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Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop hosts three monthly book clubs, which are free and open to everyone to attend. Our members are men and women of all ages who get together to enjoy relaxed, convivial discussions of books over tea and coffee (and sometimes home-baked goodies!). Our first meeting in February 2013 was a great success, and our first book, Old Filth by Jane Gardam, sparked great discussion and was well received. You can find information about what we’re reading this month, what we have previously read, and book club FAQs below, as well as information about our discounted book club ordering service and tips on setting up your own book club!
You can also keep up to date with the Charlie Byrne’s Book Club on our Facebook group page for book club members! Our Wednesday morning book club takes place on the second Wednesday of each month from 10 – 11am.
Since March 2013, our Tuesday Evening group has been coming together on the first Tuesday of each month from 6-7pm in the eponymous bookshop in the Cornstore, Middle Street, Galway, to talk about — well, books. Nope: we meet each and every month, January through December, so feel free to drop into one of our meetings year-round.
Book club facilitator Michaela McDermott recently took over our Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning book clubs. Although Megan still takes part in the occasional book club, she has passed the torch onto Michaela, who loves her new role within the book club.
Check if we’ve got a title in stockWe don't have a catalogue of our books, but we're happy to check if we've got a title in stock, or if it's available to order.
Share with us!We love to hear from you - share with Charlie Byrne's on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! Sure, we love the wine and the camaraderie, but the among the top pleasures of a good book club discussion is having a great book to rave about or ravage through lively debate. Ever since I saw Tallulah Bankhead looking like her glamorous self while lost at sea in the 1944 film Lifeboat, I've been a sucker for survival stories.
In this novel, Louise Erdrich returns to familiar territory: North Dakota's Ojibwe reservation. In Arcadia, Lauren Groff imagines life in a '60s commune in upstate New York through the eyes of a young boy named Bit, the first child born into the commune. The ethnically diverse neighborhood of North West London ("NW"), where Zadie Smith grew up, is the setting for her latest novel. The book club has gone from strength to strength in the capable hands of Megan Buckley and has recently passed hands to Michaela McDermott.
We’re a mix of men and women, ages 20-something-ish to 70-something-ish, and we always welcome new members of all ages, genders, and reading tastes.
Michaela received her BA in English and Social Policy, as well as her MA in Literature and Publishing from NUIG and has keen interests in literary fiction, mythology, sci fi and children’s literature. John is also the beneficiary of Galway Doctoral Scholarship Scheme 2015-2019 at NUI, Galway.
Though founded on utopian ideals, Arcadia is headed by a charming but egotistical leader who often clashes with his more pragmatic followers. Smith first introduced readers to this corner of world in her novel White Teeth; NW is a more complex look at where the inhabitants of that world have landed. For most of 40 years he has lived alone, tending the orchard where he grew up with his mother and sister.
We have occasional field trips to literary events and other fun outings; a regular supply of homemade baked delights, courtesy of many our our members; and a guaranteed dose of lively conversation, what more could you ask for!

