves another look, both for Heller's brilliant use of dialogue as well as his exploration of the absurdities of war and the military machine. This war book is basically a redemption story, both for Major Riesman and those under his command.
Yes, it is sick, twisted, depraved and includes the Holocaust and a porn star named Montana Hilhack (a vision of Miley Cyrus' future?) — but that's what makes it so jarring.
Regardless, if you enjoy good writing and don't mind a little bit of high drama, you'll like this solid beach read.

Is that enough of a recommendation for you to take a chance on one of the defining cheesy war books of the late 1940s? I hope they include the scene where the soldier walks into his old house, looks around, and blows his brains out.
There are personal writings from Roosevelt and Patton, excerpts from soldiers’ letters and journal entries from the battlefield, words from women serving in the military, reports by war correspondents and even the musings of Hitler.
Battle for Yonkers is the one everyone talks about (and will kick all sorts of arse if done right), but the shipyard scared the shit out of me when I read it. He can point a camera in the direction of the actors and keep them in focus (except in Quantum Of Solace), but that's about it. Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a worker at the United Nations trying to stop the zombie outbreak. As the Greatest Generation passes on, we lose the opportunity to hear firsthand the tales of sacrifice, heroic moments and devastating battles.
Photographs and maps bring into sharp focus moments of triumph, defeat and heartache, while they detail military movements, decisive battles, daily life as well as the horrors of war. Throughout EYEWITNESS TO WORLD WAR II, the text highlights the stories of such individuals as Takeo Yoshikawa, a Japanese spy and naval officer sent undercover as a young consular official, who provided intelligence on the U.S. And if Brad Pitt is playing Max Brooks, when does the scene pictured above fit into the movie?
However, through EYEWITNESS TO WORLD WAR II, edited by Neil Kagan and narrated by Stephen Hyslop, National Geographic ensures that the stories of this time are never lost.
Together, the individual accounts, riveting visual testimony by frontline war photographers — in many never-before-seen images — and maps tell the story of World War ll in startling intimacy.

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