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This book like Alphabook 10 was produced during a residency at The Institute for Electronic Arts.
Personal history and development shown through a series of photographs imbedded over pages of a mid-20th century lexicon of psychological terms. Often McCarney bases his books on his family relationships, family members, or his past experiences and history. If you've been lucky, these pages will spark memories of grandmothers and mothers cooking, measuring, mixing, pouring over recipes.
A powerful work that represents in physical, verbal, and visual ways the complexity of brain trauma, Memory Loss was inspired by a traumatic brain injury suffered by the artist's brother in 1986. C & C++ code snippets, in the C and C++ program example index (by email, to webmaster) so that all newbie can share it. Engaging and visually pleasing, this computer guide goes beyond chatting and gaming to present practical, step-by-step instructions to teach kids the basics of Windows Vista and the internet, such as how to copy and paste and save files to a hard drive. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for Seniors: Get Started Quickly with This User-Friendly Tablet with Android 4. Making books as works of art is a logical intersection of his varied interests in print related media, craft, and sculpture. The fore-edge of each page is cut into geometric forms from black, white, and cream toned duplex stock (two sheets of different colored paper laminated together). A purge of my filing cabinet revealed folders containing years of 'to do' lists, rejection letters, hand drawn maps, and photographs of me made by other people.
Digital prints of original collages constructed from remnants of found books, rubbings from book bindings, and photographs. It is a meditation in that I can only imagine the physical sense of being in a war, of having life change in the blink of an eye, of losing neighbors, community, income, and intellectual nutriment in a bombing.
I have always considered myself an ardent collector, but finding these files questioned the difference between collecting and hoarding. There was a wealth of data in these collections that could benefit from the organization and formalization that the book form offers. But I got bored, started highlighting words that reoccurred from letter to letter and manipulated the pages in ways made possible only by the distance of time. At first I was going to publish all of them in chronological order which would have been conceptually elegant but ultimately boring (and, to me, kind of creepy). It started as a tribute to my father, who died at his home in Virginia from lung cancer in 2001.

He would give me leather gardening gloves every year - the nice, soft kid-skin variety that are like a second skin. It includes a vertical panorama of Le Petit Versailles garden situated between two buildings in New York City.
The original cards, housed in a wooden box crafted by my father, may be seen as an unintentional Fluxus project containing hundreds of written instructions for potential performance events.
The bulk of family photographs, historical records and sentimental objects were things I had lived with and taken for granted for most of my life.
Tea cups my mother displayed in exacting order on a cherry wood hutch her father had crafted compliment souvenir caps from my travels.
The accordion structure combines fractured images and texts drawn from medical literature about head injury with personal photographs and correspondence. The conception of the series and design of inkless alphabets was inspired by the limitations and possibilities of material and process. Finding this cache of personal ephemera threw a new light on who I was (or perhaps who I had become).
I admit (now) it is difficult for me to throw things away, especially remnants of my own life which, over time, become physical relics of fading memories. I like the fact that the letters look small when held in your hand, adding perspective to time. The more I looked at this collection, I began to think about the generic relationship of photographs to memory and collecting. When told he had three weeks to six months to live, he chose to move from hospital to hospice care at home. Over the course of a season, the gloves burst due to the abrasive sand combined with effects of the sun and rain, returning the sand to the earth. The stains, attributes, and annotations are visual cues akin to Proust's notion of 'involuntary memory' as evoked by the taste of his madeleine. Videotapes my father recorded over and over and labeled accordingly are framed by pages from my 'to-do' lists.
Yet we can sense psychological relations, and the struggle of a wounded brain to get back to is business of making sense.
But McCarney, while respecting the book sui generis, shows no respect for the original text or the original function, and transforms the possibilities of the sculpted book as he layers in pages from other publications that have been digitally scanned and reproduced.
Curating these printed artifacts of my own personal paper trail in book forms become an alternative way to write a biography.

I tried to distance myself and see them as raw information, like entries in a dictionary or articles in an encyclopedia.
Seeing it in the same place and at the same time illuminated my own propensity for collecting and ordering.
He re-writes the book itself, recreating the narrative it has to offer, reshuffling the original knowledge and transforming it from the textual to a visual and sculptural object. I did not have this book in mind at the time, and I set up my camera on a tripod and turned down the volume on the TV.
We had a nice weekend together before he passed away the following Tuesday, much to the surprise of his doctor.
Bound with cord strung through die-cut holes, which can be used to create different angles of viewing.
He orchestrates the multiple voices of disparate knowledges into a visual Tower of Babel, much like each surfing of the net creates a new mix. The vocabulary reflects the influence of Freudian theory on the field at that time, especially in the understanding of human sexuality. The resulting images of Bush emphasized the odd tics and expressions that had become a trademark of this president. It utilize[d] a 16-page single sheet format I've taught to students but never used in my own work. In the forthcoming political cartoons, these expressions have mirrored the massacre of language which he is known for world-wide.
It was printed on one side of Mohawk Letterpress paper using an Epson Photo-Ex ink Jet printer. The live tag in the frame of the television screen transformed into evil and then into vile. On the internet, and the resulting anagrams for The State of the Union became a text-crawl which separated Bush's expressive eyes from that of his mouth.

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