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The first known inscription of the Elder Futhark in order (on the Kylver Runestone, Gotland, Sweden, c. Since the runes are a vital part of the pre-Christian northern European mythology, worldview, and spiritual practice, I thought it would be fitting and helpful to provide some recommendations in this field. The works that comprise this list should be considered starting points in one’s journey of discovering and working with the runes rather than being representative of that path in its totality.
Any student of the runes will get a lot out of Runelore, whether as a standalone book or in conjunction with Futhark.
Whereas Runelore is the most philosophical, theoretical, and scholarly of the trilogy, Runecaster’s Handbook is the most directly practical.
Nevertheless, the primary focus of Runecaster’s Handbook is on the practice of runic magic itself. While Helrunar may not be the most historically accurate book on the runes out there, it’s one of the most experientially valid and useful, and that alone makes it worthy of a high recommendation.
The Rune Primer is probably the only book on rune magic out there where the author goes out of his or her way to separate factual information from the sources on the one hand and intuitive insights on the other, and to eschew the latter in favor of the former as much as possible. Personally, I find some of the general thrust of this book to be quite simplistic and lacking in philosophical nuance.
Nevertheless, The Rune Primer makes lots of great points along the way, and the author’s critical rigor is highly commendable. Independent scholar Stephen Pollington’s Rudiments of Runelore is a highly accessible, engaging, and accurate introduction to the study of the runes. Pollington discusses the origin of the runic characters, their meanings and associations, their variations across the Germanic world, their linguistic properties, their historical uses, and more. If you’re looking for a concise, accessible, single-volume introduction to the scholarly study of the runes, Rudiments of Runelore is an excellent choice. Raymond Ian Page’s Runes is one of the classic texts of runology, the academic study of the runes.
While perhaps a bit drier than Pollington’s Rudiments of Runelore (#7 above), Runes is certainly not difficult reading.
Nevertheless, both are excellent and written to a high scholarly standard, even if Pollington can’t claim to be one of the great luminaries of the field like Page can.
Stephen Flowers’s revised doctoral dissertation on historical runic magic is far and away the best scholarly work out there on the ancient practice of runic magic.
This book should be required reading for anyone of a more traditionalist bent, and even those who aren’t of that persuasion will likely find it to be an inspiring and profitable read.

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To bring all the astrologers who learned stellar astrology from master A.Devaraj together, he started an association named as ALL INDIA STELLAR ASTROLOGERS ASSOCIATION in the year 2006.
Please Note: This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order.
Astro-diagnosis is the science and art of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and its causes shown by the planets. Medical Astrology for AllNakshatra (Constellations) Based Predictions with Dasa Predictions (Vol. This list assumes no prior knowledge of the runes, just a willingness to understand them on their own terms. While there’s a core body of traditional lore to be mastered, the runes speak to everyone at least a little bit differently. When you do, I automatically get a small commission on your purchase with no extra cost or hassle for you whatsoever. It’s also refreshingly non-ideological, and encourages the reader to develop his or her own runic practice. Earlier editions were published with the (in my opinion better) subtitle A Handbook of Esoteric Runology. The contents of this section are all firmly rooted in traditional Germanic lore, but go well beyond it. The book includes numerous different methods and pre-established rituals for rune readings, runic divination, etc.
There are several claims in here that no scholar in this or any related field would take seriously. Its primary strengths are its psychological depth and its applicability to true self-transformation. Simplistic though some aspects of it may be, it is indeed a refreshing antidote to some of the cringe-inducing tripe and groundless wishful thinking that have been written on the runes – which is to say, a rather large proportion of the field. Since Pollington is first and foremost a scholar of the Anglo-Saxon world, the Old English runes get much more treatment here than they typically would in an introductory work like this. It’s probably the most widely-read single-volume introduction to the subject in print, and deservedly so. Flowers (the author of Futhark, Runelore, and Runecaster’s Handbook under the pen name Edred Thorsson) discusses the role of the runes in the pre-Christian Germanic religion and mythology, establishing a firm conceptual basis for his subsequent discussions of the particulars of the ancient and medieval uses of the runes.

After being out of print for a long time, it’s now finally available for a very reasonable price once again! While runic magic is only one kind of magic amongst the several that are covered, this essay’s philosophical insights into the runes and pre-Christian Germanic magic more generally make this text a formidable aid to anyone who wishes to understand the runes on an intellectual level as well as an experiential one. In this association monthly astrology meeting and yearly astrology conference are held successfully under the leadership of Master A.Devaraj. Stellar Astrology books briefly, clearly and easy understandable way which will be useful for his students and people who have interest in astrology to learn K.P. This list reflects that necessary diversity, and includes works from several different perspectives that all have something to contribute to the modern study of the runes and practice of runic magic (last updated June 2016). What you learn from the runes directly, through experience and intuitive insight, is always more important than anything you read in a book. If it has a weakness, it’s that the practical advice tends to focus on divination at the expense of many of the other uses to which runic magic can be put.
It really takes you step by step through the whole process, from creating and charging the necessary tools to what to expect from the outcomes. Stellar Astrology, predicting horoscope in the method of stellar astrology and giving solutions, marriage matching, etc,.
The books are really just there to help you get to the point at which you’re able to learn from and interact with the runes directly, without the mediation of any second-hand sources. That qualm aside, I think that, overall, this is the best single-volume introduction to the runes and runic magic out there currently.
Nor, at the other end of the spectrum of the expectations people usually bring to the runes, does it offer prepackaged rituals, spells, etc. Through his Astrology book readers and astrologers those who are created by him, he has got recognition by the world of stellar astrology. Where is the necessity for the patient to visit the chamber of the Astrologer?  For a Medical Officer, he should see the patient, hear his case, do all the possible tests and arrive at a correct diagnosis.
For an Astrologer it is easy to eliminate many of the suspected ones and pitch upon the disease correctly. Among those astrologers many are doing astrology services as full time profession and part time profession.

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