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Receive a Profile Report on your Relating Style strengths, weaknesses and situational appropriateness. Every day you face a variety of challenging situations where you have a choice either to speak up or shut up.
You cannot control the behavior of the people who push those hot buttons of yours, but you can control your response. No, this is about how you make the best decision whether to speak up or shut up – the decision that is in your best interest. Here is a work, family and social situation in which the participants are faced with incompatible views that produce tension in the interaction. I’m sure that if you asked 10 theorists what they recommend, you would get 10 different answers. How, when and where you say something can be almost as important as the message itself.  Anne Bruce and James S.
If you answer “NO” to only one question, give yourself permission not to pursue the situation for the time being: to shut up.
If you answer “NO” to all three of the questions, give yourself permission to bite your tongue, practice your deep breathing exercises, count to 10 and smile. There is a time and a place for everything – and that includes those times and places when it is in your best interest to speak up and also those times and places when shutting up is the smartest move.
Some would argue that you should be completely genuine or authentic or transparent at all times.
After answering the 3 questions above, if you decide not to speak up because it isn’t in your best interest at that time or in that particular place, this does not preclude you from deciding to do so at a later time and in a different place, when the conditions are more favorable. How you think and feel in challenging business, family and social interactions affects your behavior. SITUATIONAL COMMUNICATION® is the modern day leader’s advantage: a clear, concise and focused communication, negotiation and relating strategy that maximizes a minimum amount of time to achieve successful results and effective relationships. Learn more about what Situational Communication® can do for you, your leaders and your organization.

Choosing the best answer in challenging business, family and social interactions gives you a powerful advantage to achieve successful results and develop effective relationships. Frequently, they involve business, family or social interactions in which real or imagined beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, points of view, interests or preferred solutions are different, in conflict or just plain incompatible. The choice you make in these interactions can have a significant and immediate effect on your results and relationships, as well as your long term success and effectiveness as a business leader, family member or friend.
You’ll figure out what to say: how, when, where and why you say it on my Situational Communication® website.
Your colleague begins to express their point of view, which runs counter to yours and you know exactly how to prove it to be incorrect. As the game progresses, your relative shares their strong opinion on another close family member and indicates that they simply can’t understand how anyone could see it differently. One of the golfers you’re frequently partnered with has a habit of complaining excessively about the slow play of others, talking negatively about the rest of the players in the group, and constantly forgetting to count a stroke or two on the difficult holes. Each one of them would have an excellent rationale for why their answer is not only appropriate and effective, but also how it is in your best interest. It’s the one that gives you the best chance to be successful and effective under the circumstances. If you’re still seriously considering the speak up route, then you’ve already answered the question, “What am I, crazy?
For example, maybe it’s the right time to speak up when neither you nor the other person are experiencing tension and when you’ve had an opportunity to think more not only about your answers to the 3 questions but also about what you would want to say and how you would want to say it. It is important to know when and how not to make a bad situation worse and how to make it better. Don MacRae is the author and passionate leader of Situational Communication® and the CEO of Lachlan Enterprises Incorporated (The Lachlan Group).
It’s not because of what they do but rather how they do it – in other words, their communication, negotiation and relating skills. Learn to communicate, negotiate and relate to colleagues and associates with personal power, influence and persuasion every time – particularly in difficult and challenging situations.

The choice you make can have a powerful impact – positive or negative – on both your results and relationships. It also isn’t about how to manage your emotions through Mental Sublimation by not taking things personally. You indicate that you have a different view but you respect the fact that they might have an interpretation that runs counter to yours. In the past, you’ve always offered a positive comment in relation to their criticism or negative comments towards others and you’ve been gentle in the way you point out “a possible forgetfulness of the out-of-bounds penalty strokes on the last hole”. It’s the one that enables you to achieve results with, not at the expense of, the relationship. Creating negative or hurtful feelings with a colleague, a family member or a regular member of the golf group? I would suggest that if being real means sharing your true thoughts and feelings in a situation knowing this would make the situation significantly worse, not better, it will be difficult for you to be successful and effective in challenging business, family and social interactions. Your close relative continues to press their views more aggressively and you can feel the tension building.
Today, you’re feeling the tension more than ever and your partner’s negative behavior seems more difficult to tolerate.
After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there and sometimes the one you choose does, whether it’s the best road or not.
Knowing how to make that decision quickly and with confidence is the kind of knowledge that is power. I am not suggesting you be disingenuous or inauthentic; simply that you recognize that may not be the most appropriate approach in certain situations. It’s hard to argue with success but I would say that leaving the decision to chance does not improve the odds in your favor.

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