Feel free to come to any and all of our book clubs: you can drop in and out anytime as it suits you. Megan has worked in publishing and bookselling since 1999, when she began her work life as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster in New York.
Michaela’s favourite books include (but are not limited to) The Little Prince, Slaughter House Five, The Master and Margarita and absolutely anything by Tolkien. Apart from travel writing, John has an interest in Irish interest novels, Irish history, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and classics. We can order any in-print books for book clubs, and we offer a 10% discount on such orders to all book club members. Homes' May We Be Forgiven--plus Adam Johnson's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Orphan Master's Son. The revelation sent readers and critics poring through the book to detect clues author "Robert Galbraith" left to his real identity, one of whom noted that the book--about the investigation of a fashion model's death--takes on "the pressures of celebrity and fame (something both Ms.
Most of the action takes place aboard a lifeboat after a luxury ship quite like the Titanic goes down at sea.
A once vibrant woman, she descends into a deep depression, barely speaking to her family and revealing nothing about the attack to the police. The adults in the commune are too preoccupied to give their children the attention they need, so Bit and his friends grow up with few rules and lots of freedom.
The two male characters in the story don't even know each other, but their paths intersect briefly and violently.
His mother died when he was still very young, and his sister disappeared as a young woman a€” a loss Talmadge has never quite recovered from. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. She received her PhD in English from NUI, Galway in 2013, and is a freelance developmental editor specializing in practical nonfiction. We can also reserve any secondhand copies of book club titles, and keep them aside for book club members to collect.
Don't forget all the stories of family drama, including Domenica Ruta's addiction memoir, With or Without You. Rowling and Harry Potter know quite a bit about)." Reading groups will enjoy tracking the similarities between Cuckoo and Rowling's previous books, while discussing whether we as a society take our obsession with celebrity too far. Grace Winter, a young woman who is on trial for an unspecified crime that occurred aboard the lifeboat, is writing down her version of the story for her lawyer. Geraldine's 13-year-old son, Joe, begins working with his father, Bazil, a tribal judge, to investigate the crime. And it may be that secret pain that prompts him to take care of two pregnant teenagers who wander onto his property looking for food. Just ask any member of staff, email us, or give Michaela a call at 091-561-766: we’ll help you find the perfect read for your next book club meeting. Here, we shortlist the top reads reads sure to get your book group's conversation flowing, whether you're eager to discuss family, faith, politics, parenthood, celebrity or coming-of-age. In her narrative, one of the ship's sailors takes control of the small vessel and enforces his own brand of brutal but effective leadership. But Joe quickly becomes disillusioned with the limitations of justice on the reservation and recruits his closest friends to help him track down his mother's attacker.The Round House, which won this year's National Book Award for fiction, combines a crime novel with a coming-of-age saga that is both touching and heartbreaking.
Natalie seems to have it all a€” a husband and two children, a successful career and big house, plenty of money.

They're running away from a brothel run by a brutal drug addict who traffics in young girls. These are the bare actions underpinning the novels that I'm suggesting for book clubs this year. Factions for and against him quickly develop.Gradually we come to understand that Grace is quite beautiful and more than a little manipulative. Joe and his friends roam the reservation in a pack, pursuing the usual exploits of adolescence a€” hanging out, sneaking beers, falling in love. The story takes Bit well into adulthood, when he reaches an understanding of what was lost, and gained, in Arcadia.Groff based the commune in Arcadia on two real utopian communities. Talmadge's decision to shelter the girls changes his life forever, exposing him to both the pain and quiet joy of love.Amanda Coplin must be a very old soul. And since the story is told completely from her point of view, it's never quite clear whether she is telling the whole truth. Their investigation into the rape sometimes leads them down the wrong path, but as Joe gets closer to the truth, he decides that the only way to get justice is to take things into his own hands. Through fiction she wanted to explore the forces that bring people together in these idealistic ventures, and also tear the communities apart. Smith uses these intertwining lives to explore how four people who come from similar circumstances can end up in such different places.Smith is a risk taker, and in NW she seems to be experimenting with the very idea of the novel. How else to explain a 31-year-old woman of the 21st century who can so fully capture in words the look and feel of the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the 20th century? Villains and heroes, good and bad get twisted out of shape as the survivors fight with each other and against the looming threat of death. Erdrich is that rare writer who can shed light on a complex social issue and, at the same time, weave a story peopled with characters you care about, and powered by a plot that keeps you reading expectantly until the bitter end. The book is broken into four sections, each focusing on a different character, each written in a completely different style. Coplin immerses her readers in a world so different from our own that it almost seems like you've traveled back in time when you enter it. Rogan cleverly sets up a plot that questions whether right and wrong are values that can be tossed overboard like so much ballast when one's life is at stake. She lets you feel the stillness of the orchard that both isolates Talmadge and nourishes him.
In the end she leaves much to the reader's imagination, allowing us to make the final judgment on what really happened. By the end of the book, which is set in the near future, Bit is able to see the commune for what it was: a tragically flawed experiment that made him who he is. The longest and most successful, which focuses on Natalie, is told in 185 segments, some as brief as a sentence, some the length of a very short story. And when that stillness is broken by the messiness of lives that have been ruined by violence, she makes you understand why Talmadge would go to great and ultimately disastrous lengths to try to save one of those ravaged lives.

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