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With a little practice, you can catch fish using a spear, just like your favorite jungle tribesman.
Plants, fruits and insects are a valuable survival commodity, but if you really want a good source of protein you're going to have to test your mettle as a fisherman.
The Amazon River is home to more than twice the number of fish species than the Atlantic Ocean.
Unless you have a survival kit with some fishing gear, spear fishing is probably your best bet. Now that you have some fresh water and a nice 200-pound catfish roasting on the fire, why don't you get a little civilized and build a home for yourself?

These animal survival guides from hellawella will make you laugh, and also just might save your life one day. In fact, more protein can be found in the desert than on the floor of a rainforestA [source: The Nature Conservancy]. Despite their reputation, piranhas don't typically bother humans, but avoid getting into the water if you have an open wound -- they're attracted to the scent of blood. Hunting techniques like stalking and spearing, using a sling or a homemade blow gun are passed down for generations in native tribes and are very difficult to master. It's the largest freshwater fish in the world, and just one of these giants can yield as much as 150 pounds (70 kg) of meat.

All in all, unless you're an experienced survivalist, your energy is better spent fishing than hunting. Once it's within range, jab quickly and forcefully and try to pin the fish either on a rock or the bed of the stream. You may not land one on your first go-round, but keep at it and you'll eventually get the hang of it.

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