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If I was a chiropractor or a massage therapist I would, with zero hesitation, set up shop next to a big law school. The Sisyphean task of carrying your laptop and books to and fro everyday gets a lot easier if you are properly equipped.
At right is the The North Face™ Big Shot II, a spacious backpack that contains an adjustable laptop compartment big enough for your 15 in.
The North Face™ Borealis– This one has two huge compartments and a laptop compartment, as well a bungee on the outside to quickly stow a windbreaker or sweater. I saw a lot of these, mostly from the California kids, who always seemed to care the most about telegraphing the fact that they weren’t *just* law students. Backpack makers are catching on to the fact that it’s not just schoolchildren who use these things anymore.
These SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack (pictured left) was probably the single most common backpack I saw at UChicago.
Longchamp’s decidedly elegant tote bags are a great option to have a lot of space without the backpack. I know many of our female readers will simply refuse to wear a backpack, or will want to have something nicer to wear on days where they are wearing a suit jacket. The best way to lighten the load when using a tote is to find a service that rebinds your casebooks in to smaller sections so that you don’t need to carry the whole book at once. I’m in law school and am using the IVAR backpack and so is another colleague law student friend of mine! Its made of top quality American cowhide, so you can be sure the product will last longer, look better and carry the burden without showing much wear and tear. And you can sort backpacks by your laptop model number to see only the ones that would fit your computer.
If you cannot discern the proper method for transporting your educational materials, I suggest the:Hand Crafted Old Growth Mobile Book Carrier System This is also less girly than a messenger bag. If you cannot discern the proper method for transporting your educational materials, I suggest the:Hand Crafted Old Growth Mobile Book Carrier System This is also less girly than a messenger bag.Is that laminated plyboard or solid wood?

I have had one for three years and not a single broken zipper or seam, and I am really hard on my stuff.
I have had one for three years and not a single broken zipper or seam, and I am really hard on my stuff.I will have to take this into consideration. Between lugging around massive tomes (casebooks) and spending most of the time hunched over a desk, you’re going to suffer a bit.
One of the best ways for law students to reduce the strain is invest in a serious backpack. In this post we give you some backpacks big enough to handle the demands of law school without sacrificing too much style. It you want to embrace your professional side to the fullest, go with something that doesn’t look like it could be hiding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box. Little America Mid Volume Backpack (pictured at right) has kind of a classic mountaineering style to it. It’s got an actual frame along with a padded laptop case, so it probably provides the most protection for your laptop on bumpy bus rides to school. Part of the reason is they have extra capacity laptop carriers for the people with 17 inch screen laptops. I have not used a backpack since middle school and did not know what to do for law school!! IVAR packs have this shelving design inside for proper weight distribution of our many books, notepads, and laptop. I figure I might as well so I don't have to make any adjustments in 3 years.--ImageRemoved--+1. Get a bag that carries your shit around, there isn't some super secret backpack that guarantees you get all A's. This heavy duty bag is made from 1680 water resistant denier nylon making it the perfect bag to hold your gear in all weather and all situations. They are also seriously comfortable- I know this because I had to carry my girlfriend’s for her all the time when we would walk home.

I would usually fit into your tote bag category however, after four years of university textbooks in handbags- I had back pain for months after graduating..
This Police Gear bag offers ultimate organizational capabilities making it easy for you to sort your important items and find them in a hurry.
In law school you are better off with something that could work for trekking through Nepal. They also tend to have extra padding on the laptop cases, presumably in case you fall off your skateboard while carrying a laptop. Not only to carry my books, but to push me around in my buggy as well.Push someone in cart down hill = AWESOME. Right now its on sale for $345, which is actually a good value for the quality of material you are getting.
Also, this thing is going to spend most of the time strewn on the floor of the student lounge, so black makes it harder to see all the grit that accumulates.
I didn’t know a backpack could look distinguished, but this one definitely is pulling that off. The exterior includes two zippered cargo pockets, two flip top pockets and three open top pockets. Its italian designer made bag, but its practicable and good leather never goes out of fashion. They have great customer service and a liberal returns policy(plus free shipping both ways). Everybody else is enjoying your money, enjoy it yourself a little with this bag.Have you ever considered being a Bag Salesman?

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